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Panic Button

Grandma and Grandpa now have “Life Alert” buttons clipped to their shirts that when pushed notify the paramedics to get there pronto. Instead of lying there for days and possibly passing away, a central communications center notifies police and fire departments and help arrives shortly after. 255 more words


If I Could Give The Women Dating Or Married To Men Involved In The Fraud And Crime's Of This Case Any Advice...What Would It Be?

Get your selves up the VD clinic once a fortnight for the rest of your dating/married lives’.

Oh, and don’t let your men near you, unless they are wearing at least 10 condom’s. 73 more words

A Whistle Blowers Diary

A slice of P.I.E (look it up) on World Hug Day or ever? NO THANKS

So I was reading this article on sott.net:

Effective immediately: Pedophiles in Indonesia will be punished with castration or death
Amanda Froelich
True Activist
Thu, 23 Jun 2016 13:41 UTC…

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Time And Culture

Omegle is one hell of a fucking site!

Hey everyone. So having no friends, no life, no nothing whatsoever, I decided to use Omegle to make some friends.

Worst Mistake Ever… 343 more words


Who's in Your Bathroom

Instead of worrying about transgendered people in the world, let’s focus on actually stopping molestation by doing the following:

Let’s prevent assault by transgendered people in bathrooms. 288 more words

How Afghanistan Defeated and Destroyed America

America’s 15-year occupation of Afghanistan has, in the end, hurt America almost as much as the land devastated by carpet bombings and drone attacks. The real story of the War on Terror was how America restructured her own government to manage drug operations on an unprecedented scale, protect international criminals and how the almost endless supply of unaccounted for cash bought the Bush presidency and helped bring about not just an American police state but one openly controlled by organized crime. 1,037 more words

World At War