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Double Peak-Oil: None More Black

A recent study (http://priceofoil.org/2016/09/22/the-skys-limit-report/) determined that: we’ve not just passed “peak oil” in terms of the apex of the supply-demand curve, where the Earth’s reserves have been so depleted, that demand will always outstrip supply (from here on in); but we’ve also outstripped usage versus ecological consequences, ie – any further oil wells means that exceeding 2 degrees of global warming is inevitable … and thus, the amount of new oil wells we can drill is NONE, NONE MORE BLACK. 499 more words


Factores del declive y un chivo expiatorio

Y la caída sigue. En agosto se produjeron solo 827.000 barriles, casi 20.000 menos que en julio.

Al mismo tiempo Ecopetrol anuncia un plan de choque para aumentar la producción en unos 25.000 barriles diarios de aquí a final de año. 1,073 more words

Peak Oil

Darkest Green

There is a dark story that I have bottled up for many years. It is one that took place over the span of many months, and one that has been slowly eating away at me for much longer. 2,829 more words


Bring Out Yer Dead

Bloomberg claims, Here’s One Sign That ‘Peak Oil’ Is Dead

Peak Oil: gone and forgotten? Google Inc. searches for the idea that once helped propel oil prices to nearly $150 per barrel have dwindled to almost nothing, according to a Sanford C.

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America's shale oil slow down

I’ve been watching the EIA’s Drill productivity reports for a couple of months now and they do hint at a slowdown in US shale oil and shale gas production. 606 more words