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Heights of the Day #2475

My lens grew woozy when, from atop the manmade boulder, I showed it the view down, where Pearce and Valle were talking about one facet of life or another. 71 more words

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Memento (2000)

A very complicated, non-linear film which manages to immerse the viewer in┬áthe main character’s condition.


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Regimen of the Day #2467

Pearce is going to be performing along with Brittany’s band, providing a hearty bassline as well as lending his voice for one particular four-part harmony. When he arrived home tonight, he immediately went to do his regular singing practice in his room; I could hear his voice echoing through the walls as I heated a can of chili in the kitchen. 119 more words

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Shadow of the Day #2458

We arranged to meet Kari at Ashby this evening so we could all head to Bridges together. Pearce was waiting for me when I stepped out of the station, perched cross-legged on top of the bicycle lockers, staring intently at a code review from work. 55 more words

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Meal of the Day #2452

The three of us met for lunch at the park today, and ate together under warm clouds. It feels a little like high school lunchtime, again – stepping away from our work to sit in the grass with friends. 75 more words

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Blackout of the Day #2451

Little failures in infrastructure, like a broken water heater or a power outage, still take me by surprise – civilization somehow does such a good job of maintaining itself for the most part. 248 more words

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Heights of the Day #2450

I called people together for another birthday picnic under this tree today. Laurel and Pearce helped lay the foundations of the party, and Valle was one of the first to arrive; he and Pearce stayed up in the branches for quite a while while other friends slowly materialized. 234 more words

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