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Fakin' Da Funk!! Find Out Why Young Buck May Be Facing Up To 5 Years!

Young Buck may be facing time due to a fake pee test! Keep in mind that he was already on probation…

Buck’s probation officer claimed that Buck was called in for a urine test, in which he brought a concealed plastic bag with someone else’s urine and then used a plastic tube to transfer it in the sample cup. 85 more words

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I'm pregnant! NOW WHAT?!

I have to admit, when we started trying to have kids, we thought it would take a least 3 months… Maybe even a year to get pregnant. 713 more words

First Time Mom

The Pee Test

            “Hang up your jacket and have a seat,” the receptionist waved at the coat rack with the enthusiasm of an autoworker hanging the three hundredth door panel of her shift. 1,422 more words

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Let the Weather Challenge You, Not Kill You

As an outdoor runner, it is only natural (excuse the pun) that I occasionally experience “weather sabotage.” You know – high winds, rain, and a cold front on the morning of an important race  or workout. 345 more words


Coffee might have not been the best idea for a pee test.

So for the past month I’ve been trying to land this reay important job for the summer. It’ll be my first job, and it pays ten bucks an hour. 61 more words


Pee in a Toilet Only

Enough already with the jpgs and e-mail forwards proclaiming that people on welfare should have to take a pee test to get their checks.  Even if you think it is ethically right (and it’s not), it’s completely impractical.  78 more words


Gracie and Christopher are Expecting

Gracie told me she wanted to document her entire pregnancy starting with her maternity test! I thought it was a wonderful idea so this is the first session of many to come!