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To Work Well

Gukora neza

To work well

I used to believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well until I realised that it’s a lie. The truth is that anything worth doing is worth doing badly, and anything worth trying has to be worth failing.*

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Fears And Personhood

I thought I would learn about another culture, but I learned about myself.

A letter to my pre-PC self;

This post is part of BloggingAbroad.org’s Re-Entry Blog Challenge.

Dear ChaCha

There are things that will happen in the next two plus years that will be unexpected and sometimes difficult. 612 more words

Peace Corps

Campamento GLOW (Girls Leading Our World): Experiencing Change

This is a guest post by Kelsey Schrenk, a Camp GLOW 2017 counselor.

Change is slow, but profound. That is how I ended my last blog post, after reflecting on the transformation of my male students that attended Camp CHACA. 433 more words

Sexual Reproductive Health

College Kids Never Knew

John Kennedy established the Peace Corps… in 1961.  Long considered a haven for idealistic college graduates, few people take the time to understand the organization’s true roots; the Cold War.   101 more words


From the @whatisKirbydoing Instagram: March 29, 2017 at 10:01AM

There’s a #sport called #netball played in #Swaziland. One of my students caught a nice action of me playing it. #YeboThishela #Athlete #Rookie #PCV #Africa #School #Teacher #AchyMuscles


Take Action, Save Our Planet

We need to take action to protect our earth… NOW. In the United States, it is easy for us to ignore climate change because it isn’t so in your face; we’re busy with our daily lives—driving here, driving there—the issue of climate change hasn’t been a top priority. 484 more words


Wednesday photo: Snake in a bucket

Peace Corps Volunteers need to learn how to have no expectations. You never know what will happen, who you might meet, or what ideas you might have. 87 more words

Wednesday Photo