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Where's Pee-Wee?

Pee-Wee Herman’s Trip to the Oscars?!  


Humor I Like

Hat and Tie #15

I know I’m gonna catch flak for this one.  Who’s side are you on, Tie’s or Bowtie’s?

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Episode #112: "It's Not Us... It's Roy" | Overboard (1987)

Joanna is a wealthy woman who lives aboard her yacht with her husband Grant. When she wants some work done on the boat, she hires carpenter Dean Proffitt. 55 more words


We may be collectively living in a hologram: That sure makes sense

There was a period of time, when I was young, in which it seemed I was headed towards a career in holography. I wasn’t a STEM student, although I was labeled as gifted.   522 more words


EBS Tests

A Word About the Former Emergency Broadcast System (Now the Emergency Alert System): The Feds Probably Don’t Like It If Broadcasters (Even Crazy College Kids) Don’t Take It Seriously, Even if it Is “Only a Test” 486 more words

Old School Review: Batman Returns


The 8th film I have seen in theaters…

The Bat, The Cat, and The Penguin 560 more words


the purple fedora incident (jude's big balls)

The day after Jude emptied his manhood all over Clemmy’s back, he was working at Randall’s and feeling like an absolute stud.

He walked around the place like he owned it. 504 more words