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When you feel too busy for your own life.

I haven’t blogged in months. Months! And it’s driving me a little bonkers, to be perfectly honest.

Maybe it’s moving to a new home, maybe it’s raising two energetic kids, maybe it’s keeping up with a full career. 390 more words

Peace + Home

Today: the beautiful present of the present.

In three short weeks we say goodbye to the place we’ve called home for over six years and hello to our sparkling new adventure.

Right now, it’s easy to get sucked into the nightly rhythm of managing our stuff: purging, selling, organizing, packing. 312 more words

Peace + Home

What it means to keep living.

A pretty sign above my sunny kitchen window softly whispers, “Keep living.”

Kelby laughed when he first saw it. He said it reminded him of placing a “Breathe” tattoo on your wrist (which, I personally love) — as if you’ll forget to do it without the regular reminder. 132 more words

Peace + Home

Dear daughters, the world needs love.

Dear daughters,We live in a cruel world. There are angry people. Lonely people. Sad people. People who want to destroy other people. And sometimes, they do, whether with words or weapons. 171 more words


Mindset and the many emotions of selling a home.

It’s only been two weeks on the market, and I’m tired of selling our house. Keeping a spotless home while working full time and caring for two littles is no small feat. 409 more words

Peace + Home