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Meditation for Dummies

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “(Your Thing) for Dummies.”

I’m sure someone has already published a book with this title, but I’m up for the challenge of writing a blog post named the same to satisfy the “My thing for Dummies” challenge…

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Accept Me for Me (Tales of Dating)

I’m struggling with something y’all. I’m about to be 25 and I haven’t had a boyfriend yet. I pretty much been single all of my life. 585 more words

Peaceful Mind

Overcoming Social Anxiety: Part One

I’m starting a series, Overcoming Social Anxiety, that will chronicles my experiences of becoming more social (in person). I’m very social online but this is the beginning of something new and exciting. 577 more words

Peaceful Mind


Last evening, a phone call with devastating news nearly took me down.  Without discussing private family business, let me say, we will get through this together. 350 more words


Do You Have a Meditation Space?

So our minds almost never rest until we fall exhausted into bed.

In todays world our minds are being constantly entertained by phones, tablets, tv’s and computers – so much so that we almost never have a moment to quiet or calm our thinking.

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Humble Thyself

Maintaining a humble appearance
is not hard work for me,
it comes natural to me.
I wasn’t built to carry grudges.
Most people don’t understand why I don’t… 27 more words


Infuse Your Food With Love -- Jone Victoria -- April 11, 2009

There are a multitude of outlets to practice your energy and healing work. One of them is in the kitchen. An important principle of preparing and cooking food is to infuse it with love. 318 more words

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