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Pea and Ham Soup

Oh my goodness this soup is amazing! 😍I have never cooked it before and just went with what felt right and I am so happy with the results. 135 more words


Millennial Sports: What eSports and the UFC can learn from each other.

The 2000s saw the rise of two fringe competitions, eSports and mixed martial arts. As a fan of both of these communities I’ve noticed some parallels surface over the years. 1,085 more words


feel-good pea soup

I recently came down with a bug, and couldn’t face eating anything heavy. This soup was the perfect remedy – no potato, no cream, nothing heavy when you’re suffering with a delicate stomach. 234 more words


Meat Free Monday... Pea and Potato Curry with Homemade flatbreads

Back to work today – so hard to get up, but I made it 😊

Back to normal too in the kitchen – Meat Free Monday and I wanted to use some fridge vegetables, so this… 325 more words

Cauliflower rice

Cauliflower / Shrimps / Carrots / Peas / Spring onions / Soy sauce

Original recipe


Counter-Strike League Shuts Down After Players Organize Against Owners

(Source: steamed.kotaku.com)

Earlier this year, a new esports league, The Professional eSports Association (PEA), burst onto the scene. It was unique in that it was owned by bigtime esports teams, rather than a third party. 665 more words


PEA Players Vote EPL Over PEA

Today longtime eSports personality and elected voice of the PEA players, Scott “SirScoots” Smith Tweeted out

This comes after days of fighting between the PEA team owners and their players regarding league exclusivity.

321 more words