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student passion = teacher passion

It is already dangerously near my weeknight bedtime (which I have been trying to faithfully follow this year with much success so far!), so I am going to try and make this one quick, but still jam-packed with the good stuff. 737 more words

Personal Reflection


Eva White attended the Edutech conference at the ICC in Sydney.

Overall, the conference was somewhat disappointing. Too much of it was simply product promotion. As most sessions only ran for twenty minutes, I went to a number of presentations over the two days. 1,096 more words


9-20-17: Reflection

Thoughts on reading, “The Student-Centered Conference and the Writing Process” by Charles R. Duke from The English Journal Vol 64, No. 9 (Dec, 1975) pp 44-47. 652 more words

Transitions Research Symposium

Mark Liddell attended the ‘Transitions Research Symposium’ in Melbourne

Topic: Enhancing student learning and engagement through designing effective learning spaces

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education hosted a research symposium focusing on the ways that teachers can make better use of the physical learning environment. 243 more words

History through Biography*

This term, I’ve focused my upper-level colonial America course on biographies*.  Our books, with one exception, use a biographical lens to examine the time period.  In part, I chose to use biography because European colonists themselves were biographical people; interested in a narrative of who they were, how they came to be in this “new world”, and how they fit into the larger world of Western civilization.   509 more words


Digital Tools for Theory

This post is especially written for my ENGL 671 Participatory Culture and Social Media Studies class. Here are some tools to consider for your digitizing the article project. 396 more words


Session Twelve: Richard Bulliet on the History of the World

Here, in the twelfth lecture of his course, The History of the World, Richard Bulliet discusses the Rise of Islam (600-1200 C.E.):

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