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Seven units of radioactivity

I’ll start with a limerick:

The Becquerel has me morose;

These units I can’t diagnose.

The rads and the Grays

Don’t measure decays—

But what of equivalent dose? 935 more words


Someone Made Craft Beer Jelly Because That Is Clearly What Peanut Butter Has Been Missing

How often do you eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a frosty pint of craft beer? Not that often, probably. But that doesn’t mean peanut butter isn’t bummed to be missing out on enjoying a cold one while it’s in that sandwich. 261 more words

Peanut-Butter-Jelly-Time: Baked PB+J Oatmeal

I’ve tested a few recipes along the way for baked oatmeal, and this was far and away my favorite. The baking powder was definitely needed to give it that baked texture, and so is some time: about 20 minutes or so, at least in my roommate’s microwave-oven thing. 111 more words


Feast your Eyes Out with PB & Me Food Truck

During my stay in Scarborough, Maine neighbors to Portland I was able to enjoy Ri Ra’s an Irish pub with fantastic fish & chips… However if you’re hungry the portions are a tad small for the price. 210 more words


Peanut-Butter-Jelly Time: PB+J Oatmeal Smoothie

So…this was yummy! I made this for a quick breakfast since I had a hectic morning – and as a lighter option following a late-night snack session :) The natural PB and sugar-free jam made this a great treat that wasn’t so sugary first thing in the morning. 26 more words