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1 X Peanuts Snoopy Design Reusable Bento Box Lunch Bag with Thermal Linning

1 X Peanuts Snoopy Design Reusable Bento Box Lunch Bag with Thermal Linning

Genuine licensed products made by Skater Co.
Approved by Peanuts Worldwide LLC… 22 more words

Alabama: Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Cookies

Alabama’s cookie is a peanut butter cookie full of peanuts and caramel chunks
Recipe source: http://www.bobsredmill.com/recipes/how-to-make/salted-caramel-peanut-butter-cookies-alabama/

You’d think that a professionally trained baker wouldn’t make the rookie mistake of messing up how many sticks of butter are in half a cup (answer: one) but I’m claiming “Mommy brain” on this one. 479 more words


Revenge of the Gardener

As you may recall from previous blog posts, gardening has not really been my thing. The first year, I was overly optimistic and embarrassingly confident.  377 more words

Milky Nougat Candy

Hi all,

Taiwanese candy is very different from chocolate.  Come to think of it, there really isn’t any chocolate candy.   If we want chocolate candy, we usually get American or European stuff.   26 more words

Good Grief! : Celebrating Peanuts #5: Franklin

The individual members of the Peanuts gang are best known for their little “quirks”. Linus has his security blanket like a little child, yet he has the mind of a scholar. 4,797 more words

Charlie Brown


By Julia Milet 

The US government spent $450,000 trying to work out if dinosaurs could sing. Unsurprisingly, they couldn’t say for certain reasons. But it didn’t stop them wasting millions of taxpayers’ cash on seemingly daft ‘scientific’ investigations. 102 more words