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Big Bridge Changes, Big Bridge Rethink?

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From CBC via Price Tags Editor Ken Ohrn is the notification that “four of the five members of the Transportation Investment Corporation board, which oversees B.C.’s Port Mann Bridge, have been removed by the provincial government.”  342 more words


US National Climate Assessment Leaked to Press, Will it be Released?

The New York Times reports on a draft report from thirteen federal agencies that is not yet public. The news is not good- “The average temperature in the United States has risen rapidly and drastically since 1980, and recent decades have been the warmest of the past 1,500 years.”  314 more words


Peak Oil and transport development

Oil depletion is widely recognised as inevitable outcome of ever increasing demand from both developed and developing economies driven by population growth and global trade expansion. 142 more words


Pressing That Pedestrian Button

As reported in the Boston Globe, more American cities are taking the attitude that their city traffic flows  well without the intervention of  pedestrians touching  the  walk/don’t walk push button.   429 more words


Good news: here's why we won't run out of minerals (including oil)

Summary:  Among the fear barrages of the past 50 years, “running out of resources” has been the most persistent. Here is why we won’t run out of minerals. 2,333 more words

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Confessions of an addict

My name is Dillon Naber Cruz and I am an addict. As an addict, I know that when I act upon my addiction, I hurt other people, I hurt the planet, and I hurt myself in the process. 1,475 more words