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What is Good Teaching?

By Navarun Jagatpal
Math/Physics Department
Delaware Technical Community College
Stanton Campus

Ever since I started teaching, I’ve wondered about what it really means to be a good teacher. 710 more words


Knowledge that can't be communicated is worthless

In the past, I’ve passed out this cartoon to my students. Too many times, I’ve heard “I understand how to do the problem, but I can’t do the problem on the exam.” … 36 more words


To Infinity and Beyond: Encouraging Keyboarding Progress!

Keyboarding is one of the most important skills that students learn. Without learning this skill many activities on the computer would be too time cumbersome to complete. 1,211 more words


After foundational listening

In last week’s blog I offered the idea of foundational listening in music education.

I drew upon the thought of late 19th century music educators led by music HMIs of the time working with the legacy of John Curwen and John Hullah. 406 more words


What do Zombies and studying at university have in common?

Did you know that we have bona fide Zombie experts on campus?

Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman (School of Nursing and Midwifery, Gold Coast) and her colleague, Mr Matt Mason (University of the Sunshine Coast) recently presented a paper and wrote a special feature on the use of the pop-culture reference to zombies as a teaching device to improve infection prevention and control practice. 72 more words

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Oh, Blow It Out Your Sing-Hole....

Cornell MacNeil: “Let us take a word commonly used by singers – support. What does it mean? To some people it means absolute rigidity, which will destroy them!” 1,070 more words

Observations/Philosophy Of Singing