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MCC Home Video Scorecard #8: Of Pee-Wee and Poe

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: the recurring feature that’s me jotting down capsule-sized notes about Stuff I’ve Been Watching at home. Some of this is catch-up that missed the cut last time due to memory loss, so consider this a handy wrap-up of 2016 home viewing to date. 1,448 more words


Gut Feelings

Before you get all excited, thinking, “Holy crap, Jenna’s writing a blog about feelings!”, I will warn you that it’s not the mushy stuff you’re probably hoping for. 886 more words


Mr. Rogers Suburbia

I think Mr. Rogers and Pee Wee would get along just fine.

Comic Commentary

For the Music Lover in You

94.7 has been a classic rock fixture in Detroit for ages.  94.7 has never changed formats as long as I have been around and that is rare for a Detroit FM station. 451 more words

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Pee-Wee's Big Holiday

PLOT (spoiler alert!!!):

Pee-wee Herman, a resident of Fairville and a cook at Dan’s Diner, meets and befriends actor Joe Manganiello, who convinces Pee-wee to go on the first vacation of his life to reach New York to celebrate Joe’s birthday party. 973 more words

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