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Greetings Proud Sons of Rome

Greetings Proud Sons of Rome!

…Errr… Sorry… Been watching too much of “The Golden One” on youtube lately. The Golden One, also known as “Latsbrah” is a Swedish hulk of a man that primarily does vlogs as motivational tools within the body building community. 795 more words


The Value of Cross Training

No one wants to exit the dance floor after a hearty VW or energetic swing huffing and puffing in a seemingly mad attempt to reenact childhood fairytales and blow the walls down. 969 more words


Looks Matter, but NOT in the Way You Think

I’ve heard the typical question “Do looks matter to you?” at least a hundred times. Normally people respond one of two ways.

1. No way! Looks don’t matter at all! 497 more words

Shake, shake, shake senora

It started with an innocent comment:  “Hey, what’s that spot below your breast bone, on your hoodie?”

The reply:  “I spilled my breakfast on the way into work.  268 more words


Muscle of the Month: Perfect Pectorals

Swimsuit season is here! During this time our bodies are on display more than most of us are comfortable showing off. From head to toe, look your best by working on key muscles that enhance what you’ve got. 421 more words

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Chest talk

The chest is a very popular muscle that people want to work on regarding power and size but people automatically assume that the bench press is the primary way to increase power and size, power certainly as the possibilities are endless but for size (hypertrophy) I would certainly say that the dumbbells take the win. 313 more words