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Millennials and Peer Based Teaching in the Church

Millennials are leaving the church at an alarming rate. Some say as many as 70% leave the church after they graduate from high school. Older 20 and 30 something millennials are characterized as self-centered, selfish and immature when compared to the same age groups in other countries. 673 more words

Translators’ associations: give, and you will receive

The latest Mediterranean Editors & Translators Meeting (METM16 in Tarragona, Spain) has been the subject of entertaining blog posts by Allison Wright, Philippa Hammond… 622 more words


Coding Themes

Raymond, A. Jacob, E. Jacob, D. and Lyons, J. (2016). Peer learning a pedagogical approach to enhance online learning: A qualitative exploration. Nurse Education Today. … 236 more words

Introducing: Book Buddies

We met with our fourth grade book buddies for the first time today.  This year, Mrs. Ferguson (the Fourth Grade teacher) and I are hoping to get together at least once every six day cycle.   52 more words

Weekly News

INF537 Mod 2.1 Peeragogy & Howard Rheingold

I had not heard of the term peeragogy before, which is a theory of peer learning using online environments. However, it is something that I have been ‘doing’ when collaborating with teacher librarian colleagues when developing and facilitating Librarian workshops for the International Baccalaureate (IB) since 2008. 546 more words


Solving the Public School Numbers Problem

British anthropologist, Robin Dunbar, based on research he conducted first on baboons, has posited that the maximum cognitive load we advanced primates can handle comes when we hit somewhere between one hundred and two hundred fifty relationships. 646 more words

Social Emotional Learning