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The Greatest Conspiracy of the 80's

I grew up watching the movie, “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.” The quirky and dry humor of the movie made it a constant family favorite that I eventually was able to quote along. 439 more words

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New Start in a New Year: A Happy Story

Ken worked with my wife for a few years.  I had heard stories about the guy and was looking forward to meeting him.  He had some plans for different tattoos and was hoping I could work with him to make them happen.  111 more words


TV Good Sleep Bad, episode 23: "Community & Pee-wee's Playhouse"

Hello! Our names are Elwood and Lackey! What’s yours? Welcome to our special twenty-third episode and third annual Christmas special, starring us! Elwood and Lackey! And Pterri! 249 more words


BP Podcast, Episode 31: "Finding the Horror in Non-Horror Christmas Stuff"

We’re back for a holiday podcast episode!

Happy holidays! Merry Christmas! Whatever! We’re back for a special festive episode! And in this one, we’re each picking five horrific things found in normal/traditional Christmas-y movies, specials, etc. 81 more words

Episode #165: "At Least Nobody Was Hurt" | Ernest Goes To Camp (1987)

In a movie that’s campy in more ways than one, Ernest P. Worrell tries to help a group of misfit boys turn their lives around and save Camp Kikakee from the evil developer Sherman Krader who just wants the land so he can tear it up and mine it. 54 more words


Episode #45 of The Swampflix Podcast: NOFF 2017 & Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1985)

Welcome to Episode #45 of The Swampflix Podcast! For our forty-fifth episode, we dive back into the risky, exciting world of Skype recordings & guest hosts. 81 more words

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5 Films to watch Before 'The Greatest Showman'

With the release of “The Greatest Showman,” the new biopic starring Hugh Jackman based on the life and success of circus ringmaster P.T Barnum, we’ve composed a list of five famous circus films you can either rent or stream at home to get you in the mood to see Jackman sing and dance, with a fancy top hat.  672 more words