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Guatemala update # 2

10 blog posts’ ago, topics to write about slid from my hands to the keyboard and then out into the world with flow. 1,484 more words


The Time I Became a Peace Corps Volunteer

As most of you know by now, all Peace Corps services start with a 2-3 month long training we call PST (pre-service training). Mine was ten weeks and it was full of education, exposure to Kosovar culture, and lots and lots of stress! 566 more words

Germophobe with a Germ-free Goal

Okay, fine. Maybe I’m not at the level of a germophobe but I am terribly germ averse. Didn’t I ever tell you that I am very careful to not step onto the dirt part of the sidewalk? 603 more words

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5 Weeks at Site

It’s been nearly a month since my last post. So many things have been going on. And I just keep getting busier as the school year get’s closer! 411 more words


Outdoor Explorers 2018: Kelcyre

For our second Outdoor Explorers trip, my counterpart and I took the students on a tour of Kelcyre! We explored the castle, the lake, and the new cultural center, learning lessons about the environment along the way! 879 more words
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Coffee and corn for breakfast

I’ve developed a little routine for myself. I wake up around 5:30 am, head upstairs to my roof for morning yoga, teach yoga to my neighbors and friends, then head back downstairs for coffee and sit around while they drink tea. 1,456 more words

Peace Corps Year Ek एक

Old Knowledge

My host mother sets a flat slab of wood on her head, then places a sheet of pumpkin seeds on top of that. With machete in hand, she walks down the broken walkway from her house en route to her garden. 494 more words

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