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Sometimes you just gotta sit and stare (version 2)

Often, Max just sits and stares.

I’ve noticed it more lately because we have both been stuck at home more often with all the snow and ice. 395 more words

this moment- here and now

I have been meditating this week on being present in this moment- here and now. And while I am still wrapping my head around the idea, this is what I can tell you for sure. 134 more words


Critical Thinking...... "Is That Really True?"

Should you save money, or buy everlasting assets? Four years ago I mentioned savings at 3% APR rate. Well, it’s now ZERO and could go lower as some banks in the the EU are doing or threatening to do. 707 more words

Critical Thinking

The GingerBrit Lady #6 The inevitable question

The first trip home after moving overseas can be an emotional one at the best of times. Add in a sibling getting married and the emotions just intensify! 854 more words

Resistance Persistence and Letting Go

5: 00 am, and I have pulled myself out of bed to my meditation space, despite my mind’s inner protestations.  As I try to ease in and focus, my one-eyed cat plays vociferously with the dangling shoots of my spider plant.  310 more words


Innovative Diplomacy Strives to Resolve Conflicts

When diplomats are unable to end or prevent conflict, other parties may take the initiative, launching cross-border sports or cultural exchanges. In a five-part series, Samantha Adler analyzes informal and unusual types of diplomacy to see which hold the most promise.  747 more words