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Malian rivals sign peace deal

An alliance of Tuareg-led rebels and the Malian government signed a peace deal on Saturday which is meant to draw a line under a 2012 uprising. 159 more words


Mali pro-government fighters pull out from key town

Pro-government fighters withdrew from a flashpoint town in northern Mali on Friday, removing a key obstacle to a long-delayed UN-backed peace deal due to be signed this weekend. 66 more words


Houthis accuse Yemen's government of manipulation

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have accused the exiled government of Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi of attempting to impose its own agenda on the UN-brokered peace talks in Geneva. 71 more words

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Wow! The Iran Deal Went Through?!

Although the Republicans tried to sabotage the Obama Administration’s attempt at a peace deal with Iran, culminating in a letter penned by Arkansas senator Tom Cotton, diplomacy finally prevailed after Iran and the P5+1 nations agreed to finalize a deal by the end of June. 463 more words

GOP Trying to Stop Iran Deal

GOP Trying to Pass Iran Bill

Right now the U.S. is in danger of the Republican party nullifying our countries historical peace agreement with Iran.  If they truly believe in what they are doing they are crazy, if they are just playing politics it might be even worse.   97 more words


'Bring them in from the cold': Richard Branson tweets his support of a 'historic peace deal with Iran'

Virgin founder Richard Branson seems to think a peace agreement with Iran is going to make things hunky-dory in the Middle East and cause those darn nukes to just disappear. 74 more words

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Kremlin says Ukraine moving too slowly to fulfill peace deal

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia accused Ukraine Thursday of dragging its feet on implementing last month’s peace deal, citing a wide range of areas in which Kiev is allegedly failing to meet its obligations. 586 more words