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An Open Letter to Matt Younger of The Village Church (Dallas Northway Campus)

An open letter to Matt Younger a Pastor at The Village Church Dallas Northway Campus. A letter challenging and pushing back against Matt Younger and calling out his treatment of Karen Hinkley. 4,437 more words

Evangelical Issues

Blood-chilling scandal of the thousands of babies stolen by the State

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Same thing I discovered in the United States Operating Coast to Coast! De facto judges, #Minnesota and Nationwide #RamseyCounty‬ Wilder Foundation #WilderFdtn #CPS / #APS (Child Protection Services / Adult Protective Services)‬ workers are operating a state sanctioned kidnapping racket [RICO]. These predators operating under the color of law are kidnapping our children and seniors for money. They demoralize and destroy the developing mind of our children during their most tender years and our vulnerable parents during their twilight years turning the beginning and end of their lives into nightmares, leaving shattered and distraught families in their wake. https://docs.google.com/document/d/14EX3k_I6wmbYyXiLSMvTcbGhMCPgo68o_iIaCKgByzA/edit?usp=sharing My adult Daughter, THE TRAGIC PRODUCT OF A PREDATORY, INTRUSIVE #MINNESOTA #CPS and the #WilderFoundation 's JUVENILE SYSTEM DESIGNED TO GENERATE MONEY FOR BIG PHARMA, THE STATE, AND IS BACKED BY THE PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION, A FRAUD! Unfortunately her daughter (My youngest granddaughter) may meet the same fate! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V78jmO-vEYhnxwgDN9kaDLqZ_6WCeu2z7StjudSWsqA/edit?usp=sharing AND BARACK OBAMA'S NOT SO DISTANT (1920's) FAMILY ARE INVOLVED! https://mathenydebra.wordpress.com/2015/05/27/barack-obama-is-related-to-several-local-st-louis-county-northern-minnesota-silica-twsp-gang-stalking-perps-of-iron-range-gerald-raymond-clark-cliff-tobey-us-steel-minnesota-dfl-lobbyist-and/ My Story of Organized Stalking, Corruption and Domestic Terrorism Over a decade of gang stalking in colossal proportion. Let me introduce you to Capital MURDER conspiring, Judicial District 6 Prosecutor for the State of MN, James Andrew Borland

A peak into my own childhood

In this post I deviate from the more topical subjects covered in this blog to reflect back on my own childhood experiences which may go some way towards explaining my open minded views towards childhood sexuality. 916 more words


Real Outrage Versus Selective Outrage: The Duggars

So I was on DListed reading the latest in the Josh Duggar fuckery and have to say that why I love Michael K of Dlisted is that he holds the same opinions on people regardless of their politics.  1,047 more words


Hard Truths

Josh Duggar is a pedophile. Period. Any definition of the term will bring you right back to this incontrovertible fact. He not only admits to a lengthy period of attraction to girls significantly younger than himself (as young as 4 years old) and when he was of an age to be aware of “normal” or “healthy” sexual activity and attractiveness, but he participated in and orchestrated… 1,699 more words

Child Sex Abuse Ring

Child Sex Crimes are Governed by a ‘Global Conspiracy’

Sadly conformation of the above Fact.

Happy Days, lets help make it happen for all ‘Our Children’

The Reality

A New, Softer Approach to Pedophiles/"Sex-Offenders"? Why Now?

With one of the Duggar clan (reality show) having been accused of having sex with some of his sisters and other children, as a teenager, the main-stream media is in a frenzy. 787 more words

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