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Site Selection Process and My Site Visit to Santa Catalina

Another day of frustration learning Guarani, another day of learning information about nutrition that I already knew, another day with the same people, another day in Peace Corps Paraguay training. 1,515 more words

Community Health

practice makes progress

The month of April simply disappeared before my green, gringa eyes. On the 12th of May I’ll be moving to the capital city of Santo Domingo, where I’ll be serving and working in the main office as the Peace Corps Volunteer Leader of the Community Economic Development Sector. 1,429 more words

Lessons From Other Peace Corps Volunteers

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! And shot out to my awesome sister who put together a birthday video for me (if you haven’t seen it here is the link… 204 more words

First Year Posts

My Experience with Sexual Harassment (Part 2)

I get stares and catcalls. I have also been followed. Sometimes, these stares and catcalls can become physical, with people trying to grab or touch me. 1,685 more words

Peace Corps Volunteer

April 14 - May 6: I am an official Peace Corps Volunteer!

Whoo! These past few weeks have been filled with activity! We trainees took final exams and quizzes in the last couple weeks in April. We also took the Language Proficiency Interview (LPI), which was a cause of stress for many of us. 764 more words

Peace Corps

I am proud to introduce....

The President of the United States of America….Mr. Barack Obama!

**Crowd goes WILD**

For many people, meeting a sitting President is a rare, far-fetched idea. Even I was never in my life expecting something like meeting the President to happen. 100 more words

A typical day

Everyone always asks me what a “typical” day in my life is. I’m pretty sure I’ve designed my life to never have one of those, but I have had some pretty great days, and today happened to be one. 807 more words