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What to take with me? Part 2 Clothes

So what to clothes to bring with me on my 2+ year journey?

Packing for a trip is still one of the most challenging, anxiety producing activities for me. 763 more words

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Ibu Shields

Even in adulthood, and especially in foreign countries, I continue to utilize the biggest rule of stranger danger: when in doubt, find a woman, especially one with a child… 757 more words


Until the Cows Come Home

Almost one year ago, when I first arrived in South Africa, the cows scared me. Not just like a minor freak out, rather a desire to walk a completely different path going way out of the way to where I was going in order to avoid the cow kind of a big deal. 298 more words

So why'd you do it?

Once upon a time I was wandering aimlessly around after a church service where my dear friend’s father had given the sermon. Unfortunately I don’t remember what exactly the service was about other than that in this life we are given the chance to plant ourselves into this earth and to create a legacy for future generations to look back upon fondly. 774 more words

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A Brief Guide to My First Weeks in Kosovo

I am typing this while experiencing my first power outage in Kosovo. It seems like most in my group have had several already, so I should count myself as lucky. 444 more words

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Visiting a Real-Life “Witch Doctor”

Last night, at dinner, my Ate told me that they were going to see a quack doctor. When I asked her, “What do you mean by quack doctor?”, she said, “An albularyo.” (pronounced al-boo-lar-ee-o), which is a sort of spiritual healer. 369 more words

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second day

only the second day of this “militant approach to writing” and im already at a loss for topics.  maybe ill share my new diet–

when i returned from Peru, i was the cutest and skinniest i’ve been since I was maybe 18.   607 more words