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Belgian Aristocratic Pedophile Ring Exposed

By Thomas Burrows | The Daily Mail

A former child sex slave sold into a Belgian aristocratic paedophile ring where boys and girls were raped, tortured and murdered has revealed the horrors of her five years of abuse. 131 more words


First Honest MSM Report on Pizzagate

Kudos to Ben Swann, a true and courageous journalist.  Pizzagate and the associated pedophile/pedophobe/pedocide networks can no longer be dismissed.

The War on Childhood

I’m really pissed off and upset. I had every intention of having a very productive day doing work on my budding internet business when I came across some very disturbing information. 201 more words



By David Seaman

This morning, WikiLeaks tweeted about PizzaGate for the first time by name. They linked to a PizzaGate segment by CBS Reality Check (they seem to think PizzaGate is REAL), and in the same tweet WikiLeaks linked again to the unclassified FBI report on how to spot child predators… not the most subtle message, WikiLeaks, but thank you. 18 more words


Ben Swann - #Pizzagate Special - CBS News 1/17/17

He talked about it on CBS News, good for him, they need to talk about it more on mainstream news, what’s left of it…~TS


Give this country back to the American people

A note to those people involved in keeping George Lucas and I apart; and to Dictator Donald, Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan:
The third planet from the sun is the only one that can sustain human life. 96 more words


Pedophilia is a mental illness

Pedophilia is a mental illness.
The worst men in history have been abused by or because of their mothers. Remember Pedophilia is a mental illness. You can’t trust anything an abusive, mentally ill person taught you, even though she’s your mother. 135 more words

Lynn Mickelsen