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Cultured Pearls - Timelessness in Jewelry

Although pearls have been prized for thousands of years, the culturing process only started it’s existence around the 1800’s with the culturing of “blister pearls” and soon replaced the previously popular mother-of-pearl industry. 352 more words


Let the magic bring you to Zuri Jewelry

Zuri Jewelry – New Releases

Sashi Elite Collection

If you know your Zuri Jewelry, you know how special this new Sashi is… Elite means that each piece is scripted with a menu, where you can choose between several colors of gems, pearls, and metals, to customize your jewelry according to your outfit, your mood, or the color of your eyes. 185 more words

Second Life

Angelic White

I feel like such a lucky girl at the moment. It’s as though clothes designers everywhere went rummaging through my head and pulled out all my favourite things, and went away and designed spring/summer collections with that in mind. 153 more words


Angel Pearls

Authentic saltwater pearls are some of the most beautiful fine jewelry that a person can wear. Real salt water pearls are luxurious and posh and creates a posh atmosphere of high class. 84 more words

Angel Pearls