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Under the Peach Tree

It might be an aroma or a quick glimpse of something that triggers a memory snippet.  For me, it is often a smell.  Fresh bread baking immediately finds me standing in the school cafeteria with a tray in my hand waiting for a delicious hot yeast roll to land beside my mashed potatoes. 437 more words


Under the Peach Tree

Gray cat on gray fence

in dappled light through blossoms white

Preens ’neath sheen of green leaves.


Strawberry Moon

Today’s full moon is called ‘Strawberry Moon’ by the Native Americans. Right on cue, the strawberries have started to ripen. I am wondering how this season will pan out with all the erratic weather. 266 more words


Taking Care of Peaches from Tasty Landscape

Wish I had known Dr. Osborne (no, not Dr. Oz but Dr. Thomas Osborne) back when I tried raising peach trees! I might actually still have them. 113 more words

Organic Gardening

Rhododendrons and Mountain Laurel May 2015

We had a couple of gorgeous rhododendrons blooming this past week.  The azaleas are just about done, and this is the next wave of floral beauty. 268 more words


Waiting on Peaches

This is our lone little peach tree. It’s got a couple other fruit trees to keep it company (pear and plum and cherry) but we’ve only the one peach tree. 213 more words

Over The Backyard Fence

Planted my peach/nectarine tree

Over the weekend I took one of the larger peach/nectarine plants and put it in the ground. This location is behind our fence and slopes down towards the creek. 111 more words