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China’s Oil Industry Destined for Big Changes - China Real Time Report - WSJ

China’s largest oil fields are the stuff of Communist Party folklore, but today they’re potent symbols of the challenges facing China’s energy industry.

Significant falls in the first half of this year at China’s biggest-producing oil fields — … 505 more words

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What Comes After Oil?

By: Tom Chatham

If we follow the premise that all things on Earth are finite such as the physical resources we use then we must assume that at some point we will begin to run out of these resources as they are more heavily utilized. 1,046 more words


Perfil petrolero de Colombia

A raíz de esta noticia que salió en El Tiempo voy a hacer un perfil petrolero del país que pueda servir de referencia.

La noticia simplemente comenta los resultados de un informe llamado  1,379 more words

Peak Oil

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

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Peak Oil

Dystopia Today - 080916

Human-caused climate change has officially claimed its first species, peak oil refuses to go away, an unprecedented discontinuity is around the corner, and more, in this edition of Dystopia Today. 475 more words

Producción y consumo de petróleo y población

Repasemos los datos que ya sabemos sobre la producción y el consumo de petróleo en Colombia: más o menos desde 2006 la producción de petróleo se empezó a recuperar y creció rápidamente de la mano de los campos que se hicieron rentables gracias a la subida de precios que llevó el barril de Brent en 2008 a superar los 145 dolares. 509 more words

Peak Oil

An Updated Version of the "Peak Oil" Story

The Peak Oil story got some things right. Back in 1998, Colin Campbell and Jean Laherrère wrote an article published in Scientific American called, “ 4,037 more words

Financial Implications