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World AIDS Day

28 million people in Africa have been infected with HIV. Think about that for a second… 28 MILLION! Today is “World AIDS Day”. Before this year I paid little if any attention to this day or the effect of HIV/ AIDS in the world in general. 556 more words

Bring on the rain

It’s a lovely Sunday night as I sit here writing this much procrastinated blog post about my life in Botswana.

Lightning and thunder fill the sky, a light rain is dropping against my tin roof, and all my windows are open, letting the cool breeze slide over my skin. 1,421 more words

Peace Corps

Student Council

“¡Corazón! ¡Corazón! ¡Corazón!” the crowd chanted. A few girls let out some high pitched “Wooooos” as well.

It was the day of campaign speeches. All three groups of student council hopefuls were on stage, waiting for their turn to wow the crowd with promises of what each would achieve in the next school year. 393 more words

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How Peace Corps Handled My Sexual Assault

A misleading and downright irresponsible article posted on November 30th by CBS News concerning Peace Corps’ response to sexual assaults requires my response. You can read that article… 1,383 more words

Peace Corps

Hope Against Hope

“Hope against Hope” (to have hope even when the situation appears to be hopeless)

People in Albania talk a lot about hope.  Albanians talk about how to keep hope alive and how to persevere in spite of a lack of hope.  917 more words


It's a Weighty Issue

It’s that time of year when people put on a few extra pounds, a little insulation for the colder weather, that happily coincides with Thanksgiving and countless Christmas parties throughout the month of December. 1,162 more words

Clove Island

Welcome to December and a (hopefully) New Burkina

Sunday Burkina Faso held a very historical presidential election. The results have been announced officially and I just wanted to share a quick update.

http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/12/burkina-faso-elects-leader-historic-election-151201033702594.html… 171 more words

Burkina Faso