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Unrush me.

It’s Sunday evening. The kind of Sunday evening that leaves you asking, “What did I accomplish this weekend?” and “How can I possibly catch up before another work week begins?” 438 more words

Peace + Home

Sunday night gifts.

Sunday nights are bittersweet.

Sometimes I love them, when I feel caught up, squeaky clean and prepped for the week. Scrubbed house, stocked fridge, steamed wardrobe, bathed babe, refreshed mind. 240 more words

Peace + Home

Happy morning traditions.

Lately, it occurred to me: our little family loves breakfast.

I’ve never, ever, ever considered myself a morning person. Before we had Annistyn, I could sleep in most of the morning, and, when given the opportunity, I would. 209 more words


Savoring summer.

Our little lady is toddling all over the house these days. She runs the show around here. (Which is partly why I’m a terrible blogger lately, sorry.) 189 more words


My favorite things.

I had grand plans for my four-day weekend. You know, they don’t come around all that often. My original list included tasks like “clean the oven” and “organize the filing cabinet.” 175 more words

Peace + Home

The simple life.

I must be taking this play thing a little too literally. Sorry, friends, I’ve been absent.

Life so often feels like a race. Mornings come too quickly. 420 more words

Peace + Home


This morning, I was washing dishes while mentally running through my weekend to-do list.

It’s a curse, really, this to-do list mentality.

As I jotted down the tasks–heaping piles of laundry, grimy floors, coffee-stained car cup holders, finding time to rest to get over a lingering cough–I started to wonder: why must I always feel overwhelmed, even on a quiet Saturday morning? 193 more words