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Dynamic (in-memory) zip file creation

With a recent project I wanted to offer a download of a bunch of files as a ZIP download to make redistribution. I started by thinking that this would involve creating a zip file on disk and then serving it to the client. 401 more words

The new submission form

This post will detail the processing of a new submission form that contains a multiple select form element.

A widget is described as a set of versioned components where a component version could be used in many widgets: 643 more words

POST form handling with Python Flask

A series of posts describing how to handle POST form submission with Python Flask.

Flask is a great framework for building simple HTTP-based applications but without the overhead and baggage of something like Django; Sinatra provides a similar situation when compared to Ruby on Rails. 478 more words


Back to work at Peewee's playhouse

This is a short blog to let you all know, I survived my first week back at “Peewee’s playhouse”… Although, it was not easy! “Peewee really tried it!” I had been off work for about 2 months but I returned to the same drama. 231 more words

SQLite3 autoincrement primary and foreign keys

Just a wee nugget I picked up from the PeeWee documentation that needs to be saved for later reference ‘cos I’m bound to forget this with later projects and I’m including unnecessary code in my applications. 214 more words

Shifting the Atmosphere

I have to be perfectly honest with you guys! I have been through entire HELL and back. I have been on FMLA for over a month now and have had at least 3 expected return to work dates but those dates have come and gone. 374 more words

Python Flask, PeeWee and unittest

With all the web projects I work on I aim to have learned something new by the end (there’s evidence that once I have learned ‘that thing’ I rapidly lose interest in the actual project and move onto something else, but I am try to be better): with my latest (work-related site, it was to have another go at developing a test suite with  the webapp. 509 more words