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The New 2015 U.S. Department of Defence 'Law of War Manual' and the implications for Orend's jus post bellum

This post asks what implications the 2015 US Department of Defence Law of War Manual has for the jus post bellum scholarship.  A recent post by Greg Fox on Opinio Juris can be found… 1,034 more words

Some authors suggest that violent conflicts and wars will increasingly be urbanized. What characterizes urban violence and which consequences do these characteristics have for attempts to peacebuilding and post conflict reconstruction? Use a case study/case studies to substantiate your argument.


ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross

In this essay, it will attempt to explain the characteristics of urban violence and how this has consequences on humanitarian work in to creating peace and gaining reconstruction. 3,273 more words


Identifying Effective Elements of Unusual Diplomacy

Samantha Adler analyzes what makes unusual forms of diplomacy effective or ineffective at reducing conflict. This is the final article in a series of five.  1,220 more words


The Troubles in Northern Ireland, and the Peace Players Initiative

In the fourth article in her series on unusual forms of diplomacy, Samantha Adler examines efforts to use sports to bridge the divide in Northern Ireland.  821 more words


Much militarisation, little transparency

The EU’s security and defence policy was up for review on 25–26 June 2015, when the heads of government of the 28 EU Member States gathered in Brussels for a summit meeting (known as a European Council meeting). 1,007 more words


Conflict, reconciliation and partnership in Africa's Great Lakes region

The Great Lakes region of central Africa—the countries grouped around Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika—showcases both the very best and the very worst of humanity. The region has seen its fair share of war and conflict: the 1994 Rwandan genocide, a twenty-year ongoing legacy of conflict and war in eastern Congo and a prolonged civil war in Burundi (a country where, just weeks ago, political tensions broke out again after ten years of peace) have all left their marks on the bodies and psyches of the peoples in the region. 353 more words

Mozambique after 40 years of independence — Part 1

On June 25 Mozambique has celebrated 40 years of independence. Since 1975, this Southern African country has been victim of a violent protracted conflict which took away the lives of one million people, has undergone a radical transition from a socialist and centralised system to a liberal-democratic one, has become a model of peacebuilding in the eyes of the international community, and has more recently become an example of how peace may become fragile as long as crucial socio-economic issues are not addressed and as long as democratic change is centred on formal institutional reforms that do not address power distribution more widely. 2,037 more words