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Delta or Richmond~ New Mega Port Facilities for Mega Cruise Ships?

In the “everything bigger is better” category, the president of Port Vancouver has announced new plans to deal with the growing trend of longer, heftier cruise ships that won’t be able to get under the Lions Gate Bridge  and would have taken up the lion’s share of ship parking at the Canada Place cruise ship terminal downtown. 397 more words


Will China Bring an Energy-Debt Crisis?

It is easy for those of us in the West to overlook how important China has become to the world economy, and also the limits it is reaching. 3,753 more words

Financial Implications

Uber Explores Driving that Box, Traffic Jams and Parking

Love or hate the idea of Uber, this little gem of a YouTube video clearly outlines what we often forget-we are using huge containers of steel to transport ourselves in and out of cities, and have grown accustomed to norms about motordom that are rather ridiculous. 117 more words


Kunstler vs. infinite suburbia

James Howard Kunstler, best known for his 1993 book The Geography of Nowhere, which condemns suburbia, may be the hardest urban policy analyst to pigeonhole ideologically. 457 more words


Province Announces Massey Bridge Reviewer

It was one of the most prudent decisions of the new Provincial government.  Instead of implicitly accepting the proposed ten lane bridge and decommissioning the Massey Tunnel, the new government declared they wanted to know why an overbuilt bridge on the floodplain with the most arable farm land in Canada was the preferred option. 194 more words


Aviation dispirited

We’re repeatedly told by the Murdoch media that Britain’s businesses will suffer unspeakable indignities on their way to a slow death unless Heathrow gets a third runway. 267 more words

Peak Oil

PBL 5 - Why the consumption of oil keeps growing despite alternatives?

  • What is the relationship between oil demand and supply?
  • What factors are affecting oil demand?
  • What alternative energy sources are economically feasible to fully replace oil?
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