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Un futuro sin petróleo

En el último post hablabamos del pensamiento mágico. Un tipo de pensamiento que a veces está bien. Es algo así como decir: “todo es posible, no importa lo que pase, siempre hay alternativas que nos pueden sacar de los problemas que tenemos”, es un tipo de pensamiento esperanzador…, no es peor, en todo caso, que el pensamiento económico dominante desde hace más de 30 años: “There is no Alternative”, decía Tatcher para explicar que la doctrina neoliberal es la única que vale. 899 more words

Peak Oil

The 100% club

Recently Portugal has managed to pass that key milestone of achieving 100% of its electricity from renewables over several days, an improvement on the 70% of a few years ago. 1,243 more words


On Meltdowns, Aliens and Windows

How did it get so late so soon?”
Dr. Seuss

I cannot have enough of the sun and warm of these past weeks…the last seven months have been unusually warm and dry in this beautiful rain-forest of southern BC with temperatures of up to 29 (in April and May!) 921 more words


Climate Change - A Simple or Complex Problem?

Climate Change
A Simple or Complex Problem?

Many say that climate change is a very complex environmental problem. Well, that’s just not true. Climate change is easy to understand. 403 more words

Climate Change

Has Peak Oil Occurred Yet?

Has Peak Oil Occurred Yet?

M. King Hubbert

The guy that basically is most renown for the peaking concept was a person named of Dr. M. 1,564 more words

Climate Change

The real oil limits story; what other researchers missed

For a long time, a common assumption has been that the world will eventually “run out” of oil and other non-renewable resources. Instead, we seem to be running into surpluses and low prices. 3,727 more words

Financial Implications