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Mile 13.1: A Visit From Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet

On the course of the Boston Marathon, there is only one milepost that is not exactly at a mile interval: the one in central Wellesley, MA that marks 13.1, the halfway point of the marathon. 669 more words

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Week 11 - Farewell, Oster

This has been a tough week, filled with preparations for our departure from our training sites. We had a lot of things to do for Peace Corps, and a lot of goodbyes to say to all the people and places that have shaped our first impressions and our first three months in Ukraine. 996 more words


If You're Happy and You Know It

One of the best things about Yaoundé is taking a break from village life. One of the ways volunteers like to do that is dressing up and going to the happy hour at the Hilton hotel. 47 more words


20 mai 2016

The 20th of May is National Day in Cameroon and commemorates the day in 1972 where Cameroonians voted for a unitary state as opposed to a federal one. 298 more words


Foto Friday: Hazel Leia

So it has been about 4 months since one of my neighbors brought Hazel Leia into my life. Those 4 months have been filled with a lot of trials and tribulations, such as choosing a name, teaching some basic tricks, convincing her to not eat chickens like her bad older brother, and trying and trying and trying to get her to stop crossing the road in front of my house. 689 more words

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Scaling the language barrier

During our first month of PST, while we were beginning to learn Albanian, a certain male volunteer had an memorable language mix-up with his host family.  914 more words

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Introduction: The Why, Where, What

Hello Friends, Family, and whoever may happen upon this blog!  This is a website that my husband and I (mostly me) will be updating over the next couple of years to chronicle and share our stories from Zambia.   593 more words

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