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​Developing a routine!

Consider a day, any day in your life. You plan your day in advance so that it can go smoothly and if anything unexpected comes along you usually have the ability to deal with it. 1,065 more words

We go to see the "Talking Doctor"

J makes a very clear distinction between doctors that worry him and doctors that don’t.  His psychiatrist doesn’t worry him…much.  That’s who we refer to as the “Talking Doctor.”  There will be no poking, prodding, auscultation, drawing of blood, use of any type of needles.   1,626 more words


One month....

thezachproject has been live for a whole month!

I can’t believe the flying start it has got off to. Zach goes off every morning looking happy and he is doing so many activities and getting out and about in the community each day which he really enjoys. 469 more words


Changing an IEP

Moving into the 3rd week of the school year, we’re already working on changing J’s IEP. His IEP from last year was still in place and I’m overwhelmed by how little in included. 388 more words

Journal Entries

A tremendously huge milestone...

Consider, please, that J is 21.  He is signed up for Selective Service, he can buy alcohol (which he doesn’t like,) porn (which I’m sure he’d enjoy)  and cigarettes (the smell of which he finds disgusting.)  He can go into the movie theater and watch any movie he wants…no restrictions. 721 more words


Foreign Tour: day 4

It’s another GAME DAY!!!

I always found that the best way to explore a new city is by running through all the small streets completely immersing yourself in its culture. 557 more words

Our workshop at Ördögkatlan Fesztivál

Ördögkatlan Fesztivál is over and now it is time to look back to tell you our participation at this festival.
Ördögkatlan is a four-village location pan-art festival set in Baranya county. 149 more words