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Word of the Day: Apraxia

Definition: Apraxia is a motor disorder caused by damage to the brain (specifically the posterior parietal cortex), in which the individual has difficulty with the motor planning to perform tasks or movements when asked.

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Pediatric Stroke

One Giant Leap for Sol-kind

This morning, we packed up a small 3 bedroom condo in beautiful Belleair Beach, Florida, buckled the kids into the car, and headed into our final day of… 482 more words

Sol's Progress

Sweet Bea

For some time, I’ve wanted to write something about having a baby after a having perinatal stroke survivor, but even nine months after having Solly’s little sister, I am still struggling to wrap my mind around the experience and put it into words. 918 more words

Infant Stroke

The Secret Life of Special Needs Moms

Y’all, being a Special Needs Mom is unique. It’s hard. It’s exhausting. It’s rewarding in its own way. It’s special.

To the outside world, it may seem like we – special needs parents – are steadfast, strong, and unbreakable. 645 more words

Infant Stroke

It's not fair!

Most days and even weeks we as a family play the cards we were dealt. We don’t dwell on what is not fair. This week though so many things have hit me like a ton of bricks. 405 more words

My guilt

I know some parents have guilt not knowing if they could have done things differently and would their child have had a different life. In the NICU they told us right off the bat we couldn’t have done anything to prevent any of this. 312 more words


I am a Pediatric Stroke Survivor. Today marks the 13th Anniversary of my left pontine ischemic stroke (I.e., brain stem stroke) which resulted in right side paralysis. 306 more words