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My Top 10 Effortless Ways To Embrace Your Daily ACTIVE-ist

“Natural selection shaped the human genome not to run marathons or exclusively lift extremely heavy weights but rather to survive and thrive as very active outdoor generalists in the wild.” 418 more words

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GetActive21 - Day 14 Keep At It!

Two weeks guys, two weeks!

That’s how long I’ve managed to achieve at least 30 mins of activity daily. I’m chuffed with myself 😉. And the thing is it is becoming easier…to walk out the gate and leave the car, to walk from the car park to my office when I have to drive instead of jumping on the shuttle, to pop around to someone’s office instead of trying to get them on an online call. 183 more words


GetActive21 -Day 12

You know the feeling you get when the weekend has just ended, you are even more exhausted than you were on Friday, and the week ahead doesn’t look to be any less stressful? 99 more words


GetActive21 - Day 10!

Day 10! Halfway there! Well technically midday tomorrow is halfway but it feels good to have done this GetActive21 for 10 days successfully. It was really cool to climb on the scale and find that I had shifted almost 1kg just by moving around a bit more. 124 more words


GetActive21 - Day 9

Hi all, today has been loooooong!

Activity and food wise it was good. I managed 70 mins of activity, all walking, took 5,679 steps and consumed 1,271 calories with fruits and veggies represented. 38 more words


GetActive21 - Day 8

Hi ya, hope your day hasn’t been as draining as mine…even though it was spent in front of a computer all day.

Stats for today – 39 minutes of activity, 3,911 steps (forgot my pedometer and had to rely on the phone which sat on my desk half the time) and consumed 1,625 calories ( well above my MyFitnessPal target). 16 more words