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Pearl Jam's 'Even Flow' Is Being Used To Teach Kids English In Ethiopia

Despite singer Eddie Vedder being allergic to enunciation, Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow” is being used to teach children English in Ethiopia. Peace Corps member Matt Westerberg is a ninth-grade teacher in Northern Ethiopia, and he also runs the school’s English club. 122 more words


An Ethiopian School Sings Pearl Jam's "Even Flow" To Help Learn English [Watch]

If you need definitive proof that music is the global language, just watch the video below.

Peace Corps volunteer Matt Westerberg put together a video showing his Ethiopian students dancing and singing along to Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow”. 64 more words


Ethiopian Kids + Pearl Jam = Learning English?

Peace Corps Volunteer Matt Westerberg helped Ethiopian kids have fun learning English with Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow.”

Special Thanks to Yechila Secondary School for their awesome performances and Eddie Vedder for a lifetime of rockin’ out. 18 more words


Fitz Power Ranks The Best 90's Albums

Stitched Up’s founding father and I had yet another music-based, A-to-B conversation the other day in our WMUA Sports group chat. As the other 5 members did something else with their time while their notifications exploded (sorry not sorry, guys), the Venn diagram of Fitz and Andersen’s musical tastes expanded yet again. 4,580 more words


10 things you need to know about Pearl Jam's Ten

Pearl Jam went from one of the defining bands of the 90s grunge scene to one of the most beloved touring bands Since the Grateful Dead. 796 more words


Better Man

Pearl Jam was the inspiration for this wee project. I was asked to make a hat using the logo of the Alive album. I did a test square (which will be added to the ever-growing quilt for my son) It came out huge! 53 more words


Pearl Jam Has Plans To Release A New Album, Their 11th, In 2016

Pearl Jam, the one band from grunge’s heyday still going strong, are touring South America later this year. After that, the band will apparently be going back into the studio to work on a new record. 167 more words