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The first 10km

The first ten kilometres are always the easiest, or so they say. I concur that one’s breath supply is at its best, but there is also the matter of getting… 570 more words


Daily Step Goals: Historical-ish Claims from a Scientific-ish Perspective

If you happened to be a legionary during the early Roman Empire, you were accustomed to walking. In fact, according to Roman military writer Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus (known by his friends and most practical historians as simply Vegetius), these guys were expected every day to march a little over 18 miles in about five hours or so. 720 more words


Uh Oh! Busted!

Mother and I are enroute to visit family in New Jersey. We always get her a wheelchair to make the trip between gates faster, due to her exceptionally “not long” legs. 22 more words


A New Toy

It is not often that I post about something new that I have bought.  More often than not, it is about what I did not need or what I have passed on to someone else. 221 more words


FLORA as Wearable Pedometer

One of the devices used to monitor the progress of an exercise is the pedometer. This device is used to measure steps taken by an individual and determine the speed, distance and even calories burned to motivate them in getting fit. 22 more words

Pounds after pound cake

So, after a wonderful post about pound cake, I’m going to post about my “fitbit” and all. Yeah, talk about a turn around.

I’ve been using my Jawbone activity tracker for about a month when either the app died on me, or the jawbone did…and so I was activity tracker-less…just when I hit a 2nd highest Saturday yet. 327 more words

Crazy Random Thoughts

Tales from the Café: These Slip-Resistant Shoes Were Made for Walking

Time: Saturday, 2:46 pm

I hate working brunch. (To be fair, most of us hate working brunch, so this isn’t just me talking.) I’m sure I’ve said this before, but it’s chaotic and loud and there are too many people around. 441 more words