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Community of practice: Curriculum and pedagogy & Teacher and students

Community of practice is formed by people who engage in collective learning. In other words, groups of people who share a concern or passion for something they do and learn how to do it through regular interaction. 89 more words


Curriculum and pedagogy & Teacher and students: What are these sections asking you to consider? (Assignment task 2)

Curriculum and pedagogy: Curriculum and pedagogy as about making sure you are planning effective, lessons, whose teaching strategies are meeting the needs of the diverse classroom. 77 more words


Book Review: The Manga Shakespeare: "Romeo and Juliet," a clever modern interpretation.

Shakespeare Review:

In this section, I review a Shakespeare book, movie, or TV show that I feel has some kind of value, either as an interpretation of Shakespeare, or a means to learn more about the man and his writing. 173 more words


What are the Just Play Principles?

Posted by Anna-MF UK

Musical Futures is a tried-and-tested yet innovative approach to music learning, based on a pedagogy that is driven by the musical culture of the participants. 282 more words


A Whiter Shade of Fail


This is an article I came across while surfing the web. It was something that came up several times in my class last year. There is a potential for great damage to a student’s self-image if a teacher is unable to recognize when they are bringing racism into the class. 301 more words


Loos Yourself At Melbourne Zoo

The Melbourne Zoo is a not-for-profit organization; dedicated to fighting extinction and educating visitors about wildlife. Facts about native animals and people’s impact on the environment are presented in a child-oriented manner. 196 more words

Witnessed Up Close

It's all about the bottom line

“The difficulty is maintaining equity, equality and solidarity without over-prescribing what a lesson should look like, and therefore regressing into a culture of tick boxes, checkups and closed doors to every classroom – all that was wrong with teaching and learning in the first place!” 552 more words
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