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Is The Barbell Bench Press The Best Chest Building Exercise

Do you bench? Of course. I know a lot of you guys do the Barbell Bench Press. It’s not a surprising thing. Who doesn’t, you’d ask. 492 more words


Foreign Tour: day 4

It’s another GAME DAY!!!

I always found that the best way to explore a new city is by running through all the small streets completely immersing yourself in its culture. 557 more words

Our workshop at Ördögkatlan Fesztivál

Ördögkatlan Fesztivál is over and now it is time to look back to tell you our participation at this festival.
Ördögkatlan is a four-village location pan-art festival set in Baranya county. 149 more words


ABA, Arts and Crafts... Welcome

I am so excited to start this blog. Who will read it, I don’t know, but I am going to try.

I will be posting about adventures and tools that I use in my classroom. 154 more words


Pécs- Week 3

Upon the final translation in the small but dense notebook that I had spent hours translating, I came to realize how much I’d learned from the process. 87 more words

Week 3 In Hungary

Week 3

Teaching turned out to be the most challenging and most rewarding thing I did in Hungary. I am terrified of young children, but I didn’t meet a single child I didn’t develop a soft spot for. 282 more words

Week 3 In Hungary


My upper body strength as far as chest day goes will probably clime slower than the rest only because I am always going off of four hours of sleep. 69 more words