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Inclusive Design for Knowledge

As I head into the most challenging time of the semester for me, the academic process of writing highly academic assignments,  I get annnoyed and perplexed. 499 more words


Culpeper is a Man, not a Spice

When I teach the history of medicine, I ask students to think about how everyday people — people much like themselves, but in more Puritanical garb — responded to symptoms such as runny noses, sore throats, sprained ankles, and relentless diarrhea. 979 more words


Effective Learning for Active Boys

Whilst browsing, a video about “Forest School”, a secondary school for boys in the UK, popped up. What struck me about that video was something the principal said, that she believed boys needed an emphasis on hands-on learning. 555 more words

Networks and Networks

Although I am not entirely certain that there is a “correct” way of existing digitally, the more I explore ways to network in a professional way the more I realize that a world beyond “Linked-IN” exists and might be useful. 268 more words


Blogging and Education

Professors have found many pedagogical applications for blogging as a learning tool. Currently, most of the blogging in coursework is used to synthesize content and develop or strengthen a community of learners. 673 more words

Learning Tool

Teaching Philosophy

I choose to make my classroom an adaptable and exciting space in which I expect students to succeed. I focus on what engages students rather than what you think doesn’t work. 560 more words