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Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control

From henrymakow.com

We revisit the deathbed confessions of Frater 616 which revealed that Satanism has corrupted society to a far greater degreethan we ever imagined. This may explainwhy, increasingly, Western society resemblesa satanic cult. 1,048 more words

Pure Evil

Elijah Wood & Corey Feldman Speak Out Again About Hollywood Pedophilia!

Alexa EricksonMay 27, 2016

Source: http://www.collective-evolution.com

As we’ve come to discover time and time again, many secrets hide behind Hollywood’s glamorous doors. Actor Elijah Wood’s recent remarks on Monday about the realities of child star sexual abuse in the industry offer us yet another glimpse behind the curtain. 62 more words


Sexual Abuse of Children and the Cover-Ups Go International

Child Abuse, Pedophilia, Sex Trafficking – Problems that should not be ignored

May 27, 2016
Very recently we were contacted by the editor, Richard Silverstein of a blog site called “Tikun Olam” which translates to “fixing the world.”  1,376 more words
Sexual Abuse

YouTube user Hydro's interview of me

As a follow-up to the very short video interview of me by Janet Upadhye for Salon, a YouTube user who goes by the name of Hydro interviewed me, allowing me to elaborate on some of the things that were taken out of context by certain hostile parties. 14 more words

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Glenn Beck Warns About What Comes Next on The Slippery Slope

This is from Western Journalism.

I am sure Glenn Beck is bat shit crazy but he is correct with his prediction.

The next thing we will be told is pedophilia is normal and we have to accept it as normal. 407 more words

divide ut regnes

“The greatest weapon the colonial powers have used in the past against our people has always been his ability to divide and conquer.  If I take my hand and slap you, it might sting you because these digits are separated.  1,251 more words

Pedophilia: the new social justice push

Sickos: Leftists seek to make pedophilia the next social justice front

They’ve moved on awfully quickly from trannies since it hasn’t taken hold the way they were expecting, and started to push harder and faster before Trump comes in.

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