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It Takes Time

No one walks into a basketball gym on day one, listens to a few pointers from the coach and then makes varsity and never misses a shot. 341 more words

News! Publication launch in Sao Paulo of Residency Program "intervalo escola: intervalo em curso"

Exciting Publication launch of the Residency Program for Art + Education intervalo-escola: intervalo em curso, in which I participated at during November-Dezember 2016: Intervalo-Escola SP Edition,  hosted at Casa Tomada, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Writings And Words

Collaboration? Intimacy v. empire

I have not written a poem in a month. I have not touched fiction since January. Toiling away at Pulse-Orlando and Hamilton Mixtape analyses, my energy centers on those two. 516 more words

Higher Education


I saw a job posting that noted that a strong candidate would want to fail miserably. I don’t have that link, but honestly I think that I have done that recently by taking some chances with my courses. 140 more words

Higher Education

Spotlight on Good Practice: New blog series

In the month of March, I had the privilege of presenting at three international events. The first was the ECIS ESL/MT conference (now the ECIS MLIE group). 611 more words

Mother Tongue

About activating students at the university

About two weeks ago I wrote a blog post about a pedagogical course I took, which focused on supervising oral presentations. The fact is that I finished another pedagogical course the week after. 632 more words


One to One Initiative Threatens Public Education

One to one classroom agendas have a dark side that includes the destruction of public schools as we know them; where teachers and students interact. It’s a dystopian ideology that posits students earning education badges while working in isolation at a digital screen. 1,566 more words

Public Education