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But what if there are tarantulas?! (pt. 1)

I was recently reading an RPCV’s blog and there it was: the dreaded tarantula post.  I thought if this RPCV hadn’t had to deal with a tarantula, there was hope that I wouldn’t (rational, right?).   397 more words

Peace Corps South Africa

Less than 90 Days to Go!

I have been planning on doing Peace Corps for over 5 years, and here I sit, with less than 90 days to depart on this incredible adventure.   874 more words


See ya later PST

This time next week I’ll be packing my bags and saying my goodbyes to my incredible host family before I head to Pretoria to swear in on Monday. 238 more words

Creating a positive classroom culture and effective classroom management skills

Classroom culture is a concept the education world focuses on because we are taught that the culture built in a classroom will promote a positive community amongst the children while providing them with an expectation of how they should behave. 600 more words

Peace Corps South Africa

I'm Not Your Child

When you come from being the first born and independent child, it’s fairly hard to go back to being treated like a ‘child’, especially when you learned how to figure thing out on your own. 601 more words

Peace Corps South Africa

How to Enter the School Year/ Term on a Clean Slate

One of the roles as a Peace Corps Volunteer is to be a motivator by increasing the confidence and encouraging the community, well in this case the community of the school. 478 more words

Peace Corps South Africa

When You Finally Have A Success Story...

When I received my results back from Term One, I was excited! I completed my first term of teaching South Africa and I was pretty confident that I was going to pass all of my learners, but when I received my mark sheet, 26 out of 28 learners passed. 422 more words

Peace Corps South Africa