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"Pass this video along, give more people a reason to dance" - Kid President

So said, so done :)

Was sent this link by a soul-sister this morning.  Thanks T. <3

If you turn on the subtitles in the menu, the experience is all the more….mmmmm <3


Improve Lectures With Stories

With Summer here, and light at the end of the tunnel, maybe there’s time to think about course improvements for Fall. With better lectures, you can enhance both online and face-to-face courses. 231 more words


The Sound Of Style - Basses Need Not Apply....

Following on the train of thought from my last posting (The Cricothyroid Rosary), I have been reflecting on the issue of style-appropriate sound. This is a common theme in pedagogical circles these days, and even in the voice sciences where observers seek to ascertain what physical changes occur when switching from style to style. 1,168 more words

Observations/Philosophy Of Singing

Unknown Unknowns

I know of few phrases that have been so derided in recent times as Donald Rumsfeld’s famous “Unknown unknowns.” In all honesty, though, as nonsensical as the phrase may seem at first glance, it actually conveys a very important idea, one that we as educators should be much more aware of. 1,198 more words


Ten Must-Have Learning Tools

For Better for Verse

Only a Victorianist could think of such a pun! But that aside, this is a nifty interactive way to learn how meter works in poetry. 663 more words


Teaching in an American Hagwon, Or, What I've Been Doing with Myself This Year

It’s 5:27. That’s my husband. He’s telling me the time so I get out of bed. It’s dark and it won’t be light for another hour. 1,974 more words

Growing and Learning as a Christian Historian

Part 6 (conclusion) of the Integration of Faith & History in the Classroom series
by Dan Miller.

These are tough issues for students (and professors) to grapple with, especially if they have not previously been asked to examine carefully and think deeply. 893 more words