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Lost in Translation

Most of my village speaks English relatively well (certainly much better than I speak Setswana), but people don’t use English much in the village. Most of the meetings, church services, and other gatherings that I attend are conducted in Setswa a. 259 more words

Peace Corps South Africa

Youth Day Celebration

Every year on June 16, South Africa celebrates Youth Day. This particular holiday has a very interesting and special place in South Africa’s history. One of the first apartheid acts of the Nationalist Party was to segregate the populations, creating small slices of “homelands” where black South Africans were mandated to live unless they obtained a special work permit. 864 more words

Peace Corps South Africa

What's in a Home?

The past month has been full of challenges, and it’s had me missing America quite a bit lately. I had what I think was food poisoning last week, and once I was finally able to eat food, I was desperately wishing for delivery wonton soup. 860 more words

Peace Corps South Africa

Don't Pity the Fool

A fool is “a person who acts unwisely or imprudently”(New Oxford American Dictionary). Being called a “fool” is typically an insult, as immortalized by Mr. T’s catchphrase, “I pity the fool!” I counter that being a fool is actually good for us sometimes. 1,086 more words

Peace Corps South Africa

Part Two: Assimilating to Village Life

After Orientation, we were excited and ready for the next step.

Moving to the training village for the next phase was… well, interesting. To be honest, immensely stressful. 2,527 more words


The Dynamic World of Language

Language is not static; it is interpreted and constantly being created and re-created through experience. My time in South Africa, though brief, has already begun to change how I perceive certain words. 1,042 more words

Peace Corps South Africa

An Ode to Caffeine: a Third-Culture Coffee Exchange

Fresh coffee beans (pre- and post-roast) from Ethiopia

I have loved my time in South Africa so far. I enjoy the kind-hearted and generous people, the delicious food, the beautiful SeTswana language, the gorgeous vistas, and the hip-shaking beats here in my village. 767 more words

Peace Corps South Africa