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I'm Ready To Start...But Where Do I Begin?

Have you ever changed? I mean really changed something about yourself so drastically that it essentially took your entire life in a completely different direction? If you haven’t, you are in the majority. 2,797 more words

Weight Loss

Android Step Counter/Pedometer

You can make a super simple Android step counter or pedometer application using App Inventor. App Inventor is a free Web based Android programming environment. 160 more words

Week 15 - Park life

Hi guys,

It’s been another 2 weeks after posting so I’ll be posting week 15 and 16 in one go. To be honest, it’s not been that exciting; just intense heat all of a sudden and deadlines creeping up on me. 382 more words


3 Pain Free Ways to Get More Exercise

Spending a lot of time at a desk job can make it seem impossible to get enough exercise in on a daily basis. On top of that, many people have a daily commute that has them sitting in the car for an hour or more every day. 882 more words

20 Ways To Lose 20 Pounds

150 days of FitBit Alta

When my boyfriend and I were just friends, he got a Fitbit for his birthday from his family. I thought it seemed really cool and I kinda wanted one but I had my phone and my iPod for pedometers so I didn’t really have any need for another one! 1,088 more words

About Me

Pedometer for Calorie Conscious Hamster Owners

The Arduino has inspired many a creative projects that can be beneficial to humanity. The Arduino Hamster Wheel Pedometer by on the other hand is a creation that is meant for the cute furry rodent pets. 76 more words


Why I use a Pedometer in Zumba Class

A while back someone gave me a smart band to wear at Zumba Class.  I already had a pedometer, but this levels it up for me.   428 more words