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Home Sweet Home

As a Peace Corps volunteer in South Africa, our housing has only a few main requirements:

  1. The room has its own entrance that is separate from the main house and cannot be accessed by anyone else.
  2. 351 more words

Why I March

“Power means knowing that you will be heard. Not necessarily obeyed, but knowing that you will be heard, not shouted down.” Tina Fey

I may be half a world away from the inauguration of a new president, but I remain intensely close to the stinging pain inflicted in waves by our nation’s new leader. 514 more words

In and Out

No, not In ‘N’ Out, though certainly I wouldn’t turn that down… (animal fries anyone?). On a more relevant note, in and out of the village is a tough place to be. 425 more words

None of the Above

“All of humanity shares an African heritage. We are one, diverse species across the globe with our roots in Africa.”

            Unsurprisingly, given South Africa’s past, race remains both a contentious and divisive issue. 655 more words

On the Things We Take for Granted

As humans, we find ourselves capable of easily adapting to circumstances as need be, flitting between different identities, making do with available resources, picking up new languages, etc. 495 more words

But what if there are tarantulas?! (pt. 1)

I was recently reading an RPCV’s blog and there it was: the dreaded tarantula post.  I thought if this RPCV hadn’t had to deal with a tarantula, there was hope that I wouldn’t (rational, right?).   397 more words


Less than 90 Days to Go!

I have been planning on doing Peace Corps for over 5 years, and here I sit, with less than 90 days to depart on this incredible adventure.   874 more words