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Empathy and Education: The Double Burden (Part II)

In the numerous fields comprising that artistic and cultural field we call “the humanities,” we who self-identify as scholars must constantly be on the defense regarding our own choice of profession. 1,368 more words


Blancmange Brains Vs Blooms

I recently joined a social media Psychology teachers’ group in the hope of sharing and gaining ideas for the teaching of my subject. In one such post I was horrified to read that the writer had her… 501 more words

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Quote #21: Raymond Queneau (1973)

Let us remember that topology and the theory of numbers sprang up in part from that which used to be called “mathematical entertainments,” “recreactional mathematics.” I salute in passing the memory of Bachet de Meziriac, author of…

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Pedagogy Exploration 5: Teaching Observation

I observed Dr. Chris Barrett in “Studies in Milton: Poetry and Revolution,” particularly because it is an upper-level undergraduate course so I was curious about observing her style of teaching and different strategies she employs during her classes. 507 more words


Pedagogy Exploration 4: How I Learned to Write

I had a strange trajectory of learning how to write.

I went to a very impoverished and terrible high school in a very rural area. I mostly attempted to get by with what I could in classes. 1,085 more words


Pedagogy Exploration 3: Good Class

One of my best classes I have had this semester was when I used the in-class exercises we came up with during the practicum. I used my group’s (Alicia and Vanessa) exercise from the pedagogy practicum on materiality and writing. 550 more words


Pedagogy Exploration 2: Copying of “Never Mind the Tagmetrics, Where’s the Sex Pistols” by Geoffrey Sirc

Our story begins, as always, with lack and desire. It’s 1975, the year On Righting English appeared in answer to the “great concern for the quality of student writing” (Clapp vii) expressed in an open meeting on classroom practices at the 1974 convention of NCTE. 8,404 more words