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Walking Fitness to Health

When we walk, we all work the muscles and also joints. The joints require flexibility to help us with lifting, standing, walking and so on. When the joints don’t have this flexibility, it can cause inflammation and pain. 344 more words


Preserving The Body

How do we preserve health? Generally, we could preserve the body in good shape if we nourish it with the correct nourishment and also doing physical exercise. 330 more words


Preserving Our Bodies

So how do we maintain a sound body? Typically, we could keep our system in good shape after we give it with the correct nutrition and doing frequent exercise. 341 more words


A New Exercise Tracker and Watch: Fitbit HR

I have been wearing the Fitbit HR for the past week. I’m enjoying it very much. Adapting to wearing a watch again has been the main challenge; my wrist is not used to the constricting feeling of a band around it. 804 more words


So hubby got a Fitbit and has gone quite mad

So, hubby got a Fitbit and he’s gone quite mad, I tell you!

He started off really excited about this revved up pedometer tracking his daily steps. 248 more words


Get In Good Shape (The Easy Way)

Get moving. Start it today, tomorrow or even next week. Make it a goal to try to move a couple of times a week. If you’re already on an exercise program now, great! 2,429 more words

Product Review #2 - Pedometer by V-Fit

As you know, I was impressed by the pedometer app’s simplicity and no-fuss approach but concerned over its accuracy when in a handbag. For that reason, I was keen to try out a pedometer that I didn’t feel the need to hold in my hand constantly. 635 more words