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The Dog Days are Ove... Actually Just Beginning

Two Blog posts in two weeks . Consistency? Lol nope. Just kidding, but that is the theme of the blog post this week. I have been in Sierra Leone for six months now, and things have become…consistent. 948 more words


Cooking with Lesh: Curried Mandioca Burgers

Mandioca. Yuca. Cassava. All different names for the same plant that is a staple in the Mozambican diet.  The leaves are used to make a stew called… 306 more words

PSA: What happens when you stop and listen for 60 days?

Hello! It’s me!

Yeah, the one who moved to Rwanda for Peace Corps, became “Lion”, and got dropped off in a tiny southern village to teach English and work in youth development. 670 more words

Peace Corps

A Day in the Life

Have you ever been woken up by a rooster? If not, know that movies lie to you. The quintessential lone rooster perched on a roof top letting out a single caw to let the world know the sun is on its way up would be lovely. 1,154 more words

I Object(ify)

អំពៅឬរូបរាងរបស់ស្រីស្អាត (ampev nwng ru:p srej s’art:)

Meaning: “sugarcane or (lit. and) the form of a beautiful woman.”

– Cambodian: Khmer by John Haiman…

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Peace Corps

I have come here to eat rice and kick ass, and I'm all out of rice

In America, I definitely thought way too highly of my digestion skills. Turns out, I am a pansy. I got food poisoning after only a few days in country and have continued this fun game of “will this make me sick?” throughout the past few months. 620 more words

Sharing American culture through a unique Central PA food

Peace Corps has three main goals that support their mission to promote world peace and friendship. The second goal is “to promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the peoples served” 419 more words