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Trump Or No Trump, It is Time People! - George Webb - Spies, Lies - Deplorables Be Ready!

Continuing in an emphasis with much of what George Webb reveals currently concerning Hillary Clinton and the Muslim Brotherhood, the Awans (4 brothers, 2 wives), foreign nationals, hired into IT for House Congressional Offices on Capital Hill, first installed by Greg Meeks in 2004, and given top secret security level clearances and access to the nation’s most sensitive information in matters of national security. 362 more words


3-2-1 ..." My  Friend Went Back To Gangs And Drugs After Being Molested By Father Alberto, Then To A Two Year Prison Term.

Shortly after that I had a car accident which left me somewhat depressed and without a vehicle. I only had the father and one other brother in the church who helped me during that time. 583 more words

Why Do We Think And Believe What We Do?

Pedophiles, Hollywood and Babylon: Interview With Jon Robberson

Today we’ve got Jon Robberson in the Huddle. He is a Hollywood insider. He worked around the evil in Hollywood since 2000. He started in the, “Set Deck” which is setting up sets. 92 more words


UNICEF: 300,000 refugee children traveling unaccompanied

Many of these children end up being the victims of pedophiles, sex trafficking, slavery and organ harvesters  – The UN children’s agency says there are more than 300000 unaccompanied minors travelling with people seeking refuge across the world.  122 more words


Chris Christie (White Freemason, White Idiot) Approves Law Allowing Pedophiles To Marry Children

The Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie has given his blessing to pedophiles, allowing them to marry and rape minors, as long as they claim its “part of their religion.” 420 more words

Daily News

Don't talk to strangers

Don’t talk to strangers. The infamous piece of  “wisdom” told to every small child as a precaution against kidnapping,  rape, and trauma, but they neglected to tell us that, for the most part, it’s not strangers committing these crimes. 528 more words