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Sabudana Thalipeeth and Peanut Chutney - Sarika's Kitchen

Now you love sabudana and the crushed roasted peanuts (or the other non-peanut version from Radhika’s kitchen on the blog), spicy taste but were feeling guilty about hogging on deep fried vadas, here is a simple and less oily way to enjoy it all. 454 more words


It costs Peanuts!

Yes, I use Peanuts as a form of soil improvement. I grow them not so much for crop harvest ~ though I do occasionally pull some up to roast and taste ~ but to help the soil get nitrogen and organic matter, naturally.  177 more words


In Praise of Sunday Color Comics

Tomorrow I’ll go back to telling truths that will make the progs and lib’rals  mad at me. To honor God, I do try to refrain from doing battle on the Sabbath Day. 331 more words

Pop Culture

Halva. When you just gotta halva something sweet.

Halva you ever had halva?
(***Forewarning: We will set the record for substituting “halva” for “have” in this blog post. Apologies in advance. It’s a punny world.) 880 more words