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Get Rid of Speed Bumps, Fix Air Pollution.

As reported in the British Telegraph, Motordom’s last gasp is alive and well with a science reporter letting us know that removing speed bumps (called speed humps in Britain)  on the road will lessen pollution and save lives… 394 more words


Musing on oil prices and the oil industry; future for shale is looking good

First article below says that predicting oil prices is a fool’s errand. The payoff of trying to do so, it seems to me, is it requires diving into the dynamics and trying to understand the production and demand aspects underlying the price of oil. 1,189 more words


Actualización septiembre 2016

La semana pasada salieron, por fin, los datos de producción desglosados por campos desde julio hasta septiembre.

Empecemos por el principio. Así queda la producción nacional hasta septiembre (aunque ya sabemos que en octubre la producción cae denuevo, pero bueno eso ya lo veremos en la siguiente actualización): 542 more words

Peak Oil

Propaganda Peak Oil

     Selama ini, kita didoktrin dengan sebuah pernyataan bahwa minyak bumi berasal dari fosil makhluk hidup. Dengan begitu, minyak bumi dikategorikan sebagai sumber energi yang tidak-terbarukan. Adalah Mikhajlo V. 1,182 more words


Another 20 billion barrels of oil. What Peak Oil? - #49

Oh, by the way, the geology wizards just discovered another twenty billion barrels of recoverable oil where the wizards knew something existed but had no idea how much. 501 more words


Rise of the Deplorables

Well the preprogrammed spectacle that has been the US Presidential election has finally concluded. The enormity of the result is staggering to behold, how exactly a buffoon with a third grade vocabulary can elevate himself to presumably the most powerful position in world politics boggles the mind. 3,478 more words

Corporate State

The Rise of Cities in Trumpian Times


The concept of the City State is associated with classical Athens. Athens was host to citizens who studied science, philosophy and history,and lived a life surrounded by arts, architecture and literature along with democratic governance.The return of the importance of the City state is occurring in the United States where cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco have publicly stated that they will be  300 more words