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no matter the cost

so I sit back in my thoughts realizing my pain comes from my own faults I’m lost, but once I see my path ill shoot for it no matter the cost. 175 more words


Reflections on the March

Yesterday I had the great privilege of being able to join the New York City Women’s March. I marched with my oldest and best friend, her boyfriend, and my cousin’s girlfriend. 595 more words


All Quiet on the Rescue Front

It’s amazing what freedom you can attain when you release things, habits (and people) who no longer serve you in a positive way from taking up space in your life or even just in your head. 341 more words

a quote from Quiri

God, you are with me and you can help me. You were with me when I was taken , and you are with me now. You strengthen me.

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Collaboration for Peace - 46

photo by Candy

In Flight

Life me up
For I have spiraled, wingless
In whirls of worldly matter
That do not matter
Much to me… 21 more words


Peaceful Resistance

What led the world to respond,

with not only a few, enough to stop the presses

or perhaps filter the pond,

that place with which he will empty he stresses. 79 more words


Hey Buddy

Even if you are not “religious” there is nothing wrong with having a buddy who can help with your meditating or journey for peace. This keeps us grounded when we are faced with so much adversity. 

Nicole Cherise ❤