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September 2017

This month has been particularly slow moving for me. My classes feel like they’re chugging along at a glacial pace. My part time jobs eat up the majority of my time. 245 more words


Reflections on the Coast: Returning to Site

In Ecuador the rivalry between the coast and highlands is ancient, going back further than the Inca Empire’s control of the mountains and lack thereof in the coast. 672 more words


COD Practicum Part 2: Ultimate Frisbee

We finish our practicum experience with a community event in which we teach students how to play Ultimate Frisbee! I’m not the best player, but I do love taking photos and got some good action shots! 538 more words
Peace Corps

What are The Positives and Negatives of Doing Peace Corps?

Hi Jessie!

Last spring, I decided I had enough of the job so I sought out my local Peace Corps recruiter. He told me the first year in the Peace Corps is really, really hard but then the second year he didn’t want to leave. 501 more words

The Nomadic Life

Guys I Am Not Qualified

Ever since it’s creation under JFK the Peace Corps has been sending bright-eyed and bushy-tailed college grads to all corners of the Earth to do jobs that they are rarely qualified for. 390 more words

Get Your Head in the Game

When I was a kid I played soccer for the Lions. Most weekends we had a game against another team of 10 year old girls and more of than not the scores were an insane amount of points for soccer like 8-4. 295 more words

Let's Be Blunt

I’ve always valued bluntness from my friends and family. I believe so much more can be accomplished and so much quicker if everyone speaks their mind instead of worrying about other’s feelings. 408 more words