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Youda thunk ida gone done and learned by now.
And yet… NOPE.
I’m a big Nopey McNoperson in this regard, every. single. year.
I get blindsided by Easter/Birthday season. 1,202 more words

Mental Health


Woke up the same damn way as i have for over 2 weeks now. Once the hubs and our Kiddo were gone, i was sorely tempted to go back to bed, so tempted in fact, that i brought out my body pillow to cuddle with on the couch, by way of compromise. 830 more words



In short,
a postmodern peanut gallery,
with the heart of a tornado.

As senseless as a bullet.
As an AK-47.
As war.

Typical of man’s creation.



Unique Up On It*

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine made a comment on a blog post regarding my willingness to know myself, and all the hard work i’ve put in to doing so. 1,918 more words

Mental Health

Peanut Gallery Presents "Cosmic Visions"

Taking a stroll down Adelaide Arcade in Rundle Mall, you are welcomed with two very magnificently lit storeys of local and national businesses that call this historical heritage space their home. 380 more words


Under My Dome

This is one of those days where i really, really wish i was normal.

I’m not having that glib toss off comment that people often make about no one being normal, or what the heck is normal anyway. 1,111 more words

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