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Guilty knowledge & Liberal Psychology

This was pretty interesting, Richard Dawkins also seemed to get very tense and leaned back.  His reaction was a bit much for Maher’s lame Chaplin joke.  54 more words

Adam Wolfe

Jimmy Page: Whole Lotta Pedophile

The Beastie Boys once sang (sic): “If I played guitar I’d be Jimmy Page/The girlies I like are underage.” As far as I know, they’ve gotten a free pass for such a debased endorsement but there’s no question as to their lyrical veracity. 210 more words


Published on Aug 25, 2015 by pocketsofthefuture

Black magic, devil worship, MK Ultra mind control and pedophilia are all in the ABC show Full House

Mind Control

Allen Ginsberg: “To label pedophilia as criminal is ridiculous"

I became a member of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) … as a matter of civil liberties. In the early 1980s, the FBI had conducted a campaign of entrapment and ‘dirty tricks’ against NAMBLA members just as they had against black and anti-war leaders in previous decades.” 409 more words

BREAKING STORY-Pope's Aid Blatantly Gropes Small Girl: Caught on Camera!

These two thought they were being slick, but a very lucky photographer snapped a smoking gun of a shot, a fleeting instant worth far more… 297 more words

Catholic Church

Jigs and Reels - Joanne Harris

Back after a long, long time. I have no excuse expect the final year of uni kind of wore me out but now I have plenty of free time to get reviewing! 786 more words