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Happy Mother's Day, to all "those" Moms.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms that fight endlessly for their child. Who stop at nothing to give them the best. Who’s unconstitutional love trumps all the rest. 172 more words

Cerebral Palsy

One year later.

It’s funny how our minds work. For me, it’s all about feelings and the memories attached to those feelings. It was a Monday morning, the first hints of dawn were appearing when I peeked in E.’s room like I did every morning. 883 more words


To the people who didn't join us on our special needs journey

One of the hardest parts of treading through this world as a Special needs parent is the disappointment you can feel towards those that you once thought cared. 656 more words

Cerebral Palsy

If nothing else know this, we're parents

I understand you know nothing about this life we live. This journey we are walking. A life of special needs isn’t easy to make sense of, I get that. 282 more words

Cerebral Palsy

Newly diagnosed and need answers?

When my son was diagnosed with Hemiplegia, I was very grateful to have Google! He was born not too long after Google took over as “THEE” search engine and pushed AOL and Yahoo to the side. 602 more words


When your child Is a Medical Mystery

My daughter is a medical mystery, or so it seams. There is nothing more frustrating and frightening to me. Drs have told me time and time again ” I believe there is a underline issue for all of this ” but they haven’t got a clue to what it is. 676 more words

Cerebral Palsy

Sleep Apnea or Seizures?

Sleep Apnea- most people have heard about it but don’t think about it throughout their day. It’s one of those things that doesn’t impact the majority of people. 1,065 more words

Cerebral Palsy