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The class preparation assignments are guided writing assignments that give students something to read and questions to keep in mind while they’re reading.

Source: An Assignment Strategy to Gets Students to Come to Class Prepared

"Are you seriously going to do that?"

I’ve been experimenting with board games in the classroom, sometimes in a bit of an impromptu way.

“Seriously, Marc? Aren’t you anti-game?

No, I’m not; I’m anti time wasting. 338 more words



The website BreakoutEDU provides a wealth of resources.  Additionally, Leah put together a list from Amazon of all necessary pieces for cheaper!  You can find this list… 32 more words


Welcome from the Crew

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Observations Tania D. Mitchell, David M. Donahue, and Courtney Young-Law's Article, "Service Learning is a Pedagogy of Whiteness"

I wholeheartedly agree with the authors in that we should not minimize or even deny that racism happens. Instead, we should confront the reality that different races have been suppressed (613). 831 more words

Reading Observations


STS (sharetheseeds.me) is an online community whose purpose is the preservation of seeds of plants which have interested humans for their psychoactive and/or medicinal uses. Their method of preservation is dispersal! 227 more words


STEM X Day 1 -Protostorming and Simple Science Activities

The first real day of our academy dawned overcast and cool – a bit of false weather which would heat up very quickly. Today was the day we got stuck right into our program, with the primary school and secondary school teachers off in different directions to learn new and exciting ways to approach their craft. 2,204 more words