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Lit rec#9: The first half is kid-friendly but the second half requires explanation.

Lit rec#9: Best use of a cat, a grandmother, murderers & God. An original sense of humor. “A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND” by Flannery O’Connor.

Top 5 favourites from HathiInk

What do Harry Potter, London Underground, Peacocks and Christmas have in common? The answer: HathiInk

I recently included HathiInk in my Harry Potter Christmas Gift Guide… 141 more words



Peacocks in art have always fascinated me. So it was natural that a couple of years ago I would go through a “peacock phase”. Here are some pictures from that endeavor. 203 more words

Black Friday In Dalston - Body Count Mounts

Inspired by something Americans do, retailers in Dalston have behaved in a predictably bovine fashion by slavishly copying it for no good reason at all. 231 more words


Sunday's were made for Brunch, and Dungaree dresses

A couple Sundays ago, a bunch of us went for our monthly blogger brunch. We popped along to Bella Italia, where we basically had the place to ourselves and had the best morning. 341 more words

Peacock tree

While Mama and I were running errands today, we happened upon a tree covered completely with peacocks!

I’m no expert on Christmas trees, being Jewish and all, but this tree was so beautiful that we stood there admiring the many stunning peacock ornaments. 37 more words


Colors of the Past

Emma Bovary, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, loves beautiful dresses. The era in which she lived, the mid-19th century, saw the turning away from natural dyes such as indigo, and the explosion of rich new colors through the use of aniline dyes. 275 more words