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"Building more Roads to reduce Congestion drives Traffic up"

Nic Slater posted this excellent three-minute video, produced in Great Britain but with much relevance to the situation with the proposed Massey Bridge. You just can’t build your way out of congestion with roads, and eight out of ten  of these massive projects take out vital ecological habitat, and two-thirds of the projects destroy landscapes that were culturally important.   20 more words


Dropping into an already congested area...

On Tuesday 14th March, the leader of Thurrock Council, Cllr. Rob Gledhill, spoke of the need for the council to be a part of the discussions concerning the proposed Paramount Theme Park to be sited on the other side of the Thames on the Swanscombe Peninsula: … 412 more words


What Peak Oil? I’m having trouble keeping up with all the billion barrel finds.

Yeah, I’m still new to this effort of watching the energy field. One of the things that still amazes me is the frequency with which the geology wizards find another billion or so barrels of recoverable oil that ‘we’ didn’t know about and a decade ago couldn’t get out of the ground profitably even if the wizards had known for sure it was there. 515 more words


Why do Commercial Delivery Trucks not Turn Left?

CNN explores a burning question: why do commercial delivery couriers always favour right hand turns? Apparently these services save “millions of gallons of fuel each year, and avoids emissions equivalent to over 20,000 passenger cars.”  210 more words


Electric Vehicles and the Energy Sector

If Europe wants to achieve its goal toward an economy with lower carbon emissions, a fundamental change in the transport sector is required. Nowadays, this sector is responsible for 25% of the total greenhouse gases across Europe. 2,381 more words





No, not moi, you silly person … tut! I’m rarely right. Trust me on that. Examples?

Okay, for now just one— 294 more words


Richard Heinberg: How Fast Can We Transition to Renewable Energy?

Our Renewable Future

Richard Heinberg (2016)

In this 2016 presentation, Richard Heinberg talks about his new book (with David Fridley) Our Renewable Future. Both the book and talk focus mainly on the ease with which renewable energy can replace fossil fuels in our current industrial economy. 473 more words