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Political Pedophilia: An open source investigation

This is a really well done documentary on “elite” political pedophilia by James Corbett. I’ve also created a new page titled “Elite” Pedophilia with more information on the child raping ruling class scum currently running and ruining the world. 130 more words

Black Ops

Hommage à la petite Chloe <3 et pour faire face aux Violeurs- Pédophiles, j' aie écrit ce texte !Associations,servez vous en, sur vos blogs en mettant juste mon nom ou mon lien de page''

  Ce texte a été écris par moi, pour réveiller certaines consciences “. Même si cela ne représentait qu’un “Grain de Sable au milieu du désert, une goutte d’Eau dans l’Océan” 397 more words


Judge Says Child Rapist Didn't Mean To Hurt The 3-Year-Old He Sodomized

Judge Says Child Rapist Didn't Mean To Hurt The 3-Year-Old He Sodomized.

The actions of this judge are morally reprehensible!
It’s high time that society take a stand and ask if this judge has his head stuck in the sand! 13 more words

50 Women Recall Being Sexually Harassed At An Extremely Young Age

Found on AskReddit.

1. I was 8.

I was 8 when a landlord in Germany put his hands down my pants while I was feeding a rabbit he gave me. 6,545 more words

Education Queensland child safety director Brett Anthony O'Connor faces child sex charges

The director of Child Safety no less. Mr O’Connor is a registered psychologist

Another one bites the dust, plenty to come, nice to see them getting rounded up though… 618 more words

Australian Crimes

Accidental Social Experiment

I don’t believe in being wasteful.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that from time to time I use my son’s old, raggedy ass, kick you in the face Bright Orange school bag ( 409 more words


Arkansas Church of Christ pastor accused of child pornography

The elite of the elite – the Church of Christ, who think they’re the only ones going to heaven because they picked the right name and don’t play instruments, are not having the best of days. 113 more words