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DIZA100 D5 Wireless Activity and Sleep Pedometer Smart Fitness Tracker Wristband Review | Easy Fat Loss Program

DIZA100 D5 Wireless Activity and Sleep Pedometer Smart Fitness Tracker Wristband Review Friday, June 19, 2015 posted by jpm 9:46 am   Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 5.0 out of 5 stars The specs of ‘DIZA100 D5 Wireless Activity and Sleep Pedometer Smart Fitness Tracker Wristband, Large Screen – Blue’ are: Manufacturer: DIZA100 Product Dimensions: 9.5×0.8×0.6 inches Shipping Weight: 0 pounds Here are some REAL customer reviews: “Awesome gesture time check function” I just say it’s awesome!!!The gesture time check function is very cool like Apple Watch, and the reminder function can remind you all notification from the cellphone, like phonecall, message, facebook etc.I like it very much and don’t… “Good device for the money!” I’ve had mine for a few days now (arrived much faster than originally expected) and seems to do the trick. 37 more words

Tracking the Hamster Marathon

has two Roborovski hamsters (which, despite the name, are organic animals and not mechanical). She discovered that they seem to run on the hamster wheel all the time. 386 more words

Raspberry Pi

"One Step at a Time" | Fitness Update

I’m going to be honest here. I’ve completely fallen off with my fitness journey. Between the changes in the weather, my new YouTube channel and just plain laziness, I haven’t felt up to working out. 365 more words

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Wearable fitness trackers - -feat. Fitbit One!

Fitbit for your footsteps and fitness for fall is fun!
How many more words that start with ‘F’ can I fit into that sentence?

I’ve been pretty busy with school and work lately, that my frequent posting is slowly falling off the grid… but I wanted to share a little about all the rage in the fitness world, the wearable tracker, Fitbit!  759 more words


Walk2Walk Holidays Pedometer - Review

This year, Walk2Walk Holidays sent out free pedometers to encourage people to walk more. I was one of the lucky ones who got one. It counts the steps I take, burnt calories and calculates the distance I walked. 605 more words


September 2015's reads of a pedometer geek

Despite the fact that October is nearly over, that November (and with it the dreaded time change), is nearly here, this pedometer geek’s resolutions have not been reported. 1,342 more words

Pedometer Geek

I'm sure I looked...well maybe not!

I went hiking with my friends, George and Gloria and their two dogs Nina and Bobby yesterday at McKinney Roughs. I was busy working on the latest renovation to one of the bogs (more on that later) and George wanted to watch the local football team, UT play against Oklahoma Sooners and as we didn’t want to hike for long, decided that 4:00 pm was a good time for a very short walk. 1,367 more words