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Bibi vs. Ben Gurion - Israeli commentator Yossi Alpher's take

From Americans for Peace Now’s regular feature, “Hard Questions, Tough Answers,” a Q and A column featuring Yossi Alpher, a former senior Mossad and IDF intelligence official. 554 more words

Politika - פוליטיקה

Yariv Oppenheimer and the Politics of the Radical Left

Why are we writing about the radical left while ignoring the alt-Right? That is easy, because all you need do to find out everything which is defined as evil on the right is watch the mainstream media. 2,627 more words


The Alarm - 'Equals' - Album Review

Has there ever been a band that you loved and then suddenly stopped paying attention to any new releases?  The Alarm was that for me.  I followed them throughout the 80’s and after 1989’s album ‘Change’, just stopped listening to new stuff.  982 more words


By any means unnecessary...

Satire audio I just created… Parody BBC interview with Ram Bamba, the secretive leader of the radical militant cell, Shlama Hashta (which means “peace now” in Aramaic).