WhiteStokes Book of Candy Formulas from 1916 in PDF

This book will come in handy when Christmas is drawing near and
homemade sweets is the order of day. Get it now in pdf format
simply by clicking the icon below

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DIY Sunday - Bouncing Bobsled

Be prepared for winter with this fabulous bouncing bobsled. Race
bouncing down the slopes stearing with your feet grabbing the seat
with your hands for dear life. 21 more words

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‘Cakes and Pastries’ by Cleve Carney from 1926 in PDF

From the forword

This book contains the best recipes and mixes used in my experience of twenty years as a practical baker, and have been responsible for whatever success I have enjoyed. 130 more words

Gamle Kokebøker

"A Bachelor's Cupboard" from 1906 in PDF

It is not often one gets a chance to laugh out loud when reading a cook book, but this book provides that chance in rich amount. 317 more words

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DIY Sunday - New England Foot Rocker

These plans were published in the 1944 December issue of
Popular Mechanics and as usual, you can download them
in pdf format by clicking the icon below

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Pdf Jobs Books

I provide you a all books for the preparation of the Jobs test and Interview.

Our mission is to train students’ minds, and bring light to the —one Student at a time…

13 more words
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DIY Sunday - Table Top Golf Game

Plans for a miniature nine-hole table top golf course
for yours and your family’s entertainment can be
yours simply by clicking the icon below

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