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peep vodka, YES PLEASE!

yes, you read that right. peep. flavored. vodka. it’s easy to think of cocktails for other holidays. Christmas calls for a Candy Candy Martini, Halloween a Pumpkin Flavored Cocktail or Spiked Spiced Apple Cider. 236 more words


Drink Up: Peeptini (but not the disgusting kind)

At this point in our relationship I’m pretty sure you know I have a strong adoration for Peeps. One of the questionable Easter trends that pops up on the internet this time of year is the “Peeptini.” If you asked me what a Peeptini should be I would say “a traditional vodka martini with a Peep instead of an olive,” but that does not sound delicious (vodka soaked gummy bears on the other hand is a whole different story friends).  369 more words

Bites & Sips

Peeptinis in Astoria

Did you get to try the Peeptinis at Astoria’s Rocky  McBrides Bar this Easter weekend? Delicious.

The Peeptinis were invented by head bartender/manager Jenna Mascetti, and they’re made with whipped vodka, Godiva white chocolate liqueur, a splash of cream and a dash of grenadine to give them that vibrant red color; Mascetti rims the glasses with red sugar, and adds a little Peep for garnish. 15 more words