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My heart feels like it
Has lost itself – perhaps it’s time to
Gaze within the mirror


What is it about Life?

Most of us, when we meet someone after a while or see someone for the first time, we greet by asking this question, ‘Hows Life?’ and this is because we really want to know what that person is doing in his/her life. 587 more words



My entrance was grand
They couldn’t wait for my arrival
I almost didn’t make it
Life suffocating as I slip through the gateway to a realm that beholds my final ascension and all that is between. 117 more words

A Soul to Console

God’s door kept opened,

Keys are not with us,

Waiting to be freed.



Photo By: Aziz Acharki


I’m free, I’m free, I’m free, born a sinner full of transgressions and iniquity, but I’ve been acquitted through the Blood of The Lamb which was shed on Calvary… 121 more words

Unity With Diversity: the Way of Nature

It is a salient characteristic of the mental consciousness that it tries to create unity through regimentation and the development of uniformity.  Differences of ideas, culture, religion, language, race, all create potential for mental disagreement and dispute.  423 more words

Sri Aurobindo