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Hiding behind our mask!

So hard to be naked and vulnerable with people. We only show others what we think they need or want to see.  Without a conscious action Little by little, we adopt socially acceptable behaviors, facial expressions, voice volumes, and agreeable ideas that harden into a series of masks. 370 more words



Will we dwell on tomorrow,

trembling in fear and pain,

or continue in the way of

the Peaceful Warrior?

There is no tomorrow for choices to be made. 107 more words

Where It All Began.

So believe it or not, despite how open I am about my current problems I’ve tried to not look back to the past for anything. I tried not to look back out of fear that I’d sink back into depression, get caught in regrets, imagine myself doing something differently. 1,041 more words

Peaceful Warrior

Practicing Yoga centers me. It grounds me to the earth and lifts me towards the sky and I feel utterly present and alive.

My body does not gracefully flow from one pose to another with ease. 192 more words

Journaling, Meditation & Mindfulness


I’m a lonely soul. Have been for the longest time. And it’s never been by choice. But now I’m beginning to believe that it’s the way that it has to be. 539 more words

Buddha Nature: Awakening the Inner Child.

In Buddhism, there is the concept of Buddha Nature. Buddha Nature is a state of true compassion, peace, joy, and love for all living beings. Buddha Nature is something we are born with but lose sight of as society covers it with misconceptions, beliefs, myths, and fear. 686 more words

The Path of the Peaceful Warrior.

The path of the peaceful warrior is one of infinite strength. The human heart has an infinite amount of compassion. The Art of Peace is a direct response to the  284 more words