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Malted Chocolate Pecan Pie

There’s an ice cream shop in Stratford, Ontario (birthplace of the Biebz) called Jen and Larry’s that changed my life with their malted chocolate milkshake.  When I say changed my life I mean it – if I end up in Stratford I don’t leave until I have one, which I’m sure is very inconvenient for people I’m with. 277 more words

#12DaysOfBaking Day Six - "Try The Damn Pecan Pie" Shortbread Bars

I’ll let you in on the secret of life. It’s pretty simple: try the damn pecan pie!

So you probably think I’m crazy right? How on earth is try the pecan pie the secret to life? 388 more words


Raising the Bar (Cookies)---Starbucks' Cranberry Bliss Bars and Paula Dean's Pecan Pie Bars

Cookies can be grouped into the following categories…

  • Bar cookies
  • Drop cookies
  • Filled cookies
  • Molded cookies
  • No-bake cookies
  • Pressed cookies
  • Refrigerator cookies
  • Rolled cookies
  • Sandwich cookies…
  • 303 more words
Sweet, Sweet Sunday

7 Holiday Tips for Alzheimer's Caregivers

How should we deal with our Alzheimer’s loved one during the holidays?

The calendar reminds us that we are deep into the holiday season. Our waistlines are expanding and the stresses of family dynamics emotionally stretch us. 896 more words


Thanksgiving Pies

I often volunteer myself for desserts for holiday gatherings and this year was no different. I had opted for a Chocolate Maple Pecan pie (trying to prove that I could do it and we didn’t need to purchase one from a local bakery). 699 more words

Bourbon Pecan Pie

In the fall in America pecans start to flood into the supermarkets. I do love pecans.  Almost as much as I love pumpkin. Pecans feel very distinctly American to me. 472 more words


I Can Pecan.. Or Can I?

Oh boy oh boy. A few weeks ago I attempted to make Pecan Pie. I figured it would be a quick hit. My husband is not a big fan of chocolate (gasp!) which is somehow seriously a good thing. 396 more words