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Bursting your bubble

Control is an illusion; presence is real

We, as human beings, tend to live in an eternal quest for control. Whether it is control over our finances, our kids or the path of our lives in general, we are constantly chasing the illusion that we are in total control of what’s coming up next. 467 more words


Basic Requirements for the External Method of Nation-Building

An internal process of nation-building would start from the development of a psychological unity and from that point, work to build an outer societal form that based itself on that unity.  279 more words

Sri Aurobindo

Accentuating The Positives

I have notice I have a tendency to focus on the negative while ignoring the positives in my life.

I am sure I am not the only one who ignores the positive to focus on the negative.

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Iraq War

A Good Friday

My unimpeded thoughts were fading out to power naps. The rough church steps weren’t the most comfortable of seats, but it did welcome my sleep. The priests were reading out verses from the bible referring to the scenes before the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 303 more words

The creature inside me

Sometimes when I get really angry or sad, I feel like some creature would cut open my flesh from the inside to come out and say, “that’s it.   324 more words

Black and White

Black and White…

Black…dark, shadowy, dim…

Light reversed.

White…snowy, bleached, hoary…

Black vanished.

Black-dark; white-light,


In combination, striking.

Attention arresting.

Believing self or Believing in Jesus… 32 more words

Creation And Nature

The Happiness Project - a study on mental illness portrayed in mass media

Are you tired of watching television, reading magazines or seeing advertisements that marginalize you and what you’ve endured? Do you often feel like media and society portrays us and all of our intricacies too generically? 1,914 more words