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Costa Rica Revisted. 2015 Global PEACE Program Initial Reflections.

I’m feeling a surge of emotions.  I think that happens a lot with me.

I’m happy, sad, and feeling an overwhelming sense of loss & purpose at the same time. 757 more words


Clear-That Fear (301)

To have peace-
For panic and anxiety to cease.


The Ugly Truth About Night Time! 🙈🌚⭐️

The worst thing about night time, is you’re left alone with all your own thoughts and no one to share them with! I can’t be the only one who hates this, I know I’m not! 170 more words

Woman of Integrity

By Cheryl McCloud

I’ve found myself lately meditating on integrity. The dictionary defines integrity as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Two synonyms include honesty and honor. 305 more words

Women Encouraging Women

Sabbath Rest Invitaional - Week 5

Today is the final “Sabbath Rest Invitational” Post. I hope these March offerings have helped you relax and let the stress go for a while. If you have a picture or text of any kind that represents rest to you, please share it on this post. 159 more words

The mighty River

A lesson I am still working on. Sometimes the best response is silence.


See the duck gliding on the pond? All serene on the surface, calm, Zen master. 418 more words

Martial Arts