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This intro will make you hang yourself with your own guts.

My latest get-rich-quick idea: “Virtual Reality” headset and blowup doll combo, with software called… this is the real selling point… are you ready? Called “Corpse Fucker.” 888 more words

Confirmed, the Salon's pedophile lied.

It was much obvious, but I think now it’s confirmed. Todd Nickerson did his next “shifting” and blamed the “right-wing” for the responses to his original article about pedophilia… 52 more words

Official U.S. Gov’t Policy Forces Marines to Look the Other Way as Allied Afghan Forces Sexually Abuse Young Boys

by The Daily Sheeple

Just in case you thought the only thing our military was protecting in Afghanistan was the opium trade…

Did you know that it is official policy that our soldiers are told to look the other way when young boys are being sexually abused by Afghanistan commanders if they are “allied forces” with the U.S. 622 more words


Canadian Mountie Stands Trial for Horrific Child Abuse Case

by Joshua Krause

Most Americans have some fairly silly ideas about what life is like for Canadians. The reality of the matter, is that Canada is a developed nation that isn’t all that different from our own. 561 more words


Pedo. HandOuts

Handout #1..

*(Ch 1 to 3, Oxford’s Paediatric Dentistry 3rd Edition)*



Handout #2..

*(Ch 6 – Diagnosis and prevention of dental caries, From the same book.)* 6 more words


Meet: Pedro

Hey peeps,

I have a friend (shocking as that may be). His name is Pedro.

Let me tell you about Pedro.

He has thin brown hair and likes to wear plaid button-ups. 196 more words


Child-dungeon found at possible pedo's house

The police in Norway have found a child-dungeon in the house
of a 40 year old man who’s been charged with molesting/raping
an under-aged boy. 123 more words