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Celebrating the Circle of Life :)

The morning brings beautiful surprises.. Like this one of a Peacock in its full glory, perfectly centered through the circular grille of an iron gate :)


Peacocks, Holy Gratitude, and Almost Getting Hit by a Bus

I often say “You know what — I could get hit by a bus tomorrow,” as a way of portraying the immediacy of acting on our dreams… 953 more words

Iggy the Peacock

This beautiful guy came to live on our farm about ten years go.  He pretty much runs the place and is the best “watch bird”!  He will sit on the very top of the barn and make that distinctive call…it sounds like he is saying help!   120 more words

Peahens and Peacocks

We’ve had an invasion of sorts….a far east, invasion.  Exotic? … Yes …. Beautiful? …. Yes …. Loud, chicken feed loving, and hard to capture by cell phone photography? 445 more words

Moving To Oregon

Friends in High Places!

My neighbourhood is teeming with peacocks and peahens.. Till is saw them at close quarters, I did not realise the extent of their flight. Now I know that they can fly fairly long distances and can be found perched on very high places. 13 more words



The great peacock debate, courtesy of Next Door. Because sometimes people have too much time on their hands and aren’t irritating enough to their neighbors. 528 more words

Shiny Things

What to Do and What Not to Do in Warsaw

First thing’s first:

When you go to Warsaw, Poland, DO only plan your trip for four days. It’s a totally perfect amount of time!

Also, DO use the super cool google maps feature where you can make your own map of places to see! 851 more words