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Gratitude and Wisdom from Surprising Places

I wanted to thank some people on my fan page the other day, so I popped open my Word Swag app, grabbed a pretty bokeh background and searched for a quote about gratitude in my browser. 619 more words


Dearest Aria,

I know of a woman who radiated a holistic aura, when men and women drew near her, felt a sense of reverence as if they had come to close to the scared high temple of the Goddess Venus above lava, volcano mountains, mist and clouds. 188 more words


my scraps: dispose of these, responsibly and properly.

Please look, but do not touch.

Gently admire with your words, but do not smother me with your nervous palms. It is the veil of half-truth that I crave to cover my face with. 122 more words


Standing Rock Assassin's Hippie

It’s finished! I blowed it up to about 270×400 but it looks great at it’s original res. I see improvement in my skills, but I definetely know what I still need to work on. 23 more words

Pixel Art

Becoming a People of Thanksgiving

This year I began to realize how strange America’s Thanksgiving holiday is. In a society that is always reaching for the bigger and better, we have a holiday where we give thanks for everything we have. 722 more words

My Thoughts

Speak Softly To My Broken Soul - Poetry

Speak so softly to my broken soul
No one else can make me whole
Gently, gently Spirit speak
Hold me closely kind and meek

Pain so deep no words express… 203 more words

Eyes That See Things Differently - Poetry

The wonder of a sweet, sweet heart
Is there for God to see
You think you’ve got it all messed up
But I’ve got news for thee… 284 more words