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Kao esta måtto i tiempo para ta hassuyi Indipendiente?

An insightful article in the Chamorro language about independence for Guam, written by Peter Onedera for the Pacific Daily News in 2010. Onedera is not an official member of the Independence for Guahan Task Force, but he has been a longtime activist for Chamorro rights and the revitalization of Chamorro language and culture. 1,168 more words

Fino' Chamorro

Independence for Guam

What independence would mean for Guam

by Michael Lujan Bevacqua

Pacific Daily News

September 22, 2016

Per United Nations Resolution 1541 (1960), the colonized people of non-self-governing territories such as Guam have three options to choose from when deciding a path for their decolonized future. 777 more words


Federal funding creates stagnancy

Opinion: Federal funding creates stagnancy

by Michael Lujan Bevacqua and Victoria Leon Guerrero

Pacific Daily News

July 9, 2016

The Pacific Daily News’ recent article on the impossibility of independence for Guam given the amount of federal money the island receives was distorted and grossly incomplete in terms of representing Guam’s current economic situation, as well as possibilities for economic growth as an independent nation. 749 more words


We Deserve to Be Free

“We Deserve to be Free”

Pacific Daily News

June 19, 2016

For two weeks, the eyes of the Pacific turned to Guam as our island and people hosted the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts, or FestPac. 619 more words


PDN Emerging Photographer

Il mio lavoro Made in Korea è risultato fra i vincitori della selezione dell’Emerging Photographer Contest!

I lavori selezionati sono stati pubblicati sulla… 318 more words


Today's broker rating changes:

CSR cut to Underweight vs Equalweight – Morgan Stanley

Paladin Energy cut to Underperform vs Market Perform – BMO

Alumina raised to Neutral vs Sell – Goldman Sachs… 9 more words


PI-Power distribution network (PDN) planning

Power distribution network (PDN) planning
首先我們要先了解電源平面及地平面,就像是共振腔體,不同的大小或形狀,都會有它的諧振模態,在電源分佈網路(PDN)的設計,其實簡單來說就是去設計電源端到抽載電容,這之間的的電源路徑上,是否在有效頻寬內達到目標阻抗(Target Impedance)的要求,如果超出目標阻抗的頻率點,遇到電源抽載所造成的SSN又剛好在那個頻率點,就會造成EMI問題如之前文章提到的PI Basic–Simultaneous Switching Noise (SSN)



電源分佈網路(PDN)就是電源系統的整體路徑網路,為了簡易的分析PDN,可以將它簡化為下圖的等效電路,一般電壓調節模組(VRM)首先會先接固態電容(Bulk capacitors),再接解耦電容,接下來過孔到電源層傳送電源,在接近終端器件再過孔到表面層送電到器件IC。


1.最好的解耦電容擺法為接近抽載IC,並限制電流路徑到抽載接腳,如之前文章提到的PI Basic–Power Layout Rule on Decoupling Capacitors… 178 more words