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Guns Only Point To Dead Ends

Where are all the role models gone?

Whether we are speaking about men, women, girls or boys, the menu is looking unappetizingly bleak.

Women have fought for many, many, years to be independent, vote and work, while still enjoying being a woman and all that represents. 376 more words


There are no ordinary moments. There is always something going on.

– Peaceful Warrior


Life is choice. You choose to be a victim, or anything else you want to be. A warrior acts, a fool reacts.

– Peaceful Warrior


Peaceful Warrior

To start the weekend, we thought we would suggest a wonderful spiritual movie … Peaceful Warrior … it’s about overcoming limitations imposed by the mind.  Here is the trailer for the movie.   13 more words

Spiritual Movies

Peaceful Warrior Workout

(This article was originally published in both Natural Beauty & Health, and by Magical Blend).
Well-known author and Olympic champion Dan Millman has developed a quick, effective Peaceful Warrior Workout that incorporates elements from calisthenics, dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and yoga. 1,104 more words

Inside Joy = Outside Blissful Abundance

It seems that the world is in a very turbulent time. There is a lot of chaotic energy flowing around at this time. And, for many people, this can be extremely disconcerting. 323 more words

Peaceful Warrior

The right words at the right time

Today I met a bunch of new (to me) students and talked with them for most of an hour about temperature and heat flow and conservation of energy and graphs and equations. 279 more words