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Tierra del Fuego - Laguna Esmerelda

This hike is why people go to Tierra del Fuego.

Okay. Not this hike, specifically, but hikes like this. Hikes that involve varied landscapes, wild terrain, breathtaking vistas, and glacial lakes – all nestled within the Fuegian Andes. 1,045 more words


Plants and Nitrogen – a love & hate relationship

Author: Melanie Batista of Universidade de Lisboa

Hi there!

I want to tell you about my visit to the LTER site at Whim Bog, Edinburgh, Scotland. 379 more words


Bolshoi Shigir Idol

Kept in a locked room in a bolted glass coffin at Yekaterinburg’s excellent Ural Geological Museum, there is something lonely and melancholic about the 9 foot high Shigir Idol: the world’s oldest wooden sculpture. 59 more words

Foulshaw Moss

Ospreys are the obvious attraction when visiting Foulshaw Moss but I had heard a lot about the work that was happening to restore this site and hoped to find out more. 729 more words


Three weeks, three of the best Scottish hill races.

“Your toe nails, they are not black, you cannot be a runner” said a Belgian lady in the post Jura shower queue sounding heavily offended by my shiny pink toes. 1,746 more words