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The Power of Boxes and Circles

Here is a presentation that I gave at today’s #teachmeet held in Oakwood School, Surrey organised by Paul Collins, @mrprcollins.

I have been using this technique a lot recently so I collated some example questions from Year 1 to Year 12 (!) really just to show how versatile this technique can be. 28 more words


How to write in your books

Hanover College, History Department. On Marginalia: Note Taking for College Students and Others Who Want to Make the Most of Their Reading Time

Making marginalia (notes or symbols written in the margins of a document) is the best way to get the most out of the time you spend reading a difficult text.


If You Want to Teach Physics Lab Right, Skip the Manual

Via WIRED: http://ift.tt/2esR3Lg

I was a graduate student when I taught my first class, a physics lab. There’s nothing unusual in this; university physics departments often hand labs over to graduate students. 608 more words

Queering Language-Learning

In her article, “The ESL Classroom and the Queerly Shifting Sands of Learner Identity,” Jacquline Dumas asserts discussion of sexual identities not only carry high significance for potentially-queer L2 learners, but such discussions of gender and sexual norms also have practical applications in classroom pedagogy and curriculum. 494 more words


What is Teaching? What is Learning?

What is teaching, and what is learning? Is teaching the conveyance of information, the banking of knowledge (both knowing how and knowing that) into additional human minds and lives? 527 more words


Call for Submissions | Edited Collection: How to Teach a Play | Deadline: January 1, 2017

The editors of How to Teach a Play: 75 Exercises for the College Classroom
(Bloomsbury Publishers) are seeking submissions of teaching exercises on the
75 most popularly-taught plays at the university level. 289 more words

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