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Video 08 online: Calgary, Red Deer & Peavey Mart

Rolf has been busy catching up with the video editing.

In Video 08, we attend ‘Cruise Nights’ in Calgary and Red Deer, talk to Jest at the HQ of Peavey Mart, meet an interesting farmer and survive a bad thunderstorm.

TeslaXCanada Video 08

Travel In Tesla

Big change! Please note! Aug 21 and 23 are changing!

I’m just off the phone with Darrell Glover (the unofficial guardian of the wild horses). When I laid out our plans for Aug 23rd, he said that our day would be way too tight. 267 more words

Wild Pink Yonder -- The Ride

Look at all the goodies you could win!

For the last few years we’ve been bribing riders to try harder in their fundraising efforts — and it seems to work — so here we are again! 103 more words

Wild Pink Yonder -- The Ride

Let me tell you about the Dersches!

I am just off the phone with a fantastic man named Harvey Dersch! He and his wife, Roberta, live in southern Alberta, near Ft MacLeod. They are avid horse lovers who each lost their first partner to cancer. 224 more words

Wild Pink Yonder -- The Ride

She's Our Inside Champion!

Her name is Becky Clement … and last week she had to lay her mother to rest after she lost a ten-year-long battle with breast cancer. 221 more words

Wild Pink Yonder -- The Ride


There’s a saddle club in southern Alberta called “Stirling Silver Saddle Club”.  Oddly, it’s located in … Stirling! *grin*  I don’t know what his position is there, but they have a marvelous man called Abe Caldwell involved with the club.   140 more words

Wild Pink Yonder -- The Ride

Dateline: August 28th - Spruce Grove

This was the day our riders were to ride Chickakoo (pronounced “Chi-KA-koo”) … but the consensus was that 20 days on the trail had taken its toll, and given their choice, they’d all like to take the day off.   502 more words

Wild Pink Yonder -- The Ride