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Pedometers for a Healthy Lifestyle

A pedometer has the ability to feel your entire body movement. It counts your walking, jogging and running pace. You preferably want to wear it when you go out for walking or jogging or running exercises. 364 more words

Fitness Exercises

Pedometers; A Step in the Right Direction

More and more we have seen the use of technology being incorporated into the daily lives of farmers.  Technologies that are being introduced to the industry help raise the profitability of the herd. 412 more words


Finally a primary walker

Just a few more steps to go … 2000 and done. A little badge appears on the screen of my mobile phone and the application “Step Tracker” tells me that I am a primary walker. 588 more words


Step Bet Overall Impressions

Disclaimer – I did not start anteing up money for steps and weight loss in order to “get rich quick”.  I did it because I didn’t want to lose money, but a little return on investment would be nice… After three months, I would like to share my impression of the different opportunities for step incentives that I have tried.   1,070 more words


Do I have to get 10 000 steps each day?

You’ve probably heard that we should all aim for 10 000 steps each day. It’s promoted by a variety of organizations and the number is programmed into pretty much every activity gadget out there. 720 more words


Weekly Wellness - Week 1

Walk, track and walk more!

Small steps add up to really big steps. As cliche as that is, it is TRUE! Go figure :)

Take this week to see how much walking you do. 158 more words

How far I walk at Walmart

I wondered months ago, “How far do I walk during my shifts at Walmart?” I knew it was a lot, but didn’t know how much. 159 more words