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IS Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management as concluded from our group brainstorming session, can be defined as the structured way of capturing, storing and sharing knowledge overtime from various sources for an effective decision making within any organisation. 171 more words


H2 Student Experts

In the course of teaching world history the class encounters a snapshot of many of the world’s great cultures. Try as I might to educate myself about all of them I cannot escape that I am a white English speaking American. 549 more words


A Crack In The Ice

“Smart girls get ready for the future” – a slogan that could be well fitted at a school hallway or up on a bill board. When you see it, you immediately sense a person with an advice to give is standing around the corner. 292 more words

Peer Learning


Little Skills was borne out of seeing the recent global shift in the cost of adult and tertiary education as well as witnessing the rise of non-institutional learning. 468 more words

Little Skills

Being a functioning adult can be exhausting. There is so much to do all the time

Getting educated and carving your place in the world, earning money, setting yourself up with security, having time for friends, family and relationships… it’s a challenge. 263 more words

Little Skills

Got stuck? Ask help!

Maddening devices computers can be. Or help desks, or trying to explain your complaint to a service desk. Anger management is called for in these situations. 324 more words

Learning Environments

Whistling the tune properly

Is it not strange ?: learners seem to benefit when acting as a teacher and seem to gain quite a lot in doing so. Why is that? 364 more words

Learning Environments