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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: Write about something for which you feel strongly.

You know what I feel strongly about? Nuts.

I feel super strongly about peanuts. I’m pretty sure that the absolute worst sound in the history of the universe is the sound of my stepfather eating peanuts. 76 more words


An Open Letter to the Author of "12 Reasons Why Peanut Free Schools Are Not Okay"

Hi Mama,

I wanted to reach out to you regarding your blog post, “12 Reasons Why Peanut Free Schools Are Not Okay.”.

Brava! Seriously, Nicolette, I want to thank you for sharing your different perspectives on peanut allergies and attempting to “walk full circle” around this sensitive issue. 877 more words


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Peanut Maturity Update

Here is some maturity info from Clemson Peanut Specialist Jay Chapin.

Maturity evaluation is going to be challenging this year to say the least.  You name it and we have it.  303 more words


Sabudana Khichdi (Tapioca pearls with peanuts and potatoes)

Sabudana Khichdi (literally meaning a ‘mishmash’) is a very popular breakfast dish, especially in Maharashtra. Growing up in Mumbai, one sees and consumes this everywhere and even now this is a firm favourite in our household, especially on weekends when one has the opportunity for a more leisurely breakfast. 448 more words


Of iHerb, Weird Peanuts, Electric Lunch Box and Flora

I ordered these items less than seven days ago and they’re here! That’s why i love iHerb so much. They’re too prompt. I have to have my protein shakes because of my diet. 292 more words