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Going from a "T" to a "V"

Quite a bit has happened in the past few weeks! We had a very nice host family appreciation day with dancing, singing, speeches, and lots of delicious food. 1,274 more words

Peace Corps South Africa

Gogo's Fried Tinfish Recipe

My attempt at fried tinfish

Dumelang! Life as we wrap up Peace Corps training is busy, but I wanted to share this killer recipe for fried tinfish (sardines) from my gogo (grandmother or older woman). 254 more words

Peace Corps South Africa

Welcome to the Next 2 Years

Among the many things that happened over the very busy past 3 weeks, I found out that I will be headed to northwestern Mpumulanga for the next 2 years! 415 more words

Peace Corps South Africa

Let's Pray

Peace Corps is not a Christian organization, and my views in this post in no way reflect the beliefs of the Peace Corps but as my own beliefs. 189 more words


When Violence is Normalized

There is a culture, certainly far from unique to South Africa, whereby violence has become an accepted and condoned aspect of society. Under the Apartheid government, violence in South Africa was pervasive and permeated all aspects of society from police brutality to the necessary actions taken by protesters to fight for their vital human rights. 441 more words

The Halfway Point

Today marks the halfway point for pre-service training (PST)! In 1 week, I will find out where I’ll be working for the next 2 years. In 5 weeks, I will swear in as a volunteer. 755 more words

Peace Corps South Africa

Becoming Motlalepule

Phew! It’s been a crazy two weeks. Two Sundays ago, I met my host mom and brother, received a new name (Motlalepule, or “one who comes with the rain”), and moved into a beautiful little purple house in Mpumulanga province. 528 more words

Peace Corps South Africa