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Drug already on the market could help treat MS and other neurological diseases

Multiple sclerosis, unless you suffer from nerve damage it is a pain you (thankfully) will never have to feel. In most cases, treating the brutal pain caused by this (and other neurological diseases) is the only help that can be offered to people. 624 more words


Science shows intermittent fasting diet could extend life

Think of it as interval training for the dinner table. Proponents of fasting style diets will be first to┬átell you there are health benefits, heck we’ve even covered some of the science… 831 more words


The food additive that may be promoting obesity and metabolic syndrome

People say to avoid processed foods, while I don’t agree with that fully, a new study suggests that a common food additive may be causing problems. 744 more words


A Community for us, the Students.

The Student Room group (TSR) established in 2001 in the UK is a community-based social website majorly for school and university students. It allows students to share ideas, ask questions and gives advice to other students regarding their student finances, choice of universities or courses, their application procedures, student lives etc. 200 more words

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New neurons in the adult brain help us adapt

The discovery that the human brain continues to produce new neurons in adulthood challenged a major dogma in the field of neuroscience, but the role of these neurons in behavior and cognition is still not clear. 653 more words


Overriding muscles' energy efficiency to burn more fat

What started as an evolutionary protection against starvation has become a biological “bad joke” for people who need to lose weight. The human body doesn’t distinguish between dieting and possible starvation, so when there is a decrease in calories consumed, human metabolism increases its energy efficiency and weight loss is resisted. 648 more words


Predicting the effectiveness of cancer vaccines

Cancer vaccines, once they were science fiction and now they are designed to turn the body’s own immune system specifically against tumor cells. Particularly promising are vaccines that are directed against so-called neoantigens — which are proteins that have undergone a genetic mutation in tumor cells and, therefore, differ from their counterparts in healthy cells. 632 more words