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Day 145, All In

Hey. How’s it going?

Around here I’m having an eye opener. I think I have found the answer to something. Why are some prayers answered quickly and others really slowly or not at all? 222 more words

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Day 142, What Do You Believe?

Good early morning!

I’ve been talking about connecting our spirit to that of the great creator and you know what? Maybe it boils down to belief. 303 more words

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Day 140, Don't Stress It


We’ll be leaving soon. Heading unexpectedly to Charlotte for a kidney test. He isn’t saying much but I know he’s worried. They called out of the blue yesterday. 222 more words

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Day 134, Your Happily Ever After

Hey everybody!

Wayne had labs yesterday and there’s a phone visit today. Last time there was a phone visit they changed some of his meds and not for the better. 258 more words

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Day 126, Balancing Act

Hey everybody.

I think the stay home rule is coming to an end. I know people will be so happy to go back to the restaurants, back to the gyms, back to the malls and stuff but I hope people will still spend more time than not at home with the ones who really matter. 84 more words

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Day 114, Everyday Should Be Earth Day

Hey Peace Seeker!

Are you safe and sound? I hope so.

Yesterday was Earth Day. I think everyday should be Earth Day. I think we should cherish our beautiful planet. 250 more words

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Day 112, My Treadmill Broke

Hey peace seeker.

My treadmill broke. My favorite thing was walking on it first thing, working up a good sweat putting in four miles. I practice yoga at sunset and treadmill at sunrise. 216 more words

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