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A glimmer of hope...

I could hear the thunk of SIB before I opened the door.  I waited a minute before going to check because I wanted to make sure that J was not HAPPY as he did this.   792 more words

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Oh, a little better and a little worse...

In a week we have gone from senseless SIB to a more moderate approach.  We actually had one full SIB-less day.  It was short, but it was also truly lovely. 782 more words

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Here we go again.

Zach has apparently completed three months of thezachproject and the process of applying for funding has started again, at least we think it has.

I contacted the transition team regarding this some weeks ago and eventually it seemed the wheels had started turning and there maybe just enough time BUT there was, we are told, a glitch in that somebody thought something was something else and so it was maybe not submitted to panel in time…..which means that we are once again stressed and strung out. 626 more words

Pécs forradalma – az egyetem forradalma

Az 1956-os forradalom 60. évfordulójára

Az 1956-os forradalom története Pécsett szorosan összefonódott a Pécsi Orvostudományi Egyetemen (POTE), a Pécsi Tudományegyetemen [1] és a Pécsi Pedagógiai Főiskolán (PPF) kibontakozó eseményekkel. 2,725 more words

Pécsi Egyetemtörténeti Gyűjtemény

Enough was too much...

A meltdown a day I can deal with; a tantrum for the sake of a tantrum just because he can…well, that’s another story.

Mind you, my friends, I know the difference.   719 more words

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Reilly says no

We are having a right carry on trying to get Reilly in the bath at the moment.  It stems from a hairwashing disaster a couple of weeks ago, it was a two man job and i’m not sure he has forgiven us yet.   66 more words


Back in Pécsi Tudomanyegyetem (Hungary)

I’m so glad to be back in Pécs, Hungary, at the lab of my good old friend Prof. Dr. Sándor Kunsági. It has been seven years since I was last here and so many things have happened and yet it feels like yesterday I was walking through these halls. 179 more words

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