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Nelson Mandela Day.

I’m not all that great at interneting, but I’m trying my best to keep you loverfaces updated! Here’s a breifing on Nelson Mandela Day! South Africa has a national holiday to celebrate Nelson Mandela- more specifically, to commemorate his 67 years of service to his country by giving 67 minutes of your day to provide a service to others. 156 more words

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Two Whole Years

If you’ve been following my blog, talking to me on Whatsapp, looking at my Facebook posts or watching my Snapchat stories, you’ll know that my experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in South Africa has been a ton of fun. 310 more words

Map Attack!

A common project for Peace Corps Volunteers in South Africa is the world map project. Oftentimes in the rural villages where we live, children and families are blissfully unaware of where in the world they are, making it even more difficult to comprehend where in the world we PCVs come from. 443 more words


The fear is exciting, and the challenge is enticing.

I was contacted by an ultrarunning website – called Ultrafinishers – to speak on their weekly podcast about running… 144 more words

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Snail Mail

A beautiful component of my Peace Corps service has been the tremendous support I’ve received from family and friends around the world. This support has come in a myriad of ways, some more expected (Facebook posts, Whatsapp messages, pictures on Snapchat) and some less (donating pens, contributing to… 633 more words

The Packing List

At last, after questioning current Peace Corps volunteers in the Limpopo Province, where I will be working, I finally came up with my checklist.  But before I get into the checklist, let’s start with the basics! 761 more words

Peace Corps South Africa

Cellphone Dilemma Solved!

These last few weeks, I have been trying to figure out how to keep my phone number active while I’m serving in South Africa and how to unlock my cellphone. 180 more words

Peace Corps South Africa