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It's Evolution Stupid!

The recognition of one’s own ignorance is a valuable component in the character of the individuals I care to correspond and share personal time with. In a world of “leaders” and followers, politicians and prophets, “experts” and arm-chair economic theorists, positioning yourself as ignorant won’t do much in the way of establishing credence amongst your fellow travellers on the ship of so called Progress. 950 more words


Noticias petroleras de febrero

Estamos en un momento turbio en el mundo del petróleo, el cambio en los precios ha permitido una recolocación de todos los actores, pero esa recolocación está siendo larga y cambiante. 585 more words

Peak Oil

2018.03.14 elephants in the room

Getting into the middle of March, obviously many people in the northern hemisphere are having thoughts about Spring. This is especially true in places where Winter is very much still in effect, and usually lasts, in real practical terms, for about half of the year. 2,006 more words

The Long Descent

Here are three haikus inspired by a chance peek into an interesting looking book at the public library this morning. See below for a quote and reference. 191 more words


The U.S. Oil and Gas Industry Is Howling About Donald Trump's Steel Import Tariffs

The $4.75 per gallon sign I saw at a gas station on Santa Monica Boulevard two weeks ago still stings, even though the price has since dropped to $3.90. 324 more words

Donald Trump

Drumpfian Attacks on U.S. Environmental Rules

33 rules have been overturned

  • Flood building standards
  • Proposed ban on a potentially harmful pesticide
  • Freeze on new coal leases on public lands
  • Methane reporting requirement…
  • 395 more words
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