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losing it

I’ve been trying to meditate on a more regular basis lately. Instead of blissful peace though, I’ve been seeing things more quietly and I can’t help but lose parts of myself I’d become attached too. 122 more words

State Museum:Peace and the Library!

It got pretty late for me to visit the State Museum, which I had been looking forward to visit since a long time. Had I discovered the serenity of this place before, I would have more of my leisure days spent within the calm premises of this place. 464 more words


What We Should Fear

Many of the words in today’s Gospel are fearsome but many events in the past couple of weeks have also been fearsome so they fit right in. 532 more words



My last post was about the effects of low income (in our case the roller coaster effect) on the education and health of families. For our family, it also puts our lives under the microscope for us to show us what is really important and what is just junk. 565 more words

Some days, being present in now is a little more elusive.

While the delicious serenity of the silent now is always here, always around us, waiting for us to submerge ourselves in its lushness, some days it feels much more difficult to remember how to get there!

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Crystal Stairs

To those who frequent my blog, friends, family and those whom I’ve yet to meet, this is for us all. I typically start with an update of what life has been like as a first year medical student, but I think I’d rather jump right in on this one. 373 more words


The Purpose of Creation

According to Islam, God placed man in this world for a purpose. Man is required to develop in himself a personality which will be held deserving of entry into Paradise. 63 more words

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan