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Three years for a first: Daffodil Hill, Volcano, California

I finally made it to Daffodil Hill, in Volcano, after 3 years of trying to get there. Explanation: It’s only open a short time and if it rains, they close. 334 more words

I have been working on the creep for Molly’s babies. It is made with walls  of straw so is dismantled every winter then remade again in piglet season.   1,016 more words


Willy Street Area to Host a Running of the Bulls Event

By Vin Sparks

Through it’s sources at City Hall, Spoofing Willy has learned that the Willy Street Area Commerce Board and Association of Local Businesses (WSACBALB) has applied for a Street Use Permit for a … (wait for it) … Running of the Bulls event. 272 more words

Willy Street

Goodbye Jefferson Island

As long as I’ve lived in Lafayette, I had never been to Jefferson Island until Mr. Canada came to visit. It’s much smaller than Avery Island but it has a different character that I found enchanting. 923 more words

Frills and Ruffles

There is no doubt that frills are in this season! We have seen them feature in London, Paris, Milan and New York Fashion Week for many years and I love it. 188 more words



I had a visit with a guy who really loves to show off today. He seems to romance any female who walks by.

He is one proud guy.

Percy-1, 5.7.17, Percy-2, 5.7.17, Percy-3, 5.7.17 & Percy-4, 5.7.17


First Glances

The crow envied
the white dove for its serene beauty,  bright white feathers
and  symbolism,
which captured the eye of many followers,
and assumed he must be very happy. 116 more words