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Boiled Frog

Hmm. Nothing fuels a good rant a like a long, agitated run. I left work early yesterday—I was having trouble focusing. In fact, I was having trouble breathing. 1,153 more words


Proyecciones petroleras 2016-2020

Bueno, los datos por campos para la actualización de Mayo se están demorando y los de producción total de Junio también y más de lo normal. 1,094 more words

Peak Oil

Peak Oil Colombia 2.0

Peak Oil Colombia se hace más social. Llevaba tiempo dándole vueltas a la forma de llegar a más gente sin tener que invertir mucho más tiempo. 173 more words

Peak Oil

NICE and Oil

The only reason NATO and the Anglosphere are in the Middle East is to secure the oil.

It seems the New York Times, among others, doesn’t understand the motive for the latest killing of civilians in France by muslims a day ago. 341 more words


Timeline of Bakken oil production

For long-term archive purposes, here is a timeframe for the Bakken boom.

6/28 – The Million Dollar Way – The Bakken Is In Its Manufacturing Stage… 111 more words