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Mi madre es decrecentista pero no lo sabe

(Artículo publicado originalmente en el Diario Público el 14-11-14)

Mi madre, criada en la posguerra, fue educada para no desperdiciar ningún recurso. Al igual que ella, muchos de su generación han mantenido esa actitud toda la vida. 1,499 more words



I just received my copy in the mail. It’s the second novel from Napa Valley author David Ainsworth. In Extremis is a powerful and frightening look at the world we may be inhabiting in twenty years if we continue to exhaust our limited resources of fossil fuels. 429 more words


Actualización junio

Nos saltamos la actualización de mayo y nos vamos directamente a junio, para encontrar algunos datos interesantes. El precio internacional de petróleo se vino hundiendo despues de registrar subidas en mayo hasta los 61 dolares. 1,159 more words

Peak Oil


The oil-based bubble of economic growth that began in the 19th century and is projected to end in the middle of the 21st does not have to POP! 28 more words

Has the ‘Peak Oil’ drama peaked?

Remember Peak Oil?  Just a few years ago Green Party leaders Jeanette Fitzsimons and Russell Norman routinely issued warnings about ‘the world running out of oil’ and told us that we needed to move freight off roads and on to shipping and rail, and commuters out of cars and on to trains, buses and bicycles. 728 more words


Will long haul aviation be possible after peak oil?

My most recent long haul flight was from London Heathrow to Melbourne. I must admit that with the excitement of the trip, sustainability wasn’t at the forefront of my thoughts as I settled into a business class seat. 1,109 more words