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Is a child molester worse than a child killer?

I just want to clarify that without a doubt  – no form of abuse or harm, whatsoever to any living thing, is alright by me.  I spend most of my waking moments and my work towards protecting our kids and vulnerable populations like animals, the elderly and handicapped as well.   363 more words

Kait King

on the "slippery slope" argument as applied to same-sex marriage

Does anyone remember that movie Bring It On? There’s a line in it that sort of sums how I’m feeling right now. The Toros (the white squad) have been stealing their routines and cheers from the Clovers (the African American squad) for years, though until now the protagonist has been unaware of this. 688 more words


That Was Quick… Polygamists, Pedophiles Push for Their Civil Rights, Too

After the gay marriage ruling at the Supreme Court on Friday, polygamists and pedophiles are standing up for their own civil rights.

Polygamists are people too. Read the rest


Why the UK is No Longer Shocked at Establishment Sex Abuse Cover Ups

Mention the three P’s in the U.K.—pedophiles, politicians, and Parliament, and you are likely to face a range of reactions. Despite reports in parts of the mainstream press, there are those whose eyes widen while dismissing you as an anti-establishment conspiracy theorist who takes things too far.

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The International Reporter

Pedophiles Want Same Rights As Homosexuals


This should come as no surprise that pedophiles are using the same tactics used by ‘gay’ rights activists to seek similar status arguing their desire for children is a sexual orientation no different than heterosexual or homosexuals. 1,049 more words

Daily News

How Should We Deal With a Pedophile?

Yes, I know I have brought up this subject before but it seems that there has to be something that we can come up with that would work better than what it is doing now. 516 more words

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