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The Black Blood of Modernity

About ten years ago I was having a conversation with a friend about climate change. (I think we called it global warming at that time). I concluded that if warming was happening by natural causes, there was nothing we could do about it. 1,132 more words

Just Musing

Lower Thames Crossing decision - let battle commence!

The location and the routes to and from the Lower Thames Crossing have finally been revealed – this is how it was covered in the Thurrock Gazette: … 1,026 more words


Kickstarter Review: Peak Oil

For decades the oil companies around the world have been worried about the term “peak oil”. Peak oil means that the oil being pumped from a locations will run out. 740 more words


A wider lens and some good advice from Richard Heinberg

In his 3-15 article “Disengage from the spectacle,” posted at http://www.postcarbon.org, Richard Heinberg describes the beginning of the Trump administration as “Empire’s End,” TV’s latest and biggest-ever 24/7 reality show, decades in the making, “with a budget in the trillions, a cast of billions, and a hero-villain more colorful and pathetic than Tony Soprano or Walter White.” He advises that “at least some of us are better off severely limiting our consumption of American national news right now. 3,253 more words


Trump, the gift that keeps on giving

“Trump stated that the US had 1.5 times the oil of all Opec countries combined. But at the end of 2014, the US had proven reserves of just under 40bn barrels, while Saudi Arabia alone had proven reserves of 268bn barrels.” 67 more words

Peak Oil

La idea original de este blog era ser un blog de datos y análisis de datos. Sin embargo la escasez de estadisticas fiables sobre la producción de petróleo en Colombia y la lentitud de su publicación (ya va con seis meses de retraso…) han hecho que poco a poco este blog se vaya convirtiendo en uno de datos, opinión y análisis de otros temas más o menos relacionados con el oro negro. 385 more words

Peak Oil