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"My View"

trees blowing
in the wind
sunlight dancing
through the leaves


a new me

There have been a lot of revelations lately, or maybe I’m just pretending there were. I’m tired, I’m 24, I’m going no where and there’s nothing more to it these days. 716 more words

Growing Up

Sunbeam Trail..

Some say ‘Trail’ is only one.. one that never fails.. some say every second one more born.. folklore and tales.. curious sat an infant stares to learn a way.. 174 more words


Remembering When: December, 2013

Holiday Web Flyer: December, 2013

Nothing excites me more than getting a special request from the president of Northwest campus.  Well, in this case, excites comes with a little stress.   166 more words

Digital Work

A Wish For Loving Comfort, & Peace

I do not speak this language and I do not know half of what she is singing about, but I can tell you it makes me sad. 42 more words