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What if......

We are quickly approaching that marker point, the year everything was supposed to be fixed. Speech was supposed to be all caught up and everything else was too. 713 more words

Child With Special Needs

The Unnecessary Label

Have you ever compared your child’s health issues to someone else’s? Have you ever thought that one disability is more severe then another? Are hidden disabilities less of a disability then physical ones? 1,082 more words

Child With Special Needs

Inching Along

Today marks the beginning of our fifth month in Nashville. Four months down and we are finally getting into the swing of things with our therapy schedule. 802 more words

Sol's Progress


I am at no means a expert at this life, Special needs parenting is still new to me. The diagnosis at times Still feels fresh in my life. 767 more words

Child With Special Needs

My journey is important

I remember the day very vividly, the day you made me question my motherly instincts. The moment you made me feel as though it was all in my head. 659 more words

Child With Special Needs

To Those that think my daughter is a trouble maker

My daughter had a stroke before she was born, because of that she is behind in reaching some of her milestones. Especially in her speech, she is about two years behind where she should be.  749 more words

Child With Special Needs

My awesome and brave son, my hemihero! (Part #3)

Here is the “big” finale to Lucas’ harrowing birth story and the beginning of the long journey we embarked on called Hemiplegia.

Where we last left off, Lucas escaped the NICU seemingly fine after the first 8 days of his life, of which 4 were on a ventilator and a miracle drug saved his life. 828 more words