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Redefining the Role of Teacher: 5 PBL Best Practices

Deep learning is messy and complicated. My most fulfilling teaching days are filled with overlapping student voices, surprise, and opportunity. As I circulate around the room, I speak with young people who are grappling with challenges, generating and then revising ideas, and finding their way through the multiple stages of project creation. 862 more words


1st ATNU - Advanced Teacher Network Unmeeting

On February 6 I held a meeting with our In-Service Advanced Course teachers. My group of Supervisors had decided that it would be worthwhile to try a different approach to our In-Service meetings, which have traditionally been lectures containing announcements and information about course features, with an audience of teachers passively taking it all in. 1,307 more words


Three Strategies Guaranteed for More Successful Group Presentations

I like to have students occasionally work on tasks in small groups. In-class group work generally consists of my having students analyze primary or secondary sources or responding to one of my famously broad questions and then having each group present their collective thoughts to the class. 392 more words

Thoughts & Perspectives

Modeling Alexander's Victories with Risk Pieces: Using Games to Teach Ancient Military History

I have long been a fan of Classics and classical history, and though I ply my trade as a Homerist, I have been fascinated with ancient battles and military tactics. 1,543 more words


Teachers Who Plant the Forest

During my second year of teaching, I taught across the hall from Jenny, a firecracker speech-drama teacher whose energy was rivaled only by her laughter and unruly curls.   669 more words

High School Performing Arts

Beyond Test Scores: Students of South Korea

South Korean students are often lauded internationally for their exceptional test scores. Western countries like the United States and Sweden have discussed adopting a similar educational model to that of South Korea and Japan, which emphasizes rote memorization and long, arduous study hours. 877 more words


Learning Unintentionally vs. Stopping to Learn

One way to make a distinction between learning strategies is: 1) the learner is unaware of the topics she is learning; 2) underlining the topics, making sure that the learner knows what the learning goal at hand is. 339 more words