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Solving the Public School Numbers Problem

British anthropologist, Robin Dunbar, based on research he conducted first on baboons, has posited that the maximum cognitive load we advanced primates can handle comes when we hit somewhere between one hundred and two hundred fifty relationships. 646 more words

Social Emotional Learning

Using Trello for Language Learning

I’ve recently been working at a tech firm called Applingua where I’ve had the opportunity to experience what it’s like working in a business – a non education business that is. 963 more words


The Art of Peer Teaching

Mirjam Neelen & Paul A. Kirschner

Back in 1988, Neal Whitman and Jonathan Fife wrote a solid report on peer teaching; an instructional approach in which learners take on a teacher’s role and explain the learning content to their peers. 697 more words

Learning Professionals

The New Hire And The Trainer

Congratulations on your new job! So you’ve had a few days on the job, and you’re working under the guidance of a co-worker who has been asked to take you under their wing and essentially teach you both how to do the job and more importantly how to do the job the way the company expects you to. 872 more words

Job Search Advice

Moving in the right direction!

Parents’ response has been very important for us since day one. If we talk about the parents’ orientation which took place on the 14th of May where almost 80% of the parents attended the session. 337 more words


Where does peer learning really happen?

In education peer learning has been quite a buzzword for quite some time. Special interest in peer learning has been found among those who have studied the spreading of good and not so good behaviors in groups of youngsters. 315 more words


Food, Electricity and a bit of Profit and Loss!

“Each step you take reveals a new horizon.”

The student volunteers after being selected need to be mentored on how to teach. And for this, we had an Induction Workshop. 180 more words