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Classroom Accommodations for Austistic Students

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak to a parent who voiced her frustration with her daughter’s school. Although her daughter is diagnosed with autism, she falls on the mild range of the spectrum meaning her deficits are ignored. 237 more words

Children With Special Needs

Reflective Summary: Transferable skills

In my placement, I have mainly utilised time-management, organisational, problem solving and communication skills. My day-to-day experienced differs each time I am in the office – sometimes we will be carrying out interviews and other days we will be working in the office on the report with Kirsty. 442 more words

Section 2

Positive Deviance

Positive Deviance


The idea for this Pattern comes from a book of that title.

I am continuing in the style of trying to write something that explains the Pattern and why it works along the lines of Christopher Alexander’s original book. 2,157 more words

Section 3 - Peer learning group presentation

As part of our internship module, my peer learning group created a presentation in which we conveyed our experiences and what we had learned from our internships to our seminar group. 24 more words


Section 3 - Peer Learning Group Presentation

The Peer Learning Group Presentation allowed to me to find out about other people in our classes experiences during their internships, and see whether or not they had enjoyed theirs. 99 more words

Section 3

Internship Presentation

Here is a short clip of the internship presentation conducted by the Peer Learning Set that I was a part of!


Section 3- Peer Learning Group Presentation

This is my peer learning group presentation. Within the presentation we reflected upon our internships and discussed what skills we gained, how our internships differed and how they were similar.

Group Presentation

Section 3