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Unsalted Peanuts

a handful of peanuts
is a perfect snack
or a perfect treat
for city squirrels


Meet Franklin Charlie Brown's Best Friend

By Jamyra Perry

July 30th is National Friendship Day and Friday July 31st is Franklin Day. It’s a day to celebrate Charlie Brown’s best friend, Franklin Armstrong. 174 more words


Love With a Capital M

Charles Schultz, author of Peanuts, wrote, “Happiness is a warm puppy.”

For more than twelve years, happiness for our family has been a warm and amazing dog named Maggie. 325 more words


The Omega Story

Thank God the low-fat craze is finally getting to be outdated. People replaced fats with sugar and sodium and we all got even fatter. Turns out that fat that we eat doesn’t automatically translate to fat on the body, and we need fat to absorb nutrients, have proper hormone function, and to support energy and cell function. 549 more words


Friday Funnies

Fridays are my second favorite days of the week. Everything about them is more relaxed even though you’re still in your daily grind of work or school. 156 more words


'The Peanuts Movie' - Celebrate Franklin Day With This New TV Spot

Today is National Franklin Day!

Peanuts is celebrating the 47th anniversary of comic strip’s first African-American character, Franklin Armstrong.

Harriet Glickman, a school teacher, wrote a letter to the comic strip’s creator Charles M. 233 more words