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Two Peacocks Spell My Last Name

Here is a photo of my art that I thought was forgotten to me. This style looks different than what I am now doing, but I was as innovative then as I am now. 151 more words



Life has been happening all so fast and full lately.   Some good, some not so good.  That’s life, isn’t it?

How about with you?  Are you out in the garden?   506 more words

The Peacock Faction

Peacocks belong to Hera, in Greek mythology. Hera associates with eyes; you see them in the peacock’s feathers and Hera is noted for having beautiful cow eyes. 119 more words


Spring/Summer '16 Capsule Wardrobe Experiment

Fashion has never been my middle name. As a curvy girl finding clothes that A; fit me and B; suit me almost seems impossible. Needless to say dressing a teenage girl whose body is naturally inclined to have wider hips, bigger thighs, small boobs yet broad shoulders can be quite hindering. 421 more words

Capsule Wardrobe

What a big show off!

Last weekend we went for a drive in the country. Fortunately I drive a car with automatic transmission where the left leg is suplus to requirements (until you get ot of the car of couse :) ). 186 more words


Dubrovnik: a City Straight Out of GoT. Literally.

Full disclosure: I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones in my life. I’ve heard great things but I just haven’t gotten around to watching any of it, so my appreciation of Dubrovnik had nothing to do with its association with a TV series – I fell in love with Dubrovnik simply because it is an absolutely beautiful, historical city. 1,233 more words

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