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Took a nice walk the other day. Melting snow, lots of mud, but it was nice to look back to where I came from. It was nice to look on Rahovec and see that it’s all okay.


Let’s talk about that chedda.

No, I’m not talking about cheese, even though you know I’d like to be (since I’m from Wisconsin and all), I’m talking about money.

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Peace Corps

The Danger of a Single Story

This post is part of Blogging Abroad’s 2017 New Years Blog Challenge, week two: The Danger of a Single Story.

This week’s blog post is based on… 770 more words

Motherhood - Part 1: Having It All

Dear Grampa,

About two weeks into my village life, pa woke me from a nap. Struggling with my limited Khmer, I gleaned that I had a visitor. 2,113 more words

Peace Corps

Come March, you’re gonna be 8,000 miles from the US. Aren’t you scared?

In July of 1969, I’m willing to bet nobody asked Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, or Michael Collins if they were having second thoughts about the Apollo 11 mission when that Saturn V rocket began hurtling towards Earth’s atmosphere, because feasibly that rocket wouldn’t have come to a halt, turned around, and sat back on that Florida launchpad for anybody’s “feelings.” From the moment those thrusters were even a mile off the ground, that crew was in too deep. 254 more words


My Global Community

This post is part of Blogging Abroad’s 2017 New Years Blog Challenge, week one: Global Citizenship.

I thought that a good way to keep myself blogging while back home was signing up for a blogging challenge.   468 more words

Family Thoughts

I lay on my green and purple plaid blanket on a lazy Saturday afternoon in western Ethiopia.

I am feeling nostalgic.

I flip through the 27 photos my mom sent me. 621 more words

Peace Corps