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Made It

I’m here! Sorry I know it’s three days late in notice but internet here is shotty at best and they keep us pretty busy. I’ll try to make up what I missed. 97 more words

Oh Say, Can You See

Óga Ita, Ita Verá, Itapúa

Today is a day for celebration. Not just because of American Independence, but mainly because my least favorite cow got its head chopped off this morning and is now hanging around the house in various cuts of meat. 214 more words

Warning to the Reader:

The blog series that you are about to see will be boring, uncomfortable, disgusting, heart wrenching, eye opening, hilarious, inspiring, discouraging, beautiful, adventuresome, and chalk full of authentic writing and photos of the things that spice up my life during my 27 month service in the Peace Corps. 1,032 more words


12 Months, 12 Things

That’s me more than a year ago. I don’t have those shoes anymore (RIP rainbow star Converse), I never wear that jacket (too hot), and I have no idea where those jeans went. 2,218 more words

Peace Corps

Celebrating S'mores

Take your pick: summer, winter, spring, fall. Campfire, fire pit, fire place. S’mores are good any time of year. No, s’mores are so much better than good. 368 more words

Peace Corps

How to Make and Drink Sakau

Sakau is an herb drink that is harvested from a shrub, Kava or Piper Methysticum, which grows in the South Sea islands. The drink has a numbing and relaxing effect on the body and is commonly used throughout the week in place of alcohol, but, traditionally used to celebrate special occasions. 477 more words

Disconnected from EVERYTHING outside the village!

Making popcorn, Malawi style

I had no idea how disconnected I would be from life back home. I feel bad for not being in touch but right now we are solely focused on building relationships within our training group, our homestay families, and focusing on survival life skills so we’ll be able to do just that…survive, once we get to site. 349 more words

Peace Corps