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Pediatric Stroke

American Heart Association, “FACTS Knowing No Bounds:  Stroke in Infants, Children, and Youth
Fast Facts

  • Contrary to what most people believe, strokes can, will and do happen in children, infants and unborn babies.
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Time, Place and Delivery

I want to tell you two different stories about two different groups of medical professionals asking about Big Cutie’s Walkaide device in two different settings. 594 more words

Ordinary Days I Love

8 Medical Quizzes Published: Knee Pain, Heart Failure, HCV, Pediatric Stroke, Oocyte Cryopreservation, & MI

Hi, friends! Last week I had eight medical quizzes published in ten different online medical journals. Stay tuned for more goodies that came out this week! 104 more words


May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month

I’ve talked before about Big Cutie and her stroke story, but if you’ve missed it, here you go!

And now she’s all super high-tech and wears a Walkaide device instead of a DAFO brace, which is extra cool.   156 more words


Spinning, Spinning, Spinning

Sol likes to move. Whether its swinging, rolling, or just being bounced up and down, it is his favorite thing. It makes him smile big, giggle loud, and get the brightest eyes, ever. 73 more words

A Day In The Life

Happiness Is ... A Happy Baby!

Spoiler alert: this post is about pure happiness. It’s a bit of a bragging post, really.

The thing is, I have the happiest baby I have ever met. 237 more words

Infant Stroke

Parents as the Mirror for their Child

Sarah Chauchard

Every year around one thousand and forty million babies are born in the world, and two thousand and eighty millions people become parents. For every parent the best wish during the pregnancy and at delivery is to have a healthy baby, but sometimes it does not happen. 546 more words

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