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Forty-six dollars a barrel, $46/bbl, FORTY-SIX $$/bbl!!

On May 5, 2011, IFO wrote: “What a great day – oil just closed at UNDER $100! So much for Peak Oil. This is the free market at work, though many do not understand how it happens.” 738 more words


The Oil Crash: La energía en Latinoamérica

The Oil Crash: La energía en Latinoamérica. Interesante artículo que reproduzco aquí porque hace referencia también a datos de Colombia.

Peak Oil

Blogging catch up – The consequences of the Tory election win

I’m in the process of preparing for a house move, so I’ve not been blogging much recently. Even so I have been keeping up on my… 2,993 more words


Transition Towns & the Transition Network

Is it easier to change systems, markets and human behaviour at smaller scales, and can this add up to global change?

A transition town, or more generally a transition initiative, is a grassroots community project that seeks to build resilience in response to peak oil, climate destruction, and economic instability by creating local groups that uphold the values of the transition network ( 140 more words

Social-Ecological Seeds

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Architecture Practice

by Patrick Chopson


We live in a world of an uncertain future for the practice of architecture. The increasing sophistication of buildings and their attendant systems is driving the need for a new paradigm of architecture both in terms of theory and practice. 623 more words

Actualización Abril

La producción petrolera colombiana sigue atravesando esa meseta ondulante del millón de barriles por la que lleva ya cerca de dos años.

La pequeña subida del mes de Enero sigue sin superarse a pesar de que en Abril la producción suba en 5 barriles diarios. 355 more words

Peak Oil