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Where are Old Jokes Always New?

On the street. Lapwai, Nez Perce Reservation

“The land of butterflies.”

Street Photography

Peak Oil from the Demand Side: A Prophetic New Model

Avery Morrow, Peak Oil Barrel The most attention-grabbing attempts to predict oil futures have come from geologists and environmental activists, who tend to look solely at production. 1,327 more words

Peak Oil

Peak Oil doctrine is still dead.

Previously discussed an amazing article by Mark Perry at Carpe Diem. Post provides yet another reminder that Peak Oil is a failed concept.

Check out the June 23 post from  1,011 more words


Open Lectures! Energy Descent Culture, Free 'INHABIT' Screening

Hi All-

We’d like to invite you to join with this June’s Permaculture Design Certification Course for a few evening sessions- free and open to the public- as always! 501 more words

Oil Economics Made Easy

Afterburn Society: Beyond Fossil Fuels

Richard Heinberg (2015)

Film Review

Afterburn Society is about the economics of energy, specifically the energy produced by fossil fuels. The subject of economics is like bad-tasting medicine for a lot of people. 721 more words

The End Of Capitalism

12. If wishes were horses . . .

Engineering in an Age of Limits

Post #12. If wishes were horses . . .

Engineers did not invent the steam engine — the steam engine invented them. 2,173 more words

Age Of Limits