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Pick Up The Pacer

Howdy! While it may not be warm enough to run outside at the moment in Ohio, I do try to walk as often as I can. 315 more words


Top Apps To Help You Stay Fit

Smartphones have made us lazy, kept us glued to our seats and hence made us unfit but little do we know that it is smartphones only that are helping people loose weight and stay fit. 372 more words

Health And Fitness

Best Pedometer Apps for Android & iPhone 2018

You may not require a pedometer in the event that you convey your cell phone with all of you day. All you require is an application to show the information being recorded by the accelerometer instrument or chip in your cell phone. 365 more words

Health and fitness for year ahead.

I have been wrestling with this post for a couple of weeks now and I have been thinking about the content of it and whether to post it. 721 more words


A fit bit

So I received a Fitbit for Christmas (a Fitbit Charge 2, for those of you Fitbit and fitness nuts out there).  This watch does it all on the fitness front; it is an electronic step counter, heart rate monitor, sleep watcher and all around physical monitor and reminderer.   748 more words

Going Hi-tech

This pedometer geek has been wearing a pedometer since early 2001. I have gone through countless pedometers (well, if I really thought about it I could probably figure out how many of them I have owned (and then lost, broke, or otherwise had to replace for various reasons), but I digress). 342 more words

FitBit Follies

I’ve been using a FitBit for a few years now. It’s kind of fun to log my steps and try to hit the 10,000 mark every day. 438 more words

I Remember When... (my OWN Stories)