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A Voice for Vivi

So, as I mentioned in that oh, so important very first blog post, we are having a very difficult time finding a way for Vivian to effectively communicate with us.  170 more words

Na? Mivan? Semmi…? (Election Day)

(Street art / Pécs, April 2010)


(Installation / paint, iron / Pécs, Istenkút / 2008)

Survival guide in Pécs, Hungary (PART 1)

All you need to know when you travel or study in Pécs, Hungary!

Are you going to Pécs for a semester or two? Are you planning to pursue a full degree there and become a full-time student in this Southern Hungarian city? 2,329 more words

Orban: Europe today is at the 12th hour

Visiting the south Hungarian city of Pecs, Prime Minister Viktor Orban pledged to locals on Friday that the government would step in and help out the financially strained local council. 256 more words

PECS: Making Use of the Classroom or Home Environment to Aid the Learner in Building Associations Between Symbols and Desired Objects

Generally, when working with a young person to help to develop their communication skills using PECS, the advice is to ensure that highly desired items are ‘put away’ so that the young person has to ‘ask’ for them.   462 more words

És igen! Teljes siker!

Nem lehet leírni szavakkal, ami 26-án este 20:12-kor történt. A Barátaimmal Pécsett töltöttük a napot és a ponthatár kihirdetését is ott vártuk. Odafelé a kocsiban őskövület számokat hallgattunk, már az izgalom száguldott az ereinkben és szűkítette a gyomrunk. 1,015 more words