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Why laughing at yourself is so freeing.

A great movie is the ‘peaceful Warrior’ I highly recommend going out and renting it or ripping it for free, whatever.

It is about an injured gymnast or finds the oddest of coaches in a service station attendant he is taught about his body, mind and the universe and all of it is based on a true story he…. 364 more words


Guys, have you been to Target lately??!! I’m dying from all the cuteness I saw there the other day! I was literally wowed at the turn of every aisle, there’s sooooo much bohemian, it was like a dream come true! 88 more words


Insights From A Good Movie

Recently, I watched a movie called Peaceful Warrior based on a book titled Way of the Peaceful Warrior. There is one thing that stood out to me in the entire movie—it’s when the main protagonist says this: the people that are hardest to love are the ones that needed it the most. 634 more words

Contrast - About 'Nothing'

I like to think that I’m good with words(decent enough actually), but more often than not I can’t seem to describe moments and write about them as aptly and eloquently in words as I’d like to. 1,495 more words

"Divine Warrior Within"

“Divine Warrior Within”

Day Thirty of the Self-love 31-day 5-minute Challenge: Peaceful Warrior

Where today can you be brave, expand, disciplined, have courage, strength, to know thy truth, and raise your vibration wherever you are? 321 more words


The Power Of The Moment 

It made me realise that Mick’s lifetime, mine and the thousands of other lives I had lived were all happening and had happened simultaneously even though to a human like myself, countless years, decades and centuries separated all these lifetimes. 1,005 more words

Stand With All Good People

November 12 at 3:35am

Stand with all good people of all races, creeds, religions, genders, identities, backgrounds, and economic status. Stand up for what is right and true. 144 more words