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Obviously, there was some work that needed to be done outside. I knew a thing or two about gardening. My mother was had won several awards for her garnering. 1,213 more words

There is no way to peace....

A. J. Muste

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The penultimate beatitude gives us another turn of the jewel that is the heart to allow a fresh perspective and reflection on the shape and flavour of a life lived in the flow of grace: 1,173 more words

(Re)drawing South Sudan's States - or, trying to create administrative certainty

Last year, two parties to South Sudan’s Civil War, SPLA-led government forces and SPLM-IO opposition ones, signed the “Revitalized Agreement on the Renewed Cessation of Hostilities” (or the R-ARCSS) and paved the way towards a two year-long peace process. 567 more words

Ted Grimsrud asks whether the price of the American war was really “worth” more thyan half a million lives. I think it’s a question that should be asked when we think of any war.

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Double Espresso it is- On Netanyahu's Re-election.

So I will stay with drinking water or maybe something bitter – a really bad espresso to wake me to the reality, because bitter it is. 830 more words

Making War on Peace-Faking

I mentioned this podcast in our Bible study on 3/3. If you are tempted, like me, to respond sinfully to disappointments in life, this will help.

Why the Kim-Trump Summit was a - predictable - fiasco

February 28, 2019

Peace can never be achieved this way

a) The issue is about peace, not only nuclear weapons. The US has not been willing to sign a peace agreement after all these years. 838 more words