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5/24 Chest and Biceps!

It’s a feel good day! How can you not enjoy chest and biceps! Chest was done preshift and biceps after!

Arnold and Franco! The importance of a training partner!!! 274 more words

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5-6 Chest Push

Today’s chest push!

Above is Lee Haney another of the all time greats! Look at the rotation of the dumbbell in this photo. When doing flies; either DB or Cable, as you contract the muscle rotate your hands slightly to form a V. 277 more words

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4-29 Chest/Biceps

Hope everyone is enjoying the NFL Draft! Go Hawks! Hit up Chest and Biceps today.

Everyone starts somewhere! Tom Brady!

  • Bench Press 4 sets 12-15 reps + EZ bar curls 4 sets 6-8 reps (rest pause both exercises)
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AM Chest/Biceps

Helped a buddy outside move dirt on Monday and after time in with the family I was spent. So gotta slay it today.

Plus since its draft week I’ll mix it up with NFL players this week! 294 more words

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Autism Awareness Month- Day 22

Autism Awareness Month Day 22

Routine, Routine, Routine, Routine!!!
Very important to Autistic children and adults!
Wake up: (for Amira this can be 4am) 490 more words

4/21 Chest and Biceps

Late to post my split from yesterday. Tackled Biceps in my first workout and then chest later.


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