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Planes y ¿planes?: Parte 3

Planes y ¿planes?: Parte 3

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18 de enero de 2015

Luego de las primeras dos entregas de esta serie de columnas en las cuales analicé el… 1,306 more words


Yogi Berra understood Puerto Rico

The world will miss Yogi Berra.

There will be no other like him. He was an honest man, a great role model, and his Yogi-isms contain some of mankind’s greatest wisdom. 221 more words


“Spanish Only” in Puerto Rico: playing politics with our language

On Thursday Sept. 3, Tony Fas Alzamora rammed Bill 1177 through the Senate, without any discussion or debate before the vote was taken.

Bill 1177 will make Spanish the only “official language” of Puerto Rico. 692 more words


Wall Street, President Obama, the US Congress…all LAUGHING at Puerto Rico

If this headline sounds extreme, please read the following facts. 

On July 10, 1984, Ronald Reagan signed the Bankruptcy Amendments and Federal Judgeships Act. Section 9 of that Act (11 U.S.C. 719 more words


Puerto Rican plan to make workers pay for the island’s debt crisis

By Rafael Azul
14 July 2015

The fallout continues in Puerto Rico’s debt crisis following the June 29 announcement by Governor Alejandro García Padilla that the US commonwealth’s $73 billion debt is “not payable.” 714 more words


The Roots of Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis, and Why Austerity Won't Solve It

The Roots of Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis and Why Austerity Won’t Work

The US government is at least partially responsible for the emergency, which is affecting millions of what are effectively second-class citizens… 393 more words
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Puerto Rico: The Last Colony

Salsa and meringue mix synchronously through old colonial streets leading to turquoise waters ever presided by El Morro. Hearing this description, its hard to believe that Puerto Rico is part of the United States, or is it? 37 more words