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Children's Reading journal article

I have had a peer-review journal article published. I am honoured to be in the April 2016 edition of TEXT: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses… 58 more words


Origin of synaptic pruning process linked to learning, autism and schizophrenia identified

Vaccines don’t cause autism, but because the brain is so complex, we still don’t know how much of it works so figuring out the real causes (as in more than one) of autism has been slow going. 473 more words


Influence of religion and predestination on evolution and scientific thinking

Generally seen as antithetical to one another, evolution and religion can hardly fit in a scientific discourse simultaneously. However, in a new article, a biology researcher delves into observations on the influences a few major religions have had on evolutionists and their scientific thinking over the centuries. 340 more words


Salts in the brain control our sleep-wake cycle

Insomnia, fun fact those of us who have served or are serving in the military have a much higher incidence of sleep problems. So if you are like me and have ever been prescribed something to help you sleep, you know that there are some unwanted side effects. 547 more words


Don't retweet if you want to remember

The whole of human intelligence, right at your fingertips. Sure it might not make the layman an engineer or physicist, but if we want to learn about a particular topic the internet can give us that information. 562 more words


Measuring happiness on social media

Happiness. It’s something we all strive for, but how do we measure it — as a country? A global community? Not so surprisingly, researchers are turning to social media to answer these questions and more. 762 more words


Addiction, it's in your genes... maybe

Why does one person who tries cocaine get addicted, while another might use it and then leave it alone? Why do some people who kick a drug habit manage to stay clean, while others relapse? 1,021 more words

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