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Pedophile Avenue: I was sexually molested, but couldn't tell anyone!

It is with much trepidation that I have decided to share my stories of being sexually molested as a child.

I was around the age of ten or eleven the first time I was sexually molested. 1,024 more words

Child Molesters

I like pussies. I don’t care how young they are.

But too young is too young.

That crotch triangle, shaped by the gymnastics suit.

Age of Consent: Sexual Predators

 I was twelve years old, in the sixth grade in elementary school. I was old enough to walk home by myself. My mother was a single parent by then and worked until about four o’clock in the afternoon. 1,233 more words

Sexual Assault

10 Year Anniversary of The Carly Ryan Foundation ~ aim is to create awareness and educate children and parents using the internet

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Carly’s Story

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In 2006 Carly Ryan thought she had met her dream boyfriend online. His name was Brandon Kane, a 18yr old musician from Melbourne.

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Coming Out...Dressed To Kill

With all the sexual abuse allegations and reports bombarding the media, one has to suspect a demonic tell-all has unleashed its Pandora’s box set to destroy lives, and unsilence the screaming shadows of guilt. 396 more words


Rearranging The Furniture

If Republican Roy Moore is successful in his bid for a seat in the United States Senate, seating arrangements in the venerable upper chamber of Congress will have to be modified. 381 more words