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Easter Island as a metaphor: resource depletion, climate change and the word of God

Sunday’s Zaman, Sunday, 12 December 2010.

On the other side of the world lies Easter Island, located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, at a distance of 3,747 kilometers west of Concepción, Chile. 1,361 more words

Current Affairs

A New Age of Sail?

Addressing the decline of American cities—and the greater decline yet to come in the wake of peak oil—James Howard Kunstler predicts the return of tall ships to the Great Lakes: 737 more words


Actualización nacional de marzo

La inestabilidad socio-política sigue causando vaivenes importantes en el sector petrolero colombiano. En marzo la producción se situó en los 856.478 barriles al día, frente a los 823.050 de febrero. 514 more words

Peak Oil

We Must Step Backwards if the Human Race is to Survive

The story of humanity’s meteoric rise to planetary dominance during the past few centuries has led a great many of us to believe that this heady and exhilarating ascent can continue indefinitely. 1,621 more words


How the Economy Works as It Reaches Energy Limits -- An Introduction for Actuaries and Others

Why have long-term interest rates generally fallen since 1981? Why have asset prices risen? Can these trends be expected to continue? The standard evaluation approach by actuaries and economists seems to be to look at past patterns and assume that they will be repeated. 4,100 more words

Financial Implications

Peak Oil Review - Black Gold

Designed By: Tobias Gohrbandt, Heiko Günther
Published by: 2Tomatoes
Art by: Heiko Günther
Players: 2-5
Playtime: 45-75 Minutes

Review copy supplied free of charge by the publisher… 1,925 more words


Peak Oil - recenzija

Nafta. Zovu je crno zlato. Njeni derivati pokreću razne mašinerije, kamione, avione i bicikle. Dobro, ne baš bicikle. Zaneo sam se. Dok se Tramp odlučno vraća fosilnim gorivima uprkos težnjama sveta za obnovljivim izvorima energije, ljudi sve više… 984 more words