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Oman to study potential for hydrogen-based economy

An ambitious bid by Oman’s authorities to usher in a multi-billion dollar hydrogen-based economy in the Sultanate received a major boost over the weekend with the formal launch of a feasibility study paving the way for the growth of a new industry around this green fuel. 500 more words

PDO Oman Jobs 2020 | Petroleum Development Oman

PDO Oman Jobs 2020 | Petroleum Development Oman
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PDO Oman Jobs and Careers 2020: Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is the foremost exploration and production company in the Sultanate. 42 more words

Blog 1: Corsi, Fenwick and other stupid words

This is the first of hopefully many blogs. My goal is to always write something new. Something you never thought of or something you didn’t know. 1,659 more words


Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

While the Stanley Cup Playoffs are still over a month away, and a lot could still change as far as what teams are in the playoffs, I decided to look at where teams currently stand and how they compare to other teams in the past six seasons. 828 more words


ARCTIC SEA ICE --A Wrap-around--

Mean temperatures north of 80º latitude at the Pole have shifted  from the warmest of the winter to the coldest of the winter.

This plunge in temperatures from zero to -23º F (-18º to -30º Celsius) occurred due to a reversion to a zonal pattern we’ve seen a lot of, this winter. 1,420 more words

Arctic Sea Ice

In Memorium - Late Marehem Dr. Samir Al Kharusi RIP!

In Memorium – Late Marehem Dr. Samir Al Kharusi RIP!

Images – Late Dr. Samir Al Kharusi

It was around Maghrib Salaat Time Tuesday 18th February 2020 that I heard of The Short WhatsApp Message saying – 1,204 more words

A Personal Note


In Chapter 12 of the book, the math model behind the equatorial Pacific ocean dipole known as the ENSO (El Nino /Southern Oscillation) was presented.  Largely distinct to that, the climate index referred to as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation ( 807 more words

Wave Energy