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Living in the Past

I try not to be a dweller. I like to live life looking forward, basking in positivity and finding the good in any situation. Anything that has happened occurred simply to mold me into the person I am today, so there’s no reason to have regrets and worries about the past. 178 more words

Cerebral Palsy

Another Walk in the Park

We struggle with motivation. I always get a little envious when I see other babies just sit and play with toys or get up and walk toward their favorite stuffed animal. 291 more words

Sol's Progress

One, Two, Three, Kick, Kick, Kick

Solly’s schedule is filled with endless therapies and doctors appointments, sometimes up to 4 appointments a day. Last week, I think we hit an all-time appointment record with 15 appointments in one week! 238 more words

Cerebral Palsy

Whatcha Say

“May I ask what he has?”

I blinked my eyes several times. Did I just hear the Starbucks barista right? Did she just ask me what condition my son has? 506 more words

Sol's Progress

Just Passin' Time

This morning, Solly and I finished our 5th of 40 dives in our second round of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

As I’ve told folks about this therapy over the past few days, the biggest question I’ve gotten is: how the heck do you pass the time in that chamber? 419 more words

Cerebral Palsy

What A Ham

After Solly was born, we had a month-long stay at the Georgetown University Hospital’s NICU. There, the neonatologist had told us that in order to be discharged, we had to get Sol’s seizures under control and come up with solutions for his oxygen levels and feeding. 713 more words

Cerebral Palsy

Word of the Day: Apraxia

Definition: Apraxia is a motor disorder caused by damage to the brain (specifically the posterior parietal cortex), in which the individual has difficulty with the motor planning to perform tasks or movements when asked.

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Cerebral Palsy