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My Crew

My sweet oldest is TALLER THAN ME!! I have never felt short, ever, until my own kid became taller than me. My middle child hates being in the middle but she is amazing and sweet and has a huge heart. 14 more words


Cat in action

The best way to get a clear action picture of a cat or dog is if they are headed towards you.

If that is not possible up your shutter speed and try from the side of the animal. 41 more words


Dear Mom

 Dear Mom,

   You were always my best friend we were so close during my life.

   Olga told me she had never seen a mother and daughter as close as we were that made me feel really good. 756 more words


That Face

Sometimes I can take a picture like this that says it all.


Dr.s and Testing

My next week is very congested with doctor appointments and testing but I am a strong woman who will persevere and get through it all. 117 more words


Cow breath

I caught these two cows smelling each other’s breath. Actually, I think the one on the left was curious about what the one on the right was eating. 34 more words


Texas sage & her beautiful blooms

The blooms of the Texas Sage are high contrast to the dull sage-colored leaves of the plant.

I love it when this plant blooms and it blooms a few different times of the year.