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One Day Till Peace Corps' Blog It Home Conference in DC

After months of watching the number on my countdown app slowly get smaller and smaller, the time has finally come! I fly from Lima to DC tomorrow night, then bright and early Monday morning we start our week of cultural presentations for the Blog It Home tour. 142 more words

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Wanna make the world a better place?

  Every teacher thinks that his or her class equips students the most for life in the 21st century.  I’m here to make the case for how acquiring a 2nd language can transform the life of not only the student but those the student serves, later during his or her productive years of work and service. 156 more words

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Site Announcement Time!

One of the most exciting events of Peace Corps training took place this week – the announcement of my cohorts’ sites for the next two years!  160 more words

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Entry #10: What Shape is the World? Bad Shape

On our way to the bus terminal in Belize City for the first time (this was weeks ago, when I was coming back from my first site visit) we passed what I initially (ridiculously) assumed was someone’s elaborate bathtub yard sale. 1,884 more words


Instagram: Watershed Science

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: #repost @spyagnes: “Yesterday we talked about contaminants in science class. We started off with a homemade ‘watershed model’ (thanks to @southriverfed for the inspiration!) to show how things like cow poop, fertilizers, and trash on the island eventually wash into the lake when it rains. 68 more words

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One of These Things is Not Like the Other

My life is in a constant state of imbalance. You know: If I’m doing really well in math, then every other class is shit. If work is going great, my social life is floundering. 889 more words