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Inside Joy = Outside Blissful Abundance

It seems that the world is in a very turbulent time. There is a lot of chaotic energy flowing around at this time. And, for many people, this can be extremely disconcerting. 323 more words

Living With A Purpose

The right words at the right time

Today I met a bunch of new (to me) students and talked with them for most of an hour about temperature and heat flow and conservation of energy and graphs and equations. 279 more words


With Great Science Education Comes Great Responsibility: A Speech

This evening I went to the awards ceremony that concludes a summer orientation program that my department offers for incoming first-year students. I was primarily there to give out balsa wood gliders as trophies to the teams that had scored the most points in a Physics of Paper Airplanes workshop a few weeks ago… but after doing so, I realized that I had a moment in the spotlight with a captive audience of over 200 cheerful students who already think I’m pretty cool. 459 more words


Head To Nature To Clear Your Head

Do you ever stop and think about all the amazing gadgets, contraptions and technology that has been created since you were born?

It is pretty astonishing that so many things that were considered ‘space-age’ or just too bizarre to even be created in our lifetime are now part of our everyday lives. 316 more words

Peaceful Warrior


Some lessons are worth learning again and again. Georgina Vendrell taught me to shut the f*ck up and be present. Going into spring-summer 2016 reviews for… 275 more words

The Higher Road

I make the choice to forgive the people who have hurt me and the ones that I love. I refuse to allow hate and anger devour me any longer. 15 more words

Appalachian State University

This Potent Millisecond

When Dan Millman was coaching and transforming the Stanford Gymnastic Team, a rival coach asked him if his team meditated before the competitions. He answered, “No, they meditate… 100 more words