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Summer is here and the chill of winter is gone. That’s why the peacocks, bees, and even cockroaches are out of hiding now, living out their lives; playing, eating, flirting, singing, dancing, and mating. Here are the pics…

Strutting His Stuff


He’s all that
and that
bag of chips,
one for his shoulder
and one for his bright-eyed tail.

He’s turquoise
and turned,
poised and ready… 44 more words

The Exhortation Proclamation

Once upon a time, in the days before voicemail or texting or the Internet, I kept a box filled with handwritten letters from boyfriends. The box was inked red and white and once contained a small, boombox from Radio Shack that played my New Wave cassette tapes. 893 more words


be a good one.

something is lost or wandering.

(*question and response chain on my neighborhood website – mixed in among the recommendations for contractors, giveaways, news and upcoming events) 202 more words


Alphabet Soup - K


May you have a Kind, Kingly, Kissable, Knowledgeable, Kinetic day.

May your enemies be Kicked and Knocked-out.

In honor of this being the first day of my mini vacation, I am sharing some lovely sightings I have had in and around my property. 252 more words