Lowney's Cook Book by Maria Willett Howard from 1907 in PDF

Lowney’s Cook Book

A new guide for housekeepers, especially intended as a full record
of delicious dishes sufficient for any well-to-do family, clear enough
for beginner, and complete enough for ambitious providers… 61 more words

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DIY Sunday - Build a Log Cabin

I admit that building a log cabin this size might take
a little more than a Sunday, even a little more than a few Sundays. … 33 more words

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“Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners” from 1913 in PDF

Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners

A book of recipes arranged on a unique plan, combining
helpful suggestions for appetizing, well-balanced menus,
with all the newest ideas and latest discoveries in the…
115 more words

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“The Hostess” - Downloadable Cook Book in PDF

The Hostess

Pertinent Suggestions On Entertaining At Home,
Together With Some Bromangelon Recipes

Published in 1910 by
The Stern & Saalberg Co
New York

Every hostess, however modest her home surroundings, cherishes the ambition to shine in her own little sphere. 80 more words

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DIY Sunday - Scrolled Bookshelf

Building a scrolled bookshelf with drawers is a lot easier than building a tear drop camper like the one I posted last Sunday, but it takes some practice as well. 32 more words

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“A Thousand Ways To Please a Husband” - The First Edition from 1917 in pdf format

A Thousand Ways To Please a Husband

With Bettina’s Best Recipes

Louise Bennet Weaver
Helen Cowles le Cron

Illustrated by Elizabeth Coldbourne

:: THE DEDICATION :: 133 more words

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“The International Cook Book” by Alexander Filippini

The International Cook Book

Alexander Filippini

published in 1911

Alexander Filippini
Formerly of Delmonico’s, and Travelling Inspector of
the International Mercantile Marine Company.
Author of “The Table”
40 more words

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