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Hiking to the Maja e Mbrezhanit

On a beautiful spring weekend, I took a trip up into the mountains in Kelcyre! We passed through picturesque farms and hiked to the summit overlooking the Vjosa river valley, and once again the view was absolutely breathtaking! 1,160 more words
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The Travel Bug

Today, both Facebook and Google Photos gave me reminders of what I was doing on this day in past years, and it’s clear I was “bit by the travel bug” quite some time ago. 299 more words

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World Malaria Day

What creature in Africa kills the most people?

If you answered mosquito, you’re correct.


By carrying the parasite Plasmodium, which causes malaria. The parasite is transmitted by female… 742 more words

Embracing Thailand with “Malee”

Linda Cotrufello, Peace Corps Mom of Alex Cotrufello, 129 YinD

It is February 20, 2018 and I have been in Thailand for nearly a month. I have 5 more days to enjoy life “Thai style” with my daughter Alex and her extended family and friends. 1,114 more words


Saying Goodbye to Contentedness

Reflecting on my decision to leave everything I’m comfortable with for 27 months. 1,281 more words


Am I a Minority? Reflections On My Privilege in Peru

A question has been on my mind. “Am I actually a minority here in Peru?” Clearly I am the only North American in my town of 2,000 and happen to be white, blue eyed, and 6 feet tall (making me the numerical minority). 1,297 more words



Hey, y’all!

I’m pretty busy with marking exams and finalizing grades but I want to extend the “quick” break I’ve been taking for over an hour. 448 more words