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Creamed Pearl Onions & Mushrooms With Cream Sherry

I made this dish the other day, and after Faye expressed that she didn’t particularly care for it, I decided not to mention it in a post. 210 more words


Lamb with preserved lemon and tarragon

Though warmer weather has come to stay with many of us, we are still more or less in the April-showers time of year, and nothing beats a slow-cooked, hearty meal on a rainy evening. 566 more words


Cheat Codes – Peeling Pearl Onions

I LOVE tiny onions.  I remember our mom putting them in with the pot roast when we were kids.  Tiny onions are really a treat for any dish.  190 more words


Boeuf Bourguignon

Boeuf Bourguignon – this is my trademark recipe, my go-to dinner recipe, my all time favourite dinner recipe. It is a stew of surpassing richness and complexity — a stew to impress a date, celebrate a winter birthday, or even serve for Christmas or New Year or just for yourself because you deserve it. 448 more words


Simple Glazed Pearl Onions

I really like pearl onions. They’re tiny, adorable, grape-sized onions, and they’re typically sweeter than their bigger cousins. You can find them pickled and jarred, and I’ve had a jar on hand in my fridge for the past couple months. 594 more words

Sunday Dinner: Romantic

I’ve been really experimenting with new flavours and dishes lately so I felt the need to bring it back to the basics and cook a nice steak dinner for my boyfriend and myself. 164 more words


Coq Au Vin ~ Rare Recipe Challenge

I recently joined in with a group of fun foodie blogger to participate in a recipe challenge. Lina over at Lin’s Recipes “challenged” us to choose from a list of exotic recipes from around the world we had never made before so that we could all expand our food horizon’s beyond our own country. 878 more words

Main Dishes

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It has been a while since I tried anything fancy and I am horrible with the picture taking. But my go to fancy for a while was Cordon bleu. Learned to make that when I lived in Germany.