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Project Albatross: Rediscovery

In the middle of 2016 I rediscovered what I’ll call Project Albatross: my post-apocalyptic novel written in 1990, a wild crazy drama laced with climate change and socio-political upheaval on the far side of… 259 more words


La bicicleta

A principios del año pasado Demian Morassi, ya amigo de este blog, hizo un interesante ensayo sobre la situación de quiebra en Puerto Rico con referencias al repertorio musical del Siglo XXI, de esta y otras islas caribeñas: el Reguetón. 1,603 more words

Peak Oil

Massey Bridge a Dumb Deal

In the “give your head a shake” department The CBC reports that  that the Massey Bridge is a done deal. Imagine-the Provincial government has granted an environmental assessment certificate for this multi billion dollar ten lane beast that will eat up the most arable soils in Canada, pile drive in the sensitive Fraser River, and generally create a 20th century heap of motordom and tolled vehicular infrastructure that is in the wrong place at the wrong time.   244 more words


Less Car Congestion, Less Asthma in Children

Nala Rogers writing in In Science notes that Stockholm Sweden was one of the cities that instituted “congestion pricing” by scanning license plates as cars enter the “congestion pricing zone”. 287 more words


Peak Oil

The price of a commodity is set at the intersection of supply and demand — notwithstanding bureaucratic finagling. Diminishing supply will be met with a price increase. 1,491 more words

Christian Ecology

Back to the Massey Bridge-Out to Tender

That 3.5 billion dollar project that just seems to go ahead regardless of public input  from others in Metro Vancouver or from other Mayors has just reached another (no pun intended) milestone-it’s out for preliminary construction work tender. 243 more words


La larga cuesta abajo del petróleo en América

Accesible e interesante análisis de Demian Morassi sobre la energía en el continente americano.

Publicado originalmente en La Izquierda Diario y republicado en Sur y Sur… 1,545 more words

Peak Oil