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Jobu Insurance Companies and Teachings from Major League Slugger Pedro Cerrano

I just realized that Pedro Cerrano from the hilarious 1989 cult-classic Major League is also the Allstate guy.  Perhaps everyone else realized this long ago, but either way, I have to say that actor Dennis Haysbert has really moved up in the world.  641 more words

A Guess at the Stats for the Players in the Movie "Major League"

By: Brian Mangan

As I write this, I am watching (for the 65231th time) the incredibly amazing baseball movie Major League.  While watching, I was curious and wanted to see if anyone out there had taken a stab at projecting what these players – whose names we all know so well after years of watching this movie – actually did on the field in that legendary 1989 season.  1,026 more words


If I Wasn’t Already a Christian I Wouldn’t Be

In the movie Major League, the Cuban ballplayer Pedro Cerrano commented to a Christian teammate “I like Jesus very much, but he no help with curve ball.” 693 more words


Scouting Reports of Movie Baseball Players

There are a lot of unsung heroes in baseball but there are few who are more unsung-ier than scouts. They get paid expenses and not much more. 87 more words


Appreciating the 'Major League' Playoff

I will travel to Cleveland on May 22 to see the Indians host the Cincinnati Reds. In my first of many pieces about baseball in the cities I visit, I turn to the “Sixth City” and provide a breakdown of one of my favorite movie acts. 2,243 more words


Wild Thing ... we think we still love you

The 20/20 interview has come and gone thankfully.

Not sure what to think other than the next possible Major League movie could end up being like stealing… 46 more words

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