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Gilbert Speaks on The Keepers: Who Killed Sister Cathy

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, especially if that power hides behind a religious collar. The Roman Catholic Church never expected the victims of sexual abuse to come forth and tell their stories. 624 more words

Church of England Admits Protecting Pedophile Priests for Decades

Most are unaware that the Church of England is synonymous with the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, both were one entity until 1534, when King Henry VIII of England severed ties with Rome, giving the church its full independence. 585 more words


CPAC Disinvited Milo Yiannopoulos~ over empathic pedophilia comments

I first heard of this story on a local Christian radio show, and they got it all wrong. It was a call-in show and the host framed questions to callers in terms of Milo’s homosexuality. 391 more words