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What's That in My Yard?- pt. 3

My neighbor has an array of animals next door. To include (but not by any means limited to) sheep, pigs, chickens, and (now) 3 cows. Sometimes these animals end up in my yard. 10 more words

Peace Corps

August English Camp

In August, my Tessaban held their annual English camp. This year it was spear headed by me! Taking on this surprise role – this is the first major project where I planned the schedule and the content. 908 more words

First and last post in America

A first post should be inviting and intriguing, right? It’s my job as a writer to make the subject matter as interesting and engaging as possible, so as to entice you, the humble reader, to come back and read more about my journeys. 120 more words

Peace Corps

Ancash (future home) + some !

I have found myself falling more in love with Peace Corps the closer I get to swearing in, its just such an incredible organization that provides perspectives of earth and society that you can not find anywhere else. 1,278 more words

Peace Corps


Штип is located in the eastern part of Macedonia and is only about a hour and a half from Skopje. This beautiful city is home to around 50,000 primarily Macedonian people.   331 more words


According to statistics provided by UNICEF, almost 250 million women were under the age of 15 when they were married. Nearly half of all girls aged 15 to 19 believe it is okay for man to hit his wife or partner. 1,001 more words