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First International Beer Festival at Gyula - Part2

The Central European Beer Awards 2018 beer competition was announced at the  Beer Festival at Gyula on Saturday afternoon in the spa town of Békés.County. 473 more words

Off the beaten path in Hungary

I often hear fellow travelers only talking about Budapest or Lake Balaton as travel destinations in Hungary. I admit those are great places, but especially in the summer  they are too crowded with tourist. 611 more words

Spider Veins Under Pecs

Dr. Albert Malvehy is a leading chest vein specialist with advanced procedures and treatments for spider veins on your chest like sclerotherapy. Read more. Muscletease – Photos. 429 more words


Spring Activities

Sziastok! :)

We left behind another excellent month in Ökograf Egyesület co-art center Letra. Our last month is full of creative experiences and kowledge about eco friendly life style. 318 more words

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The Climbing Autism Rate

I read a lot and look at some very informative information about Autism. Then I also have friends who are Autistic. One of them is getting her Masters Degree in Psychology. 365 more words

[Free Workout] JTF "Stronger Things" Chest Day

Last week’s Leg Day post was fairly well-received so I figured we’d keep the train rolling and move on to the next muscle group I train during the week. 1,455 more words


April 2nd Autism Awareness Day

April 2nd Autism Awareness Day

Pace is slow
Days are long
Never stopping
Giving our all
Moving forward

Inner strength
Moving forward… 251 more words