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Ice of the Day #2435

Kari and Valle just graduated, and at their party today Pearce and I were treated to some lovely conversation with their friends. I occasionally fiddled with my lens cap, wondering when an unobtrusive photo opportunity might arise, but no one set themselves apart to perform some spectacle for the rest of us. 182 more words

Photo Of The Day

Photo of the Day #2432

We were overdue for another Harry Potter movie night, and tonight Brittany and Pearce were both free after their far-off journeys. Tonight was the Goblet of Fire, which is a perfect example of the difficulty in translating a book to a single film – all spectacle with little cohesion. 43 more words

Photo Of The Day

Red Rover..

Not very many movies can surprise me. This isn’t an indication of my mental acuity, but more a statement on Hollywood’s often formulaic and regurgitated plots. 217 more words


Heroes, Gods and Mortals

The Talisker Players’ latest show is pretty typical of what they do best; partner with some excellent singers and an actor to create an interesting program of words and music on a given theme.   491 more words

Performance Review - Miscellaneous

Mining Boom in Arizona

At the turn of the century, the mining boom in Arizona brought about numerous towns that prospered for several years. Tombstone, AZ grew from a population of 100 to 14,000 in less than seven years during which the town produced between $40 to $85 million in mined silver. 49 more words


Recording local democracy in action

Long story short – I’m researching a PhD in sustainable local-centric programming for community radio on the internet. I’ve worked in radio for nearly thirty years and in that time I have also volunteered in the local access/community sector. 491 more words