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Central African Republic: Limitations in Implementation of 2nd Gen DDR

Using the Central African Republic (CAR) as a case study, it is possible to see the limitations inherent in second generation DDR. After more than fifty years of unrest and instability, CAR is a state where militias, terrorists, road bandits, and neighborhood self-defense groups have more control than the central government in most areas. 572 more words


Second Language Expression and Remaking Self

As I’ve begun paddling around in the wide seas of thought in the fields of language, peacebuilding and mission, I’ve come away with the realization that this stuff is at least half in the practice–theory can only get us so far. 470 more words

Language Learning

Demilitarization in Kosovo: A story of “success”

The DDR in Kosovo was incorporated within the peace-agreements that ended the war of former Yugoslav Army against ethnic Albanians in June 1999. Typical for 1st Generation, the DDR programs were used as strategies for creating the new political institutions and security structures that led Kosovo to independence in 2008. 714 more words


No Development, No Post-War Peace (as evidenced by South Sudan state)

Sudan’s second civil war, lasting from 1983 – 2004 and the longest in history of the modern-day African continent, was fundamentally caused by a lack of national development. 495 more words


Gendering DDR: The case of female ex-combatants

Women and men are affected differently by armed conflicts, thanks to a variety of factors that include their access to the productive aspects of an economy, social roles ascribed to each gender by cultures, and the degree of exposure to violence.  815 more words


Swaying around existing initiatives: Uganda and LRA


Conflict in Uganda started as early as late 1980s that sprung from internal conflicts that involve the ousting of President Milton Obote. However the Uganda’s successor, Idi Amin whose coup was initially welcomed by a widespread of enthusiasm begins to fall short as Amin dissolved and altered the constitution which grated him absolute power and eliminating all opposition. 949 more words


Europe's Unifnished Business

I start blogging again and before going further, I would like to share something else abouth the Addressing Europe’s unfinished business conference, held in 16-19 July, 2015 in Caux, Switzerland. 374 more words