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First year reflections 💭 This is home.

Some reflections on year one as a PCV in Ghana…

This shit is hard- Metaphorically, of course. I have yet to join the club, but I’m sure my time will come. 2,249 more words

High to the Skies, Across the Sea

Mood music: In My Sword I Trust by Ensiferum. This is my pump up song. The song that makes me feel a little braver, a little stronger, when I’m feeling like a wilting flower. 111 more words

Peace Corps

Cane River Falls

Where to begin? So much to say. I know my post about the Peace Corps experience thus far has been a non-existent. Internet for the past month was not available and when it was, it was inconsistent. 1,226 more words

Peace Corps

Livin' on a Prayer

What to say about this week? How to start describing the roller-coaster that had me alternating between the low of sending my parents a text saying I was thinking about coming home and the high of a Georgian cooking class? 1,508 more words


Gender Issues In Ethiopia

Okay, I probably shouldn’t post this but my mind is racing at the moment and I just have a lot of emotions running through me at the moment. 579 more words

Peace Corps

The Journey Begins

In t-minus two weeks, I will get on board a flight headed to Philadelphia. One day later, I will board a one-way flight to Chisnau, Moldova to begin my pre-service training for the Peace Corps. 127 more words

Eastern Europe

Saturday gratitude: Hanging out with friends

I started the week with multiple productive days at home followed by two productive days in Mbabane.

Now, as I write this, I am waiting to be picked up to start a day with friends, old and new. 278 more words

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