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Day 166, Saturday...

Hello, how’s it going?

I’m exhausted but I’m helping my mom. Getting unpacked from moving is not easily done anytime let alone with only one arm but oh my gosh, I’m so tired. 117 more words

My Bohemian Life

Day 164, Don't Get Mad, But

I hope today’s words don’t upset anyone but I was thinking about it again, how life can be even harder or even better depending on if we all can just get along. 338 more words

My Bohemian Life

Day 159, Yesterday

Hey everybody. How are you?

Yesterday we worked out butts off! My mom fell, broke her arm and had surgery all in a matter of two days last week. 155 more words

My Bohemian Life

Day 158, Another Happy List

Hello everybody.

I need another happy list don’t you? There’s so much negative energy. It’s awful and scary, all the violence, all the hurt, the fear, the grudges, the loss, the distrust and destruction. 146 more words

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Day 157, Here's A Thought

Peace Seeker, I’m about to possibly blow your mind with a thought.

Question, what do you hope for? Are you hoping for a healing? For a job you love? 286 more words

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Day 153, Peace, Hope, Trust and Ease

Hello peace seekers. I hope your day will be or has been depending on when you are reading this, really really really wonderful.

We would be waiting with bated breath but we have faith so no worries. 151 more words

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Day 152, Here's What's Happened Lately

Hey everyone.

Several things have been going on. First, Wayne has had several pop up lab tests lately. The doctor is concerned about his new kidney rejecting. 477 more words

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