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Has there ever been a book that so deliberately fucks with its readers’ minds?

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov is one of those books that everyone should read once (unless they have serious triggers around the subject matter).  243 more words

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The day Pikku disappeared

I make myself believe that I clearly remember the day Pikku disappeared. I remember the bright rays of sunshine that shone through our windows. I remember the smell of pancakes wafting up through the steps into our room. 2,301 more words

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Established churches are not the only institutions facing the problem and the challenges the loss of confidence presents.  Governments, the political establishment, public services, police forces, private businesses, schools and banks are being put into question.  535 more words

Indonesia treating white sex tourists like animals

New law to castrate and execute paedophiles after gang rape of 14-year-old girl

The south east Asian country is a hotspot for peadophiles from the west, with more than 100 caught in the last two years from Australia alone.

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Breaking News: Jehovah's Witness Woman in Utah Suing For Being Forced to Listen to Audiotape of Her Molestation

Just this past week, a woman in the state of Utah filed suit against a local congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well as the religion’s headquarters, for allegedly being forced to listen to an audiotape of her own molestation. 660 more words

Elders And Governing Body

Let’s Look At This, Shall We?

So, according to Trump and his supporters, President Bill Clinton is a sexual predator and Trump is not.

While I may not think positively about the ethics of either Clinton in that marriage, there are some real facts behind the truth.  932 more words


Oakhurst Evangelical Free Church: Can One Heal from Sexual Abuse After a 12 Week Program?

Can a person heal from sexual abuse in a 12 week program? What about in a church where the leadership is enamored with John MacArthur and C.J. 2,684 more words

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