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"Pizzagate" No Conspiracy Theory After All

10,000 pedophiles arrested since January 20, and counting. What’s the connection? Full story here.

New World Order

Een Snelcursus Pedofilie

Alles wat u moet weten over pedofilie en pedofielen in nog géén 1.000 woorden. Onderbouw uw mening over pedofilie met feiten.

Pedofilie; een definitie
Pedofilie is de seksuele aantrekking tot (jonge) kinderen. 1,153 more words


Bill Maher Can't Stop Fantasizing About Incest Between Ivanka and Donald Trump

Bill Maher commenting about having sex with children is an ongoing disturbing trend he seems to love to “joke” about.

New World Order

Big Week For My Family Continues, As My Dad's Childhood Orthodontist Was Arrested For Having Child Pornography

What a week for my family. First, we got my doppelganger running around Switzerland, cutting people up like a real life Leatherface and now my dad’s childhood orthodontist is being arrested for having a bunch of child pornography. 196 more words

I Don't Even Know


Once shattered the glass cannot be mended,

Once broken the soul will never heal,

It doesn’t matter how you feel,

Your line of reasoning must be ended. 743 more words

Not a Slippery Slope? LGBTQ Are Now Going After Children!

I remember when proponents of the so-called LGBT movement said that they needed hate laws to “protect” them, and they got it. I remember when LGBT wanted “gay marriage,” insisting it was not a sexual “slippery slope;” and they got it. 270 more words