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Return of local investors helped 2012 Nigeria stock rally

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No Surprise: Corporate media not full of surprises when it comes to investigating the misdeeds of sponsors

The Winnipeg Sun and Peak of the Market are at it again.

The Winnipeg Sun and CJOB have both been waging a relentless campaign against the Canadian Wheat Board. 902 more words

Nothing Just Is

Peak of the Winnipeg Sun's Market

When it comes to daily print journalism in Winnipeg, we are limited to two local dailies, the Sun and the Free Press. Neither are particular respectable, though each has their own unique variation on how to practice lazy, dishonest and otherwise lackluster journalism. 397 more words

Nothing Just Is

Who’s Buying Lots in the South Central Valley? Locals, That’s Who!

There’s an old saying that a land market bottom (or other markets for that matter) is defined at least in part by an absence of bona fide buyers. 109 more words


Tiptoe Through the Tulipmania

Welcome to the cognitive blog of dissonance called Real Estate of Mind. That’s right, the royal we  (me, myself and I) sit back all week and soak it in like a sponge. 755 more words

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Entering the Twilight Zone

Funny what we Realtors stumble across while we’re out there making the rounds on our regular house calls.  Neither rain, nor sea-level snow, nor gloom of market, nor $4 a gallon gas staying us from the completion of our appointed showings. 613 more words

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Manitoba Spud Wars: Small producers vs Peak of the Market

Welcome to Battle Potato! In this corner, we have Peak of the Market, a non-profit marketing board that has been given the power to regulate the sale and marketing of root vegetables in Manitoba. 597 more words

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