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A rant...

Sometimes it just seems impossible to keep a brave face on things.

We are having no success in finding a new base for Zach and I am having to explain over and over again to very well meaning people about Zach’s autism and needs. 432 more words


1-14 Chest/Bicep Split

  • Hammer Plate Incline 6sets 4-6reps + Hammer Plate Curl 6sets 12-15reps
  • Hammer Plate Bench 4sets 4-6reps + Hammer Plate Curl 4sets 4-6reps
  • Incline Bench 4sets 20-25reps + Hammer DB curls 4sets 4-6reps…
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1-11 PreShift Chest

Always a feel good!

  • Bench Press 3sets 12-15reps
  • Incline Bench 4sets 12-15reps rest pause
  • Hammer Plate Flat 4sets 4-6reps
  • Incline Hanmer Plate 4sets 4-6reps
  • Chest Fly 4sets 12-15reps…
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No Email Ping-Pong here!

I wonder if the saying ‘watch pot never boils’ has a similar 21st century saying…something like ‘glued to your outlook, inbox never pings’….or something :o… 859 more words


1-7 Chest and Arms

A feel good day! Massive supersets

  • Hammer Bench 6sets 4-6reps + Hammer Preacher Curls 6sets 12-15reps + Hammer Dips 6sets 4-6reps
  • Hammer Incline 4sets 4-6reps + Hammer Preacher curls 4sets 4-6reps + Hanmer dips 4sets 12-15reps…
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Hi! I’m Iesha:) This is my first ever blog post! Creating a blog has been something I’ve thought about many times before. For some odd reason, 2017 just seems like the right time to turn those thoughts into a reality. 563 more words

1-4 PreShift Chest

  • Bench Press 4sets 12-15reps
  • Incline Bench 3sets 2-3reps
  • Hammer Strength Plate Flat Bench 4sets 4-6reps
  • Hammer Strength Incline Plate 4sets 12-15reps
  • Incline 3/50method
  • Machine Fly 4sets 12-15reps…
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