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Garden of the Day #2393

Pearce and Brittany have been celebrating their fifth anniversary this week, and I am amazed that I have already known them this long. In addition to their celebrations together, they asked the friends who have known them as a couple to come out to the beer garden tonight. 71 more words

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It’s my first time watching Fast and Furious 7. Nope, I have not watched the previous 6 Fast and Furious sequel, (don’t judge me!) but this doesn’t affect my entire FURIOUS experience. 352 more words

Hop of the Day #2386

For Leyla’s birthday we drove out over the bridge, over and under the hills, to reach a beach that stood against the ocean itself – not just the bay we find in Berkeley and Santa Cruz. 133 more words

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Bronco of the Day #2380

The new exercise ball lives in my room, but when friends are over it comes out to play. It functions something like a domestic mechanical bull; people like to test themselves on it, lifting their feet from the ground and keeping upright as long as they can. 68 more words

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Puzzle of the Day #2376

We occasionally find these holds that are totally inscrutable. They have a dozen different wrinkles where you might place your fingers – so many possible configurations from which you might start your climb, and each goes through a quick set of tiny tests to find if it’s viable: do your hands feel solid there? 87 more words

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