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3 Surprising Observations about living in Ethiopia

Sorry for keeping you all in suspense with these posts, PST takes a lot of energy out of us all. I’ve also been having trouble finding phone cards large enough to buy a data plan, so I’ve been having to go the inefficient way of going without a plan. 599 more words

Peace Corps

Back to America - I

We just returned to Moldova after visiting our family and friends in the States. It was a great vacation for at least a dozen reasons. Let’s start with six: 178 more words

When you picture a farmer

For today,

A simple question or two:

When you picture a farmer

Like my baTaata

A lanky, hair-turning-frosty-aged man named Stern

In rural Zambia

With a sunsweat-streaked brow… 85 more words

The Beginning

Dear friends, family, and the Internet,

Hello from Saint Lucia!  I write this post at the end of Pre-Service Training (Phase 1) for Peace Corps in the Eastern Caribbean.   687 more words

Eastern Caribbean

A moment in my life: Anger

For the first time since arriving in Swaziland, I was angry today. Time is approached very differently here, as in much of the world. I have always approached this with patience. 84 more words

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Congratulations! You have been accepted...

I haven’t written very much recently, I know, I know. I haven’t had a lot to say. Actually, I have had a lot to say, I just don’t want to talk about it yet. 1,031 more words