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Harry Charles Sadd arrested for string of sexual assaults on children during 1970s

A 70-year-old man has been arrested in Victoria for a series of sexual assaults that took place back in the 1970s.

Harry Charles Sadd of Victoria allegedly assaulted young boys and teens while working as a youth badminton coach over 40 years ago. 310 more words


Timeline & Source Material: Related to Frank Houston's Pedophilia Coverup

If you make the effort to read through all the evidence in this timeline, you will be convinced that Brian Houston and the AOG covered up Frank Houston’s paedophilia of victim AHA, in 1999. 54,438 more words


A Convicted Pedophile Caught Preaching as One of Jehovah's Witnesses; Is the Law on His Side?

How do you feel about having a convicted child molester coming to your door for any reason? If you’re like most people, you would rather someone who has been to prison for raping and molesting a child stay as far away from your property as possible, and certainly they shouldn’t be knocking on your door when your children may be home alone. 885 more words


Reason 347: Because This Is Coming, Sooner Than You Think

It seems like it’s been no time at all since people were promising me that two men would never be able to get married in the U.S. 203 more words


Daddy's Little Girl

Her breaths were short and ragged. She clasped her tiny hands over her mouth, afraid that her own body might betray her by allowing a sob to escape. 854 more words


Etiology and Treatment of OCD and Pedophilic Disorder including Differential Diagnosis

  1. Abstract

Homer Brine is a forty-three-year-old Caucasian male referred by the Division of Family Services for a psychological evaluation to assess the current level of cognitive functioning, behavioral functioning, and emotional functioning to gain mental health service recommendations and family reunification.  2,762 more words

Viewing with Father Lou

“Be faithful to me tonight,” he cooed, prettily, wrapping himself around my leg as I tried to retain my concentration on Traci Lords and her notoriously notable, legitimate acting debut in the remake of… 748 more words