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Discovery... we have a pear tree!

We discovered something neat a few weeks ago, we have a pear tree on our homestead. One that is already producing and has been here for awhile.  305 more words

The Pears

You might remember that across Europe spring threatened to come a lot earlier this year, resulting in unusually for December-January high temperatures. That made us start pruning the vines on Boxing Day instead of February as everyone feared buds coming out on unpruned vines. 543 more words

Organic Garden

Stolen Pears

We didn’t consider the pears to be ripe enough to pick, and now this picture of ripening pears is all we will get this year from this tree. 41 more words


Anjou Gems

Cupped in parchment,
reproductive parts
open shamelessly
to bumblebees,
and the chances in
pear-honey afternoons.
After dark,
as though, they’ve
captured light,
flowers cluster, ghostly… 76 more words

Pear Tree

Pear Tree
The house

At 726 Rutger Street

Had an old pear tree in the back yard
Trunk twisted,

Like God had reached down

And spun the body while the roots were set… 446 more words

Pear Tree

The pear tree – scientific name Pyrus – has been grown since 1000 years BC.  It can grow up to 17 meters high and there are around 30 different species producing fruit in a variety of greens, reds, yellows and brown colors.  304 more words

Ravenhawks Magazine

Wild boars

3 a.m. Taylor barking and a loud noise of crunching in the orchard.

I dash out with a torch in my night attire and see dark shadows melting into the greater darkness. 32 more words