An Idea for a New Business

This is a document that I created back in 2015 to introduce a new business. Instead, we ended up moving to the Florida Panhandle area and the business didn’t happen. 148 more words

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Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is a reliable and excellent app which lets you to create, convert, and edit PDF files effortlessly, comprises OCR function, and accurately extracting text from PDFs. 136 more words

Office & Productivity

Free Historic Cook Books On The Net - Part 1

A lot of the recipes found on blogs featuring historic recipes are found in these free books found on the net. The books on Google Books are not downloadable and has to be read on Google’s pages, but the books on archive.org can be downloaded in pdf and other formats. 102 more words


Google Drive and the Cloud

The last post that I want to write about using the Cloud for your sales and marketing efforts has to do with using Google Drive… 464 more words

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The Cloud

I am writing a little about the cloud and some options there because you need a place to park ideas, brochures, PDF files, price lists, photos, letters, proposals, and the like.

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Dropbox and the Cloud

Dropbox is a little different than the functionality of Evernote. It works like part of your computer system and uses a folders metaphor to do its job. 150 more words

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DIY Sunday – A Fifties Pivot-Top Desk

These plans by Harold Hudspeth are from “Home Workshop Handbook” published in the early fifties and you can download the plans in PDF format by clicking the icon below – Ted

Gjør Det Selv Arbeidsplaner