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Oil’s Big Dive Disrupts

“I posted last week the news that Saudi Arabia seems to have recognized that the age of Oil is drawing to an  end. Below, Amory Lovins Whale oil analogy might have seemed quixotic a few years ago. 139 more words

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Streams of sunlight find every break in the tree canopy and beam downward, electrifying the dry leaf litter that covers the ground. 2,400 more words

Peak Oil

Climate Change and Peak Oil

Climate Change and Peak Oil
The devil’s duo

Here we are all standing around holding fly swatters, frantically waving them
back and forth. This is our attempt to blow away an asteroid, the size of Texas, 963 more words

Climate Change

Actualización Febrero: Cien mil barriles menos

El Pico del Petróleo esta de vuelta. Colombia llegó a producir 1.035.400 barriles de petróleo diarios de media mensual en enero de 2015, desde entonces hasta febrero de 2016 ha caído más de ochenta mil barriles, hasta los 954.950 barriles al día y ya sabemos que para… 439 more words

Peak Oil

A glowing tribute to the founder of Peak Oil foolishness - peak oil #46

Professor R. Tyler Priest has a review at the Wall Street Journal of The Oracle of Oil by Mason Inman. His assessment is covered in the title:  … 667 more words


Chernobyl and Nuclear Power: 30 Years of Fallout

’30 years ago today, a botched safety test led to the world’s worst nuclear disaster at Chernobyl in eastern Ukraine. France, with its 58 nuclear reactors, is particularly sensitive to this story. 760 more words

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